15 Ways to Cut Through Inbox Noise (and Get Your Emails Opened)

1. Consider the device.

68% of all smart phone users use it for email and 35% of all business professionals check email on a mobile device. Keep your emails short, sweet, and easy to read.

2. Use a legible font.

Use font sizes between 17 and 22 points for clearly readable emails. Consider using a sans-serif font if your email program doesn’t already default to it.

3. Keep it short.

Stick to 1-2 short paragraphs. Link to or attach relevant documents that recipients can reference if they want more information.

4. Write to accommodate skimming.

t’s easier to read emails where the paragraphs are one or two sentences in length. Call attention to important details with bold, italics, or highlights.




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Hi, I'm Susan

Hi, I'm Susan

I’m a media coach, martial artist + marketing strategist who helps you communicate your values, mission + message during media interviews to multiply your revenue while building your brand + business. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way…

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