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Susan HarrowPublicity, Marketing and Media Coaching for Entrepreneurs.

I wrote my first book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul in response to my clients and course participants fear of publicity exposure — that to put themselves or their offer out into the world was akin to parading naked down main street to a jeering crowd waiting to put them in their rightful place. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way….The articles on this blog will help you prepare for the media spotlight—without selling your soul. So you can define what “fame” or critical acclaim means to you, and then get it on your own terms. Honorably. Delightfully. Uniquely. Just by following Oscar Wilde’s advice, “Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”


Your Publicity Strategy: You Don’t Need to Be Brash or Loud

There is a place for everyone, no matter how shy or small you feel. No matter how big and bold you are. No matter if you’re quiet and thoughtful. No matter your race, ethnicity or point of view. We need us all.

Sherry Richert Belul

Do You Dream of Being Famous? Act Like You Are

What if we are living the dream now, but perhaps it is the tiniest seed of the dream? Still, it is the dream and we can recognize it as such. Like if we were growing lettuce and we just planted a small lettuce pod. It wouldn’t look like lettuce and we couldn’t yet eat it for dinner, but we’d know for certain it was lettuce.

goal-free living

Yoda’s Advice – Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really want more advice about how to be my best (better) self in 2017. I don’t want to pick a “word” of the year. I don’t want to write a long list of goals and stick it on a vision board. I don’t want to read about how someone reflected deeply on the good things in their lives and made yet another record of it they’ll probably never look at again. I don’t want to write everything I’m grateful for in a journal. I’m tired of everything getting catalogued and turned into a “thing.”

Verbal Aikido Skills

I Was Hit in Aikido—and it was an honor

I was hit repeatedly at an Aikido training over the weekend. And it was an honor. When I told a friend about this she said, “At the first hit, I’d be out of there. Off to get a latte and shopping for shoes.” Of course a part of me wanted out of there. The other part welcomed the opportunity to polish my spirit. As Rumi says, “Criticism polishes my mirror.” My work will be done when nothing can annoy, irritate, anger, or ruffle me. That is a long way off.

BAMD0041 | Storytelling for leadership

How to Use Storytelling For Leadership and PR With Dave Ursillo

According to Dave Ursillo It’s not what you say that matters it’s what people hear. You’ll learn how to tell your story to bridge from what you’re saying to what your audience is hearing. We talked about ways to “follow your heart but bring your head with you.” Dave shares how to examine and excavate your past and pull those threads into the present — and the future you want to create for yourself.

How You Can Get a Book Deal

How You Can Get a 6 Figure Book Advance

Sell your book idea BEFORE you write your book. By…. writing a book proposal. I share with you the key elements necessary to get the right literary agent for you. You’ll also discover what you must include (and what NOT to include) in your book proposal to get a book deal with a top New York publishing house. Even if you’re not ready yet you’ll find out what it takes to get that big book deal so you can start prepping now.

get major media

How a Black Belt Test is Like Your First Big Media Appearance

When something big is up like a black belt test or a big media appearance we’re all tempted to say, “I’m not at my best.” But put that aside, bring yourself to now, and be 100% in the present moment. Focus on what you are here to give, that only you can, right now.

BAMD0037 | Picture for O Magzine

Take The Perfect Picture For O Magazine With Lori A. Cheung

Photographer Lori A. Cheung reveals that the perfect picture can mean the difference between getting into O Magazine, or not. Oprah’s editors place a high value on beauty – and that goes for images as well as for inner transformations. Lori shares her secrets of how to take and Oprah-worthy photo — which she’s done. So you can have your picture splashed in the pages of O.

Maya Stein Poems

10 Line Tuesday —The Canvas — a Poem by Maya Stein

These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

create memorable sound bites

Make Your Sound Bites Steal-able With One-Liners

If you think sound bites are just for the salesy, sleazy or slick, think again. They are your core messages that convey the most important things you want your audience to know. I take you through some steal-able examples that you can model —and show you how to make your sound bites steal-worthy.