write rubbish

Love Your Drivel

I had a big slump in my writing group. For a year. I’d put pen to paper in a beautiful journal and out would pour — drivel. Sometimes I’d write to get all the minutae out of my head. Other times I’d write a list. But the end “result” was nothing of consequence. I mentioned…

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Be a media darling podcast

Bravery in Small Bits

Then there’s bravery in how we think, what we say and what we do. What if you can do one brave act a day, no matter how small to build your bravery?

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The Life Changing Magic of Speaking Up – A Story Contest

Share your story & get a prize! For… The Life Changing Magic of Speaking Up™ Can you think of a time when you spoke up and it changed your life — or someone else’s life — for the better? Maybe you saw a classmate bullying someone on the schoolyard and you spoke up and said, “Back…

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