Media Training for CEOs: How to Be Powerful + Beloved

The late ABC Anchor Peter Jennings noted, “I find writing the evening news sometimes very challenging because I realize that what we’re trying to give folks in the evening is black and white when so often I want to give them gray.” That same frustration is only exacerbated these days for media and communicators alike. Bottom line: There is a place for nuance. It’s just a small place.

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Rehearse Your Worst Fears to Be a Great Media Interview

SUMMARY: Release your fears and excel in media interviews by rehearsing worst-case scenarios. Through aggressive, assertive and overly intimate questioning in coaching sessions, clients learn to remain composed and handle difficult situations effectively. Just as facing fears in cognitive behavioral therapy lessens their impact, media coaching helps neutralize anxieties. Embrace storytelling and avoid excessive promotion…

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matchmaking video coaching

Media (Love) Coaching for Matchmaking

I was talking to my neighbor next door who works for a famous matchmaking firm. She’s a warm and cozy person who people feel comfortable with right away. She has a knack for putting people at ease — including celebrities, princesses and the rich beyond imagination, who are her clients.  Want to listen to this…

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Media Appearances: Your Guide to PR Professional Dress

Summary: Dressing for media appearances as a professional of any kind is crucial, with your attire needing to reflect your company’s brand and image. Stick to familiar, professional looks and avoid bold or distracting choices. Incorporate colors that complement you and your brand, choosing neutral tones over bright colors or patterns—unless that’s your brand. Consider…

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be a guest on national TV

Create a TV Pitch Letter and Get on National TV

Summary: Crafting a successful pitch for TV shows involves understanding the format and host’s style. By creating the entire segment, including theme, guests, questions, and props, you can increase your chances of being selected as a guest. Tips for a compelling pitch include starting with an emotional headline, stating the problem and highlighting credentials, explaining…

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