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10 Line Tuesday poems every week with Maya Stein.
I just love Maya’s poems. They say so much with so little words. A great lesson in communication in our overly wordy world.

By Guest Blogger Maya Stein

Before the call, a letter. Before the letter, an index finger hovered over a keyboard, on the verge of the first word. Before that word, a thought coalescing, a bubble of clarity rising. Before that bubble, an itch at the neck, a tug at the stomach, some question mark wagging its tail, obstinate as perfume. Before that perfume, a fracture, a breakage, a story splitting itself in half, two narratives spiraling east and west. In the end, it is the memory of wholeness that beckons us back. And so we dive. Through the split, the question, the bubble, the word, the letter, to the call that opens, like spring returning, with “It’s me.”

Maya Stein

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