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Susan HarrowPublicity, Marketing and Media Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

I wrote my first book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul in response to my clients and course participants fear of publicity exposure — that to put themselves or their offer out into the world was akin to parading naked down main street to a jeering crowd waiting to put them in their rightful place. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way….The articles on this blog will help you prepare for the media spotlight—without selling your soul. So you can define what “fame” or critical acclaim means to you, and then get it on your own terms. Honorably. Delightfully. Uniquely. Just by following Oscar Wilde’s advice, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


how to be authentic

Why I Can’t Stand The Cult of Fake Authenticity

Are you being fake by blurting out your most intimate inner workings to strangers? Do you sometimes feel battered by in-your-face authenticity? Let’s be truly real vs. crafting authenticity.

Maya Stein Poems

10 Line Tuesday —The Winking Heart — a Poem by Maya Stein

These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

Bridge Media training

A Media Training Transition That Can Save Your Skin

You’re asked a question you don’t want to answer. You’re caught off guard by the host or reporter’s surprise, irrelevant, inappropriate, intimate or invasive question. Here’s the one transition that can save your skin that works every time.

icense your programs, products or courses

Get 90% Enrollment in Your Licensed Programs with Tommi Wolfe

Business Coach Launcher Tommi Wolfe shows coaches + consultants how to get 90% enrollment in your licensed programs when you license your products, programs, courses or any intellectual property. She’ll show you how to turn people who steal your content into your biggest ambassadors. You’ll discover 4 key steps to get such high enrollment and why live events are one of the most effective ways to tend and befriend influencers that give you access to large groups of people keen to buy what you have.

BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability

Leverage Your Glamability Before a TV Show Even Airs With Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran, known as South Africa’s top psychic, got booked on a reality TV show in a different language in the Ukraine, that she ended up not shooting – but still got publicity that skyrocketed her career. You’ll be privy to how she did it and why she refuses to let clients hire her for more than one session—and yet has a full practice and a spot on a weekly radio show. Plus hear her give me a reading…

famous poems about life

10 Line Tuesday — the language between us — a Poem by Maya Stein

These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

Media Training to Script Your Story of Origin

Your story of origin or your signature story is the one story you’ll need for any media appearance or any public speaking engagement. This story is what makes you stand out as an original. And it’s the question that practically every journalist or host will ask you about first. You’ll discover 3 ways to uncover your personal, intriguing, and captivating story.

BAMD0026 | Promote Live Events Mindfully

How to Promote Live Events Mindfully With Gorgeosity With Clare Barry

Clare Barry tells you why you shouldn’t be on every social media platform. Can you still live a full life of vitality and meaning doing what you love? Yes. Can you create a following of fans who will scoop up your programs the instant they are out and beg for more? Yes, says Clare Barry, who has created a gorgeous niche and devoted tribe doing it her way — and shows you how you can too. Claire has leveraged her uniqueness and outlines ways you can mindfully curate your content in a way that reaches the right people for your offers.

how to get featured in Oprah's magazine

How To Live Without Regret + Get Into O Magazine

You want to get into O, The Oprah Magazine. You know it will make your life miraculous and your business boom. So don’t live with regret before this comes true. If you follow the path and are persistent, and have all the right requirements that O editors have set for the most prestigious and powerful placement on the planet, you have a chance to get into the pages at O.

poems about life

Invisible Work — Alison Luterman Poem

These poems by Alison Luterman are gritty, sensual, and deeply telling about the human condition.