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Best Resource For Speakers To Get Speaking Engagements — Photo Credit: thinkpanama

SEO MAKES MATCHES: You probably haven’t heard of…Zippii. But you can now join the likes of Tony Robbins and Mark Sanborn, some of the famed speakers who command huge speaking fees at This site uses cutting edge SEO to get the top Google ranking for speakers, coaches and consultants-way better than you can get for yourself. And, which raises your SEO ranking in a jiffy and makes it simple for meeting planners to find — and book you for their events.

HOW IT WORKS: Corporations, colleges and organizations use Zippii to hire executive coaches and consultants as well as speakers. It’s all managed automatically through SEO which you can set and tweak. (And they help so you get found fast in your niche.)

BOTTOM LINE: So even if you’re not looking for a speaking gig you can get more clients and sales. Bottom line for you? You get hired faster and more often.

TOP GOOGLE RANKING: Zippii is top ranked in google for these 2 search terms: Experienced corporate coaches. Top rated keynote speakers.

RESULT: In just 5 hours after my profile went up I got a speaking engagement inquiry. Pretty cool. The company will get back to me next week with a decision. I’ll let you know how it goes.

CONTACT ETHAN: To get access to their specials send an email to: and put in the body of the email: “Hi Ethan, Susan Harrow referred me to your service.” Your email will then be routed to Ethan and he’ll set up a time to talk to see which program is best for you. Fees start at $179 so you can recoup your initial investment with your very first booking or sale.


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Hi, I'm Susan

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