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By Guest Blogger Colin Martin

Susan Harrow and Colin MartinWhether you’re an author, speaker, info expert or boldy trying to make the world a better place, getting the attention of the media can be a daunting task. On many social sites like Facebook, it can be difficult to reach out to the right people who could put you in front of an audience or write a story about you. It seems most social media users tend to frown upon shameless self promotion and you could spend a lot of time running around in circles trying to find who to connect with.

There are places that bloggers and the media players subscribe to keep track of the hottest topics and fastest breaking news. Social bookmarking sites such as and provide fresh news and content on popular stories geared towards business, politics, health and many more too numerous to mention.

Similar to online press release services in terms of their ‘timeliness’ and newsworthy topics, the difference between the two is that bookmarking lets the people, or community, have their say: regular people submit newsworthy posts and webpages and the community gives it extra lift by voting it up or down. This ‘for the people, by the people’ process has an appeal to reporters, media outlets and serial bloggers. And in addition to professional press release services, this is another affordable publicity opportunity for those on a budget. Affordable because it’s free…

Are your blog posts, articles, and videos actively being submitted to the wide variety of social bookmarking sites?

What would it mean to your business if the media discovered you there? Bookmarking and its content strategies that best capture the attention of the curious media is a powerful tool that’s often overlooked… and sometimes a bit mysterious. I’ll de-mystyfiy it for you in an upcoming webinar. 

Colin Martin is the Marketing Manager for Tom Antion and Associates. He works with authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs to effectively bring their content marketing to life through storytelling and engagement. He is the author of the novel Secondhand God available on Amazon and Nook.

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