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Social Networking PR

The #1 Secret to Get High Search Engine Placement, and, gives you the opportunity to post links to your websites that Google loves.

By Guest Blogger Colin Martin

Yea, I know you hear that all of the time. But consider this: small business people that try and build traffic to their websites are often using the wrong tools. We spend a lot of time on Facebook and Twitter – sometimes hours a day – posting links that we hope our friends and followers will click on. But those links are worthless in the eyes of the search engines.

Social bookmarking however, sites such as, and, gives you the opportunity to post links to your websites that Google loves. Links that really get clicked on by people that are hungry for the information that you have to give.

Here’s a secret: the key to high search engine results are based on how many popular websites are linking to yours.  If Google sees that a large and highly visited website is linking to you, they’ll move your site higher in the search results. It’s as simple as that.

Placing higher than your competition in the search results could also help you get noticed by the media. Tom Antion, a famous Internet marketing teacher and public speaker,  got his big break one morning when MSNBC called him up to make a television
appearance in their studios and critique President George Bush’s speech. This was a perfect opportunity to promote his public speaking training systems. When he asked the producers how they got his number, they said they simply Googled “Public Speaking” and Tom’s site was at the top of the list.

Are you ready to get a little ‘link karma’ for yourself? I thought so….

Here’s your opportunity to discover just how easy this really is.

Colin Martin is the Marketing Manager for Tom Antion and Associates. He works with authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs to effectively bring their content marketing to life through storytelling and engagement. He is the author of the novel Secondhand God available on Amazon and Nook.

Join Colin & Susan for a webinar on social bookmarking to get more buzz, traffic, fans, media attention and sales.

Top 3 Reasons We Can’t Get Clients


By: Rob Scott

Rob ScottIt’s incredibly important to have the skill of being able to “get clients,” because if we can’t get clients, then we don’t have any business. And I know too many people (including myself a few years back) who struggle to find enough clients to make their business succeed.

In a recent survey I did, I found that almost all coaches want to have at least 10-15 clients. But a HUGE 81.3% of those surveyed only had 3 clients or LESS (many had 0, 1, or 2 clients), which in most cases is not enough to make a living.

Almost all coaches, need more clients. And I’m sure this is true for consultants, accountants, massage therapists, and all kinds of other professions that serve clients with their businesses.

Let’s look at the top 3 things holding us back:

Reason #1 – We Resist Selling

The first reason has two parts… First is that deep down, we are afraid of rejection. We avoid rejection in lots of areas throughout our lives because we’re trying to stay safe. But what ends up happening instead is we stay SMALL.

Think about it, guys don’t always ask girls to go out because we worry they will say no. We don’t ask for raises even when we feel we deserve them because we’re scared of being turned down. And we certainly avoid sales conversations because we do not want to be rejected and embarrassed.

But there’s another part to why we resist selling… And this one I like to blame on the used car salesmen. It’s our deep desire to never look pushy, or annoying. You’ve probably had the experience of dealing with a pushy salesperson before. It feels horrible. And so many of us don’t want to look like that, and we avoid selling, so we are never perceived that way…

These two reasons, being worried about rejection, and not wanting to appear pushy are enough to stop most people from trying to sell at all. Many of us may be aware we dislike selling, but for some of us this is totally unconscious. And we wonder why our business isn’t where we want it to be.

We need to get this handled. We need to see that there is a way to stay heart centered and really authentic when we sell. And we also need to realize, it’s not really about us, it’s about connecting the right person with the help, service or product they need. That’s all.

Reason #2 – We don’t know how to find and approach new prospects

I remember sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I had become a coach, and was sure that just because I was really good at it, people would start showing up. But boy, was I wrong. Here’s the sad, harsh truth…

They are not coming.

People are not looking for you. They are not waiting around the next corner to come running to you. And there probably aren’t that many people actively referring you. Getting business is your responsibility. You must go out and find your clients.

But even once you find them, let’s say you’re at a networking event with a hundred of your ideal clients all around you, do you know how to approach them? Do you know what to say to begin the sales process? Most of us don’t, and we can usually thank resistance (reason #1) for that.

You see sales is a process, it’s not an event. We need a system for how we find and approach and talk with people. I call this the sales funnel. And once you have this down, you’ll find yourself in lots and lots of sales conversations…

Reason #3 – We don’t know how to close the business

There you are, you approached perfectly, and now you’re talking with someone you know would be a perfect client of yours. But what happens next?

Is this when you help them with something for free so that they really know what you’re doing? Or is this when you tell them how much you cost? Should you play “hard to get” and tell them you’re not sure if you have any time on your schedule? Or should you let them know that you can work with them whenever they are free because you’re really excited at this opportunity? Should you upsell extra services or products right away when the iron is hot, or wait until they’ve been a client for a little while?

How do you actually sell?

So many people struggle here. Specifically talking about the money, and the details of what we do can be really difficult. Most people need a lot of help here.

Know this, there are 4 proven stages of any successful sales conversation:

  1. Find the (real) problem
  2. Provide immediate value
  3. Connect and make them feel understood
  4. Close the deal

I created this systematic approach after studying lots of material, and looking for what really works for a very long time. But it’s also important to make this completely “Question Based” so we are not there trying to explain how great we are, or pitch any ideas to our prospects. We can actually sell using only a series of questions, and create a space to see if our services and products are a right fit.But most don’t have this figured out yet. Most of us are stuck. We resist selling, which is natural. But this leads us to not doing the most important part of our business–selling. And if we don’t do it, how can we possibly be good at it?

Learning to sell is incredibly high leveraged. If you know how to do this, you can turn your business around in as little as a few weeks.

Take a second and imagine what would change if you created a simple sales funnel that was repeatable and worked. Imagine knowing exactly where to find your ideal clients, and how to approach, and close them at will, in a way that was heart centered, and completely comfortable for you and for them. And what if it was something you enjoyed and were really proud of doing. Something people even thanked you for?

Or, what if you do nothing about this, and stay the way you are now? For most people that’s a couple clients at best, struggling and hoping things get better at some point.

If it’s time to become better at getting clients, and learning how the sales pillar of your business should be running then join us here for this 90 minute free webinar.

I will be showing exactly how to create your sales funnel, sharing how to connect with your target audience online and off, and we’ll go deep on the process to close them.

Rob Scott is a Master Business and Marketing Coach who helps business owners, coaches, and consultants create effective marketing and sales systems that dramatically increase profits, often in just a few weeks.

He’s built a sustainable six-figure coaching practice while typically coaching only 2 days per week. He is known especially for his signature sales techniques and has personally closed more than 6 figures of business from a single networking event without a working website.

Should I Be Snarkier? Penelope Trunk vs. Tim Ferriss


Tim Ferriss, The 4-Hour Body, The 4-Hour WorkweekBy Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

I recently read a piece by Penelope Trunk (5 Time management tricks I learned from years of hating Tim Ferriss) about why she couldn’t stand Tim Ferriss (you know The 4-Hour Workweek, The 4-Hour Body phenom who teaches you how to streamline your life so you have more time to Tango – or travel the world doing stuff you love.

It was mean. She called Timothy Ferriss out. She didn’t hold back. She burned her bridges. Didn’t even leave a safety rope to a ladder. No turning back. And this isn’t the first time she’s called anyone out. Just read about her “big publisher“. Anyone can easily find out the name of the publisher that she’s dissing with a tiny amount of research. Ugly stuff. True as it might be. I was appalled….And intrigued. I admit, I’ll cop that I’m a bit in awe of her chutzpah — her blatant disregard for caring what people think. Or rather provoking them into thinking. Dare she? She did.

I read more posts on her blog. I watched a few of her videos. She was funny. Smart. Well put together. Organized. I learned something. I respected her. I liked her even….

I emailed a journalist friend to ask her what she thought. Oh yeah. She knew her. She said, “I’ve interviewed her a few times. She is just as snarky in person as she is on the page.” So she’s consistent. I admire that. She says what she thinks. But at what cost? She doesn’t do it elegantly or eloquently like the late Gore Vidal. She does it more like a cow girl. Or a farmer’s wife. Which she is now in the hinterlands of Wisconsin. Unvarnished dung. There’s beauty in that too….

And get this: she’s got advertisers on her blog. Plenty of them. So she’s doing something right. If you consider that a measure of success in today’s blogosphere.

But should we follow in her footsteps? Should we rope the bull and leave him tied and helpless in the dust? She says things that make your eyelids snap like: “Schedules are like office porn. They let me project my dreams onto the page without the friction of dealing with people to get stuff done.” But is this just eye candy?

The Tim Ferriss post was popular – perhaps her most read post. Over 1,000 comments. Shared on over 8,600 times. We’re talking big numbers here people.

Snarkiness sells.

So does anger. A Wharton School research project looked at 7,000 articles on the New York Times Most E-mailed List and found the the number one predictor to popularity was anger. But thankfully, anger wasn’t then only factor. Humor and awe also ranked.

But should you write angry missives against public people who piss you off filled with vitriol? There’s no doubt that controversy ups ratings — and readership. High emotion whips us to attention.

What do you think? Am I not snarky enough? Want more rants from me? Want to hear more about what I hate, what bugs me or gets my goat? Weigh in and let me know.

Zero Cost Marketing Secrets


By Dan Hollings

Zero Cost Marketing Secrets  “ZERO? I wish I had discovered this $1,000 ago!”… As hundreds of authors, small business owners, consultants, marketers and entrepreneurs take a hard look at their addiction to spending money on the tools and services they need… many are now scratching their heads in disbelief as almost every pre-conceive notion they’ve ever had about marketing costs gets blown away.

Yes, it’s every marketers’ addiction. And a costly one at that. But the good news is, there’s a cure! And it’s a lot easier than you might imagine. Read on…

You’re an author, marketer or entrepreneur, right? Day-in and day-out you strive to maximize your profits on the Internet, on mobile, and through social media, correct? If you’re like most, you constantly seek traffic, customers, business and referrals… that’s smart. And whether you are promoting online, offline, or on mobile, you know the key is to seek targeted leads and prospects whenever and wherever your time and budget permits.

We’ve all heard time and again that setting up landing pages, building a lead generation site, posting to blogs, pinning on Pinterest, and a little search engine optimization (SEO) can be good. If we have time, we know that creating audio podcasts, YouTube videos, and presentations, just adds to our potential. We realize that publishing a Kindle or iPad eBook can reach new customers. And the importance of building a list, sending out newsletters, developing relationships and occasionally sprinkling in a press release or two can’t be under estimated.

And let’s not forget social media! An engaging Facebook fan page, “LIKE” it or not, has become integral to our success. And we tweet like a bird (sometimes wondering why), beg for PLUS ONES on Google+ and well… the list goes on. It’s part of being a modern day author, marketer or entrepreneur in our always connected, always evolving world.

Some call it marketing, some call it lead generation; some call it “building business relationships” and some call it budget busting hard work. But regardless of what you call it, if done right, it can be a marketer’s best friend. It can make you rich. It can make you poor.

Depending on your goals, your approach, your strategy, and the various tools you may need, all this “marketing stuff” adds up. That’s right, it’s easy to spend more money on the tools you need than the leads and money you generate. If you haven’t said it yourself, I bet you’ve hear the old truism, “I’d be rich if it didn’t cost so much to get there!”

Have you ever added up all the money required to get this stuff done?

Below is a summary of the monthly expenses for a recent campaign an author friend of mine did (check his numbers if you don’t believe it – and don’t get hung-up on the tools that are named, they are just popular examples). Sure you might skip a few things, but should you? Really?

  • Autoresponder / List Builder (aWeber) $19.00
  • Web Site or Landing Page (Site Tonight or InstaPage) $ 7.00
  • WP blog + Thesis theme + numerous plugins $18.64
  • Hosting (Hostnine) $6.95
  • Shopping Cart (BigCommerce) $24.95
  • Helpdesk Ticket System (Zendesk) $9.00
  • Mobile Site Builder (GoMobi) $5.99
  • Mobile APP (Widgetbox) $25.00
  • Facebook Fanpage Builder + Apps (NorthSocial) $29.99
  • Text Message System (Trumpia) $25.00
  • Webinar Platform (GoToWebinar) $99.00
  • One Press Release per month (PRweb) $89.00
  • eBook (KIndle) prep and publishing $97.00
  • Various lead generation tools $78.00
  • 175.00 mo Paypal Processing on $5000 mo retail
    (2.5% + .30 transaction fees)

This totals $534.52 per month in marketing tools and services (OUCH!)

Wouldn’t it be nice to do all this and more… literally OUCH-FREE?

What if your marketing and lead generation costs went away? What if that monthly $534.52 just disappeared—Poof! What if you still had access to ALL the marketing tools and services you needed, but your costs were absolutely ZERO!

What if you needed even more tools or different tools, imagine if everything you needed cost ZERO. What if you woke up tomorrow and ZERO was REAL?

There is a cure for spending too much money on the tools and lead generation you need. But the first step is overcoming skepticism. Those old clichés like “if sounds it’s too good to be true there must be a catch” or “there’s no free lunch” or “you can’t have your cake and eat it too,” those are beliefs from pre-Internet days.

Many companies today have found unimaginable profits in a new way of doing business known as the “Freemium Model.” High quality tools and services are given away free and revenue is generated from creative ways (up-sales, advertisement etc).

Examples are right under our nose: Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Pandora, Dropbox, MailChimp etc. You likely use several of these services already, however, if you write checks to any of these companies, you are in a rare minority.

Here’s the secret: if you can learn WHICH tools are the best and HOW to set them up PLUS master the art of weaving smart strategies into this mix, you are on your way to great results, for absolutely zero.

Want proof? I was the Internet strategist behind the mega-million dollar marketing campaign for The Secret. Want to know the biggest secret? It was a zero-cost marketing campaign. This mega-million dollar campaign likely dwarfed every other marketing campaign you’ve ever heard of, and yet the marketing itself was done on a zero budget.


Ever had a “great idea?” For a new book, a new product, info-product, service or event? Sometimes we spend way too much time (and money) getting our marketing funnel all built, our tools & pages set-up and our product ready for delivery. By the time you are ready to “go-live” you’ve driven yourself half-broke and half crazy. Two to three months into the game, you roll your “great idea” out, only to discover YOU were the only one that thought this was a great idea in the first place. Been there?

The next time you have a “great idea” head over to LAUNCHROCK ( and set up a quick “Viral Launch Page.” This requires nothing more than a compelling HEADLINE, a snippet of TEXT describing your idea and a big IMAGE that places your visitors’ mind in the center of your “great idea.”

In 15 to 30 minutes, you’ll have a great, viral destination to send traffic to. Here’s the clincher… if your idea is good or your idea is bad, you’ll find out within a week to 30 days. Perhaps you’ll only need to tweak the idea, perhaps you’ll discover you’ve struck gold, or perhaps you had better stop wasting time and move on to another idea.

If you “great idea” resounds with others, Launchrock will help build an early group of evangelists for your future “go-live” or product launch. You should incentivize your sign-ups with early access to your product, service or idea. You might select a group of beta-testers from those that are referring the most friends. The bottom line is that when you later roll things out to the world, you’ll already have a group of fans and evangelists that will help you gain tractions on a larger scale from the beginning.

This strategy allows you to push out more ideas faster, at zero-cost, test the waters, build evangelists, find readers, find beta testers and tweak you idea… while saving time and money.

Will ZERO COST strategies and ZERO COST tools work for you? For your books? For your products or services? In your niche? With your skill-set? YES! This is a no-brainer, or should we say, “A ZERO-Brainer?”

Join me for this compelling webinar (pre-recorded so you can watch it right now). You’ll leave with a new found love for the magic of “zero-cost marketing.”

5 Facebook Posts That Spark Massive Engagement


By Guest Blogger Amy Porterfield

One of the questions I get asked all the time is, “How do I create more engagement on my Facebook Page?Creating consistent conversation on your Facebook Page is anything but easy. To help you with this challenge, I’ve compiled a few actual Facebook posts from different Pages that have created genuine engagement. These posts are the real deal.

Each post uses a specific strategy that you can model to start eliciting more engagement on your own Facebook Page.

Below are 5 types of posts that solicit massive engagement. Here’s the great thing. Each of these posts are NOT from big brands like Starbucks and Zappos. I wanted to show you some real people having really cool conversations.


Pat Flynn's easy call to action

Pat Flynn’s easy call to action included with the quote added instant massive engagement to his Facebook Page.

The strategy here is all about asking for the action. A LOT of people post quotes on Facebook, and for the most part, they work great. However, because you see quotes these days in just about every other Facebook post, you’ve got to do something extra to make yours stand out. Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income did just that by not only posting a quote, but he asked his fans to click Like if they like the quote. It’s a simple tweak to the standard “quote post” – but can make a huge difference with your overall engagement. You can also use this strategy when you post tips, ideas and other valuable info on Facebook.



LittleFriendsPhoto know their audience well (fanatic dog lovers!) and often put a twist on the traditional posts by seeing life through a dog’s eye.

The strategy here is to combine the “fill in the blank” strategy with specific content that’s fun and will grab your fans’ attention. You’ve likely seen Pages do the ”fill in the blank” strategy, in fact I just used this strategy on my Page. And it works great! But to take it one step further (because these days you have to go the extra mile to succeed on Facebook), add a twist to these posts and make them more fun by adding creative images and relating the “fill-in-the-blank” directly to your ideal audience . Knowing your fans’ “fun triggers” gets your posts noticed by the people who matter most – your ideal audience. That’s exactly what LittleFriendsPhoto did above and with 314 Likes and 91 comments, this strategy seems to be working just fine for them!


Solicit opinions

Lewis often solicits the opinions and thoughts of his fans as he’s creating new content. That’s why they keep coming back for more!

Teasing content

By teasing his content before it’s out, The Abs Expert is able to create pre-buzz for his upcoming product.

The strategy here is 3-fold. First (and most importantly), when you ask your fans for feedback, you show that you genuinely care what they have to say. (Lewis Howes does this very well.) This helps you create raving fans. Second, fan feedback can be extremely valuable and ensure that you’re on the right track with your projects. And third, when you pull the curtain back a bit and let people know what you’re working on (just as The Abs Expert did above), you create excitement and curiosity around your upcoming projects. This pre-buzz can go a long way when you are ready to launch. Both examples above have done a great job of teasing their content to create excitement around it.


Quote in image

A quote is great, but when you add the quote inside an image, your post stands out in the news feed and does not get lost in the sea of posts. Images takes up more real estate in the news feed – giving you the opportunity for more engagement.

Crazy Facebook Photo

How could you NOT stop and check out this crazy photo if it landed in your news feed?

The strategy here is to dominate the news feed. When you can include images that spark engagement (like the post above) or post peculiar, fun, or interesting photos (like the 2 dogs in the water), you can instantly stand out amongst all the other posts in your fans’ stream. Facebook posts with photos can get up to 80% MORE ENGAGEMENT than posts without photos. When you have the opportunity to post a great photo, don’t pass it up!


Johnny Cupcake is a lifestyle brand

Johnny Cupcake is a lifestyle brand that sells T-shirts, hoodies, and hats. They know what will get their fans to take action and buy. Fun promotions help drive their Facebook engagement up and encourage their fans into the stores.

The strategy here is to try something different with your promotions. The unusual, entertaining and/or untraditional promotions on Facebook tend to get the most attention. Johnny Cupcakes is a perfect example of this. Kisses for savings is not the typical promotion, but with 453+ fans clicking LIKE next to the post, it’s sure to be a hit. And remember, each Like gets them more viral visibility – just what they need to turn their promotion into sales.

To sum it up: When it comes to Facebook engagement, the key is to know your audience and understand what makes them tick. If you know what topics, words and emotions will trigger them to take action, it becomes much easier to craft the perfect post that DEMANDS engagement.

Now it’s your turn: What type of posts get you the most engagement? Share below!

7 Strategies to Profit From Facebook

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for 7 Strategies to Profit From Facebook: How to Use Facebook to Increase Your Authority, Collect Valuable Leads, and Attract More Quality Traffic.



Pattern Break: Changes in the Ezine and My Biz


Pattern BreakPattern Break.
by Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Marketing Strategist

Maybe you’ve noticed.

I haven’t sent out an ezine for quite some time. (Please forgive!)

I’ve been rethinking just about everything. Creating a new website. Developing a new blog. Working on a new webinar. Hosting webinar trainings for the kinds of things I think you’ll need most to create a sustain your business in the face of so many technological and economic changes.

I had an idea for a novel and pitched it to my literary agent over Pad Thai noodles and crispy squid when he was in San Francisco for a conference. He said he loved it and had a publisher waiting for it. Could I write it up in a month? Small snafu – I have no idea how to write fiction.

But I did one thing to start anyway.

A friend and I went to Cavallo Point Spa in Sausalito for a day of luxury and writing. We got jacuzzied and steamed up and all relaxed and then sat by the fire and wrote. Me in a journal, she on her iPad. Then we read to each other. She said, “F_ck you!” when I finished. And then explained that this was the highest compliment cause she was jealous. It gave me heart.

Next, I bought a book on how to structure a novel called, Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris, who has written 8 bestsellers as a ghostwriter so I figured she must know what she’s doing. Plus she’s English so she says things in a fetching way, which makes me think a bit differently about language out of my usual mindset.

But with all the tumult in my business I haven’t had much time to focus on that book. I need some puttering around time to let ideas in. That’s one of the phases that Roz recommends. But there will be a time soon where I’ll need to hunker down and get three chapters written to send to my agent.

I hope you’ll hang with me in this phase and tell me what you think of my new ideas —and perhaps use this as a starting point for your own plans…

So here is the overview my grand multi-media plan across all platforms.

  1. My personal and professional business goals (they are intertwined).
  2. Platforms to share information.
  3. Editorial calendar for the types and frequency of postings across the mediums.
  4. Goal for each type of communication.
  5. Systems to measure tangible and intangible results.
  6. Offline or traditional ways of connecting.

The underlying goals are:

  1. Increase interaction from my existing audience (you.)
  2. Increase subscribers and engagement across all social media.
  3. Stay more closely connected with my tribe (you).
  4. Promote my own and affiliate products and services that serve your highest good.
  5. Share the shine™. Bringing your talent out into the spotlight.

I’ll do that through a delicious mix of:

  • How to or step by step articles/trainings. (I love these, don’t you? Instant learning).
  • Opinion and visions pieces. (I get to spout off on what pleases or pisses me).
  • Promotions, launches and products from myself and others. (Trainings that inspire action – let’s get it done, OK?)
  • Analysis of great stuff that works. (Creative geniuses, wild thinkers, crazy coots and magnificent mavericks and things I’d never think of).
  • Beauty that moves me. (Things I can’t resist that give pure delight).

So here’s what you’ll be getting…

1. Pure content ezine updates.
These will be pure content without any free offers. (Watch in the next week or so for: The Best of Pinterest Articles. I’ve been reading them like mad. Did I mention I got sucked down the Pinterest hole for an entire weekend – deadlines pending. I just LOVE this visual diary of people lives and loves.)

2. “The Weekly Bite™.”
A snippet of something (a cloaked way of saying “sound bite”) I’ve come across randomly that moves me in some way. I can be something memorable someone said, an image, part of an overheard conversation. This will be in the form of a video, blog post or audio podcast.

3. Share the Shine™.
Your stories. Your successes. Your spotlight. I’ll be asking you to share some small or great victory that you’ve had in the comments box on my blog after you read a post. I’ll choose people to share the shine by profiling your entire story, photo, website URL so others can be inspired and learn from your successes. Have one already? Share it here:

4. 10 Line Tuesday poems with Maya Stein.
I just love Maya’s poems. They say so much with so little words. A great lesson in communication in our overly wordy world.

5. Special offers to work with me personally or in a program.
What do you think about doing a 27 minute laser consult with me for just $99 (regularly $500/hour)? I did this on once before and it sold out in a few hours. I loved meeting so many of you who said that you’d been following me for years and wanted go connect further or go deeper. I recently did this again on LinkedIn and had a fantastic time talking to people who had everything from an innovative TV show to green business. As I said this will be occasional and I’ll let you who are on my list know about it the moment I decide.

If you like this idea of the 27 minute laser consult would you comment below. No obligation, just curious.

So that’s it for the moment. Whew. Now to implementation. I’ve been working weekends, nights, holidays with only the occasional excursion into the garden to sniff and snip. Heading there now as the roses are calling.

What’s on your plan for your future? Share one thing that you’re going to implement.


The #1 Lie about Pinterest

By Guest Blogger Melanie Duncan, founder of Entrepreneuress Academy &  Award Winning Pinterest Expert

There is a certain lie about Pinterest that is causing millions of business owners to believe that they can’t use it for their businesses.

This misunderstanding is causing them to miss out on tons of free exposure and traffic. Not to mention, tons of potential customers!

You see, many service-based business owners believe that you can only use Pinterest if you have a product based business and that is FALSE!

There is a completely untapped strategy for how service based business can use Pinterest and get all of the same benefits of product based businesses, and MORE.


5 Myths About Pinterest and Business

How to Use Pinterest for Your Business

By Guest Blogger Melanie Duncan, founder of Entrepreneuress Academy &  Award Winning Pinterest Expert

Myths are funny things aren’t they?

The more people that believe something, the more we believe it must be true.

However, there are 5 myths about Pinterest that I want to warn you about because they are COMPLETELY FALSE.

1) Pinterest is only for women, so unless you sell stuff for women you shouldn’t use it for your business.

Now while it’s true that the majority of people that are on Pinterest are female, it’s important to understand that the majority are 18-34 upper income women (aka the key spending demographic of our nation). That means that they are the dominate spender in the household, and doing the majority of purchasing for both themselves and the men in their lives.

That means that companies that sell products for men should be hopping on the Pinterest bandwagon as well because most likely, women are the ones buying their products in the first place.

Plus, there is a significant increase in the number of men joining Pinterest that will only continue. We have only just begun seeing what Pinterest will grown into and become.

2) It’s only for crafts or cooking.

Pinterest is quickly becoming the top site for sharing content of everything from fashion, to home decor, to social media and fitness. In fact some of the most popular pins are infographics, tutorials and social media advice. This means that it is time to dispel the rumors once and for all that it’s just a site full of crafts and recipes.

The main categories listed on the home page navigator bar include: Architecture, Art, Cars & Motorcycles, Education, History, Humor,  Film, Music & Books, Sports, and even Technology.

I’ll say it again: We have only just begun seeing what Pinterest will grown into and become.

3) Pinterest is for people not businesses.

Well this is simply not true. Pinterest is a great way for businesses to get in front of millions of new customers to foster exposure, relationships and sales. Just like Facebook, Pinterest began with only personal users, but as the platform grows so will the amount of business looking to cash in on the opportunity.

Brands and businesses are already seeing an amazing response to using Pinterest. What have you got to loose?

4) It’s too young/early to adapt.

Most people want to wait around and see if other businesses can figure out a way to get results before they give it a shot. The early bird always gets the worm. Learn how to use Pinterest and apply to business before all the others and you will be a leader in your industry.

Not to mention, you will be perfectly positioned to be reaping some serious rewards.

5) It’s going to be very difficult, confusing to learn and will take a ton of time.

Pinterest can be confusing, but not if you have someone to show you the way that’s already figured it all out for you. There is a simple system you can use that involves very little time, energy or technical knowledge.

I’ve found Pinterest to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of my business to set up and maintain. The viral nature of Pinterest does most of the work for you.

Over 80% of pins are repins, which means if you are uploading great original content to your boards other people are going to do the work and circulate it for you!


It’s a Beautiful Piece of Content… And No One’s Going to Read It

Often a bridesmaid, never a bride

By Guest Blogger Colin Martin

The headline of a piece of sales copy or advertising is the most important part of the entire ad. That’s because it’s the first point of contact and the single element that ‘pulls’ the reader in further. You can’t sell to someone if they don’t read the ad. The headline needs to be well t

What are some important elements to look for?

  • Does it relate to them? – TO PEOPLE WHO WANT TO WRITE — BUT CAN’T GET STARTED
  • Do they imagine it could be them? –  THOUSANDS HAVE THIS PRICELESS GIFT — BUT NEVER DISCOVER IT!
  • Does it create a sense of wanting to change? – OFTEN A BRIDESMAID, NEVER A BRIDE
  • Does it ‘personalize’ and identify with someone else? – IMAGINE SOMEONE LIKE ME…HOLDING AN AUDIENCE SPELLBOUND FOR 30 MINUTES

These are emotional ‘triggers’ that stir curiosity in the reader and will make them want to read further. It’s important to try and put a point across without sounding to salesy. You want them to focus more on the information: What’s in it for them? What benefits will they get? … rather than making it look like something’s for sale.

Writing ads will never go away. There are even more places on the Internet to compel people to buy: squeeze pages, videos, articles, banner ads, etc… and each one has a certain element that makes it stand out to your visitor.

Colin Martin is the Marketing Manager for Tom Antion and Associates. He works with authors, speakers, coaches and entrepreneurs to effectively bring their content marketing to life through storytelling and engagement. He is the author of the novel Secondhand God available on Amazon and Nook.

Make more fans and close more sales by touching the hearts of your website visitors. Join Colin & Susan on April 12, 2012 for the complimentary Ultimate Persuasion webinar and discover the simple steps of emotional engagement and visitor curation. Online content is more than communication; it’s an experience.

Pinned: Porn on Pinterest


Pinned: Porn on Pinterest

by Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Marketing Strategist

I’m in love with Pinterest the new hot social network where images are digital coke – addictive, unlimited pleasure with just a few side effects – like taking up all the time in a day.

I’m not alone in this social acceptable addiction, as the network has quickly grown to 11 million in the time it takes you to sniff a line. So I shouldn’t have been surprised to find that naked pics have found their way into a space dominated by wedding fluff, flowers, food, crafts, and recipes.

I discovered the nude women by accident (is there any other way to find stuff on social media?) when I checked out a guy who followed me. He liked fast cars and naked women. Perhaps this could account for 90% of all men, but most of them aren’t pinning on Pinterest.

At first I was taken aback by the breasts and booties – though artfully displayed I wondered about their place in this pictoral domain. Am I being prudish? Pinterest isn’t your own personal porno portico…or is it?

One guy was obsessed with naked women with sleek toned tummies. They were beautiful. Another was taken with tattoos. On the net you find guys who like hairy Vajayjays and others who want their women baby smooth “down there.”

But aren’t there enough venues for porn, be it soft or hard? Is Pinterest the place for porno dreams? What do you think?

Wanna see my pins?