Make $40,000 With Twitter + Facebook Groups With Lisa Lynn Adams

Episode 10

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Make $40,000 With Twitter + Facebook Groups With Lisa Lynn Adams

Here today with Facebook groups guru, Lisa Lynn Adams who is a success and mindset coach, business consultant, and online marketing strategist. She is also the author of Blissful Awakening: Soul Surfing to Success. She has also co-authored another book called Stepping Stones to Success, so she is obviously all about success. Lisa has had great success in helping women turn their purpose into prosperity, also building online businesses that allow them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. Not only helping women create a profitable business that they love, but also making a meaningful difference in the world.

I was really marveling at two things that we are going to be covering today on how to make $40,000 with Twitter and Facebook groups with Lisa Lynn Adams. Number one is how she built her Twitter following in 2 months to 15,000. And then on how she has created Facebook groups and uses that to also build her business to have a number of new clients that have given her the ability to make $40,000 with Twitter in her business. The remarkable thing is that she had just gotten her website up and is growing her email list, but she does not have a large email list yet. However, she’s got great popularity in these two areas, Twitter and Facebook. First we’ll take on Twitter and then we will move to Facebook groups, because you’ve got a fascinating strategy.

How did you go from 0 to 15,000 in a couple of months that led you to make $40,000 with Twitter?

Right off the bat, I knew to focus on Twitter. I found it as, probably, it is the easiest way to find engagement and get impressions with my tweets. Using hashtags is important. It’s knowing the right ones to use for your specific niche. If you were in the business realm, you may want to use hashtags such as entrepreneur, marketing, mompreneur (if you are targeting women), female entrepreneur, or boss babe and more. There is a big list that you can find if you Google it. You can find some sort of attachment online that will give you specific hashtags for whatever target market you’re in. Google is an amazing thing.

You use other specific ones too, that are right for your area. What are some of the other specific ones you honed in on?

I have been using ones such as consciousness, mindset, and success. If you are looking for things to post, success quotes by far are the most popular and you will always get the most engagement. There is this little tool called Tweet Jukebox. What it does is that it will spit out different tweets that you have programmed into the app itself. It will go all day and we can set them up for weeks in advance. You literally don’t even have to think about Twitter or question what you will be posting, for a very long period of time.

Did you call it Tweet Jukebox? Was that like Sprout or Sprout Social? Or is it just a scheduling tool?

Yes, its got a few different options. This is something that is really important to think about, we have all these blogposts from years ago that are not being read anymore and have been lost in the past. What you can do is you can program different blogposts to come out every single day. I have a different one for each day of the week. I’m going back as far as the ones that I know that were most popular that people continue to read. When you include hashtags that people use and are constantly looking up, you can drive lots of traffic to your website to older blogs.

Is it free?


BAMD010 | Make $40,000 with Twitter

Make $40,000 with Twitter and Facebook groups using tools like Tweet Jukebox and Crowd Fire.

When you schedule these blog posts, do you put images with them on these scheduled posts?

Yes, you can post any image. You can have your Instagram going on to Twitter. Your freebies are also here. If your intention is to grow your list, you can have multiple freebies which I highly recommend, and don’t just have one or two. Create one for every single blog that you have. I call it your read magnet, it’s your blog magnet essentially, and that will go to your read magnet. You can post different freebies every single day with hashtags, as well as your audience that are going to hopefully be interested in what it is that you are sharing.

Wow, so let me just recap really quickly: use Tweet Jukebox, go through your old blog posts and find the most popular ones and repost them, and then connect a free offer to every blog post, also attach an image. I love that you called it your read magnet – which is totally great, I love that expression.

 Yes and you want them to be related. If it is on a specific topic, you already know that they are interested in that topic, because they clicked on it, and then they can go deeper on that topic with something that they have to opt in for.

Yes. Make sure that your opt-in relates to you and your post cause that deepens interest, and use hashtags. That is a great strategy, I love that. You can program that in and do it all in one sitting for a couple of hours, so then you’ve got it set for the month.

If you have a VA, you can send over some of your favorite quotes and have them help out. I am all about leveraging time. Another of my favorite tools is called Crowd Fire. It is a tool that will let you know who is engaging with your tweets and who is following you and who isn’t. Let us say you are very familiar with who is in your target market, they have the exact same tribe and audience that you want to reach out to. Checking out what they are tweeting about is vital. Education is everything. Knowledge is power.

The more you know about what others are doing, the more successful you will be. You start following their followers. They will start looking at the things that you are tweeting about are nice. This is a great way to boost engagement with your host and it increases traffic to your website. With this app called Crowd Fire, those who did not follow you back within a week, you can go through the list and fire those who did not decide to engage with your content. This is a wonderful way to build your tribe incredibly quickly.

When you say they don’t follow you back so you fire them, do you mean you unfollow them?

Yes, you go through and unfollow those who are not following you. It is a great way of finding those who are already going to be interested in your specific content.

Are there other tools or strategies that you found that led you to make $40,000 with Twitter?

Let’s say you start following 500 people every couple of days, that is potentially 300 people that will look on your website. If you have a consistent profile, professional photos and great web design, and your tweets and images are consistent with their branding, if you have all of these foundations and infrastructures set up, there is no reason why you can’t draw that traffic to your website. Twitter is amazing for that.

As well as having an automated message set up, I felt that it was a little bit impersonal for a really long time. Then I realized that I cannot be everywhere. I have to accept that somethings need to be automated. But I still want to greet someone, because it’s like they are coming into my home.

I would always have a warm welcome and share the wonderful things that we are up to in the world. So having an automated message is a wonderful way, especially if you have Facebook groups. You can channel the people from Twitter into your Facebook groups. That is the place where you can engage in a deeper way in building your tribe.

What did you put for your automatic message?

I put a very kind welcoming message that expresses to who my specific tribe is. It identifies it. It is all about soulful hearts in the entrepreneurs. If they resonate with the message, then that is for them. They then follow me onto my Facebook groups. I’ve had a huge amount of people come through Twitter.

So what you are doing in your automated message is inviting people into your Facebook groups?

I don’t believe in being salesy. It is about being soulful and just sharing. I always will get warm responses saying that it was a kind message. That is the main thing about social media, is you need to be social. So many people forget the simplest aspect of social media.

Especially if they are focusing on sales. If someone does not have any Facebook groups yet, is it too salesy to invite them to a free offer like a pdf or a video?

I don’t think so, as long as you put it in a natural way. You have to ask yourself if it feels authentic or not. If not, then you need to change the wording and not hit send. Embrace the opportunity. If it is coming from a really heart centered place that is really honest, I don’t see there being a problem about it at all.

Yes, and you don’t send it out right away, I think I got it a day or two later and your message was kind of long, right? It was like a couple of paragraphs, not just two lines.

Yes, I want to take the opportunity so that they get to know you. It is your first impression. First impressions mean everything. If you can share a little bit about yourself, that is how people are going to know whether they will resonate with your message or whether they would like to follow you or not.

Here is Lisa’s automated message:

Hello Lovely! It’s so beautiful connecting with other soulful & heart-centered entrepreneurs! I’d love to get to know you better, be sure to JOIN US & Introduce yourself and your business in the “Limitless Ladies on a Mission” Facebook Mastermind Group! Xo We are 100% devoted to your SUCCESS! I’m here to help, if you ever need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out and ask! Look forward to connecting! 🙂

Love & Blessings, Lisa xo.

BAMD010 | Make $40,000 with Twitter

That’s great, because I would think that you would want the message to be short, but you don’t. Take the time to engage with them and share a little bit about yourself, and give them an opportunity to engage with you further in another medium like your blog or Facebook groups or where ever you are wanting people to congregate with you next.

Having strategy is everything, and this is something that is so easily missed. Having a plan and figuring out how you are going to choose to engage is important. That’s why people go for email marketing is because they think what happens is that you consistently correspond with them. I have found that it is much more genuine to have Facebook groups and be able to share things that I know would add so much value to their lives and to help them with their business, as well as create genuine friendships. I think when you come from a place of relationship and not of business owner, that is when you really have the greatest success.

I love that. You have such a nice warm manner and that really suits your personality. Not everyone can be that way, some are more aloof. Can you talk about the success quotes and how you use and schedule success quotes, since those are the most viral-izing things?

Everybody loves to read success quotes from Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, there is a whole list. Even if you just Google success quotes, you’d get hundreds of them. Finding specific quotes that you genuinely resonate with and you enjoy, and will add value, if you know that it will inspire someone, then share it.

Having success tips is good too. Say you are a health coach, you can share tips like what is the best way to be nutritionally whole and balanced? How much water should you drink in a day? As long as you come to a place of service that is what sharing amazing tweets really are about. It comes from a place of value and service and taking that time. Let’s say it’s three hours that you find and spend to get amazing content to put out there, really take that time and then put it in Tweet Jukebox. It’s putting in that initial time there and you’ll get the results later, that has resulted in 150,000 tweet impressions per month for me. That is a lot of people looking at your brand. It’s worth taking the time.

You do a mix of other people’s quotes, and then you make up your own? Do you put images on all of them?

I have some with images and some don’t have them. I don’t see a difference in the engagement on them. I thought that it would be more for photos, more engagement, but I actually haven’t found the difference. I find on Facebook that photos are definitely going to get more engagement. But on Twitter, it is not so much because they just go through it so quickly and favorite whatever pops up that they resonate with really quick and click that. I created an entire Twitter cheat sheet, it has everything from what you should tweet and on how to grow your tribe quickly. It is It’s super easy to get through and it has tons of valuable information.

Thank you for that, I’m going to download that for myself. That’s super. Any other tips for Twitter? I also want to know how much time you spend on this every week?

I take my time everyday putting in 30 minutes, it could be more or less. It is about how much time you want that you want to invest on Twitter. You will always get back what you put in. I take the time to engage with people or respond to their tweets or ask questions, open ended questions. It is a great way to boost response and any kind of engagement on any tweet.

Thanking someone for re-tweeting is also a valuable thing to do. Sometimes we think we don’t have time, and that is not true. I think it is really important to make that time and show others out there that they are special, that you do care. That reflects highly on your brand.

So you put in questions too, thanking them for retweeting, and it really sounds like you are really in there engaging.

I have a busy life, and so I can’t get in there as much as I like to. But I do make a point everyday to go in and do what I call “Spread the love”.

Any last things before we go to Facebook groups?

I think it is a solid foundation for Twitter. If you take those tips and tools then you will be on your way to have a rocking Twitter tribe and be able to make $40,000 on Twitter.

So a quick summary is to program everything into Tweet Jukebox, use the Crowd Fire app so you can see who is following and engaging with you – and you say you follow 500 people a day and check back in the next week and see who is following you back and then fire them if they aren’t?

Yes, it is really worth it. That’s the beginning and it really takes off on its own after that.

You also have a wonderful welcome direct message, and it doesn’t come immediately but it comes a couple of days later. Why does it come a couple of days later?

I do this in order to give it a little bit of time. It gives them a reminder that you exist if you wait a little while.

I think that’s really great, and it does not have to be super short it just has to be simple and soulful. Then mix in success quotes, they do not always have to have images. Some of the new or old blog content that you have will have an image plus a freebie offer that relates directly to that blog post. The last thing is to ask questions and to thank people for re-tweeting to take the time, and the really reflects on  your brand. You have all this on a Twitter cheat sheet at

BAMD010 | Make $40,000 with Twitter

Make $40,000 with Twitter by leading people to your Facebook group.

Now moving onto Facebook groups, you’ve had a lot of success in moving your Twitter followers onto Facebook by using that direct message. Tell us the name of the Facebook groups that you have, and then tell us a little bit about how you set up those Facebook groups and how you grow them. Also talk about the kind of post that you put in there.

The name of the group is Limitless Ladies on a Mission. It is all about supporting ladies in their businesses while giving the tools that they need in order to succeed. It is a place where you make relationships. I met one of the most incredible women on the face of the planet, the things that they do in the world are so inspiring. I am a die-hard Facebook groups fan. It has really helped me in every sense of the word in growing my business. Whether it’s in another Facebook group and there are tons of Facebook groups for entrepreneurship especially for women whether you’re a coach or anything to do with online marketing.

The best way for your brand to become visible is to start sharing, and think value. I say to write blog posts that reflect your area of expertise and that you know will genuinely help those who are scrolling for answers and trying to figure out what to do next in their business. If you can share something of power that is really valuable, you are going to get noticed. You will start building that know-like-trust, and this is so important in any business. People will start reaching out to you and they will start tagging you and asking you questions because they know that you have the answer about it. Or they are just going to be interested in working with you.

Give me an example of a mini blogpost that would be a good example of something that you might post. Do you have these pre-setup? I can just hear people saying now, “Oh my gosh, that’s so much work! How am I supposed to go into somebody else’s Facebook groups or my own Facebook groups to start writing these kinds of responses?”

I am all about shortcuts, so I take the time and I plan. I have on my phone with my hashtags for Instagram as well or my hashtags for Twitter, I have them saved so all I have to do is copy and paste. Whenever I feel inspired to write mini blogposts, I will write them.

I have different genres: marketing tips, mindset tips, inspiration tips. I have broken it down so I know it. Essentially it is like an 80/20 rule. You need to check rules of the Facebook groups on how or when you are allowed to share an offer.

Generally, it is three value posts, and then you can share one of your offers. Some groups do it in prompts, in my group on Thursday’s you can share your offers and on Tuesdays you can share your Facebook groups. I try to make it as empowering for women’s businesses so that they can get the results for participating in their group. My truest and most sincere goal is that they succeed, and that the group genuinely helps them.

Everything is on your phone?

Everything is on my phone! I could take off tomorrow for Maui with my phone and I could run my entire business.

I don’t even get it – where are you organizing this information on  your phone with these different categories?

Evernote is a godsend, I call it my content bank. When I start working with my clients, I say, “Start working on your content bank now so it doesn’t feel overwhelming.” Just invest a little bit of time every single day and that content bank grows. It is like your bank account as people say that your money is in your email list. Your money is also in your content bank. The more value you share to people, the more success you will have.

BAMD010 | Make $40,000 with Twitter

With everything on your phone, you can make $40,000 with Twitter from anywhere.

So you have all these different categories, and when it is appropriate, you cut and paste to share with hashtags into the group. Is it okay to repeat it if somebody hasn’t seen it and somebody asks the same question, you can cut and paste the same thing?

Yes. That is another thing about taking the time and answering the questions. Most of the time, people use these groups to ask questions that they are trying to figure out, like how to create an amazing lead magnet. Taking that time in answering those questions goes a long way.

So then every time you answer, do you then create a little file so that you have answers of everything that you’ve responded with?

I usually take the time and copy and then paste it on Evernote so that I will know that I am not repeating it, and a lot of the questions are repeated quite frequently. I always would take the time rereading it and personalizing it because I don’t want to be systematic or programmed. I really just want it to come from a heartfelt place and that I just want to help out. If you lead from a place of wanting to help, that’s really when you start getting the results in your business.

You personalize the messages that are important and you save it in Evernote, so you really are having a conversation with people and not just cutting and pasting. Any other tips about that before I ask you on how you actually gotten business from this? Because I think people want to know how does these Facebook groups turn into business.

Definitely try and have a visibility plan, I call it the visibility map which is what I work with my clients on. We pick five groups that they want to become known in. With those five groups, we come up with a content strategy. It positions them as an expert in their field. We also get to know the owner of the group, and they can be more permissive in allowing you to post about your upcoming book release, for example. Even just sending a message to the owner in an extra kind manner is really wonderful. Take the time to read the rules because you don’t want to overstep your boundaries. A lot of us that have groups are doing it to help you. It is more like rooting you on when you have amazing things to offer because we want you to succeed.

I belong to one group that is really wonderful. I confess that I have not been very active in it. I sort of posted my original bio introducing myself, and then I got overwhelmed and it grew really fast. I see how much the owner engages and posts interesting articles and congratulates people, she’s really a master at Facebook groups. How do you prevent overwhelm? It sounds like a lot especially if you are in five different Facebook groups? How do you manage to keep up with each of those?

Introductions are so important. That is your chance of sharing your elevator pitch, who you are and what you do. Those who are really interested will pop over like your fan page. To prevent overwhelm, just handle three groups and figure out how much time you have. Delegate it to your VA too. There are different ways of going about it. If you are a facilitator of a group, at the very beginning, it is so important to be everywhere and engage. You need to put a lot of energy in at the beginning, but then it takes off on its own. You then don’t have to be in the group nearly as often, probably about 15 minutes per day.

In having those posts ready ahead of time, and you figure out that you want to share five different posts in five different Facebook groups, it is all set out and organized. It is not as complicated. Paying attention and having an editorial calendar so that you know what groups have different prompts each day. So when you wake up, the first thing you do is you share in those Facebook groups with those prompts. It’s all about being organized. If you can get the hang of it, then it will start being effortless, and what you get out of it is so worthwhile.

I just want to recap that too, the editorial calendar. You mentioned that you have two days where people can share something promotional or share to Facebook groups, but other people have different rules of when you can and can’t share, so be aware of those. Incorporate each groups rules into your editorial calendar so you know which groups have which rules, and have your information ready to post or be ready to answer the peoples questions with pre-planned personalized answers.

Let’s say you have 30 minutes, I am going to go invest these 30 minutes into this group and this group. Any time that you come from a place of service, in that 30 minutes you are just genuinely going there because you want to help others. It will always come back in a positive way.

Tell us a couple of ways on how it has come back to you in a positive way; connections, friendships, anyway that you measure that circle of energy and that kind of connection and relationship?

There was a message one day, it was something like, “I saw your message in the group. I find it so valuable. I am really interested in your coaching. Would you be interested in hopping on a call or how do I sign up?” This comes in those little miracles as I call them. It is always the positive things. People reach out and say what I’ve said was so helpful, that it really touches their heart, or it helped them through a tough time. It is obviously not just the business, but I try to make this as human as possible. Understanding your target audience and their struggles is important. This will definitely help you create really wonderful content that is definitely going to help them.

I love that you share your struggles, because sometimes people – especially an elevated business person, they may not want to share their struggles. Although, there is a whole trend right now of sharing your struggles. Tell us about a time when you shared a struggle or some information and how did that turn into a client of yours? Since you did use this as a strategy to build your business in just a couple of months.

Vulnerability is one of the most powerful things on the planet because it makes you human. It shows that you have weakness too. Every person on the planet, no matter how hard they try to hide it, they have weakness. When people read that in any shape or form, they go, “Oh this person gets it. They get me and they probably have the perfect personality with whenever it is that I’m struggling with.” It is finding areas that you are able to share, and it has to be something that you’ve healed from – it’s a hero’s journey. It is something that you overcame and you know that somebody else is not quite there yet. Helping them and taking their hand while waling them across the bridge is what happens here.

Can you tell me a time that happened where it turned into business? I’d love to hear what the process is when someone reached out to you. What is the flow like? What actually happened and how did it come together?

A huge thing that I find a lot working with female clients is self worth and coming to a place of confidence. Confidence does not come naturally, especially the way society is built. When you share, “Hey, I have moments of insecurity, this is what I did to overcome it.” That is a huge thing which I do. One thing that I notice with someone who is successful and profitable with their business, and someone that is not, is maybe the person who is not more qualified and educated, but it comes down to the confidence that they have. I truly believe that your net worth reflects your self worth.

Is there anything else that you want to add about Facebook groups?

I think that pretty much sums it up.

How did you figure out which groups that you wanted to be in? How did you go about doing your research? There are a lot of groups out there.

I interviewed people. When I was first starting out in the Facebook groups, I would reach out to someone who I noticed is super active. I started asking little questions like what their favorite groups were, what have they gotten out of it, and what are their results, what did they find helpful? I strongly believe in Survey Monkey which is a little tool that you can use to survey your audience. Taking the time, and the more that you know, the more helpful you can be. Really, we are all here to serve.

How did you find the initial people to even interview or ask? How did you go about asking them?

It is just paying attention. The first group that I ever joined was the Female Entrepreneur Association. Through there, I heard about different groups. The second one that I ever joined was a coaches community. That was when I started interviewing people who were really active in the Facebook groups.

Do you interview them for your podcast or did you just interview them casually?

I just sent them a message on Facebook. Lots of people are stuck in the old adage of marketing where they believe that it’s about selling, they believe it’s about spamming. This is where we have come so far, marketing is all about relationship building now. When you take that time and you nurture a group or nurture humans, there will always be something that comes out of that. Finding what will serve them on the highest level and sharing that value .

Nurturing it instead of marketing the old way where you promote in a spam way is what you should do, this new way of nurture, nurture, and nurture is important. It’s not even necessary to sell because people are seeing your value, your confidence, and your value by the way you are nurturing and that in turn will help them see their self worth, or whatever it is they need from you.

That’s what it is, it’s coming from a place of compassion. I call it my compassion compass, where every morning I wake up and mediate on who can I serve or where do I need to be? Then allowing and listening to the little clues where you can serve on the highest level. People see your character when you are not promoting, and you are just coming from a place of serving value.

I love that you do meditation, I’m just back from Bali and one of the things that struck me there is the deep intentionality. They are so focused on the gods and to each other too. That is beautiful to see, that they really are coming from that place of deeply seeing each other in a natural way. Going back to what you said, in terms of your compassion compass, you ask the question in your meditation; who can I serve and where do I need to be? I love it because it is practical and it is deeply rooted in both the ethers and it is really practical. It is both that you got both ends of the spectrum. I love that you are giving and asking. This is really a beautiful flipside of the coin. You are not begging – there is no begging.

Curiosity is the gateway to anything magical in the world. I think when we come from an inquisitive place where there is just magic that unfolds. Having that heart that is purely coming from compassion, there will always be blessings. Just like in affirmation, when you set that intention, by trusting and asking, you are setting an intention. Your subconscious mind will pay attention to different things that are happening throughout the day. This guides you to where you need it.

That is wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your strategies to make $40,000 with Twitter and Facebook Groups and also the way in which you did that is so heartfelt and really practical. This is a beautiful example that both of those things can be embodied at the same time that you can be enormously compassionate and offer value, and be this person who people want to hang out with.

It also needs to be practical in order to get implemented on this earthly plain in which we are living. Thank you for sharing that. I do want to repeat your quote because I wrote it down, The one thing that you said was “Who I can serve and who do I need to be?” The quote that I want to end on is “Curiosity is the gateway to anything magical in the world.” Also your website is and the group is Limitless Ladies on a Mission. Any last words or you want to end there?

I think that is beautiful, and having a mind like a child who is just taking in everything, is how to advance yourself in this earth plane that you said.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate you being my guest today.

Thank you so much for having me. This has been so lovely.

BAMD010 | Make $40,000 with Twitter

P.S. Lisa sent me this which I thought you’d find interesting:

I thought you might be interested in seeing my analytics, I know how you love research and statistics lol. Twitter jumped up by an additional 30,000 impressions (people viewing my tweets) in just the last month alone, which for someone who only tweets between 80-100 a month, that’s quite a bit.

I wanted to share as we were talking about that before we ended the call! 🙂 Twitter is so under utilized by businesses. Right now I am finding on average of 10-15 new leads each day and interacting with them. Ever since adding my auto-responder my list has grown the most it ever has in such a short span of time. The beauty of Twitter’s algorithm is that every tweet has a fair chance, where on Facebook you are fighting to be visible.

About Lisa Lynn Adams

Lisa Lynn Adams is a success and mindset coach, business consultant and online marketing strategist. She is also the author of Blissful Awakenings: Soul Surfing to Success. She is also co-author of the book Stepping Stones to Success. She is all about success. She helps women turning their purpose into prosperity, also building online businesses offers them the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. It helps women create profitable business that they love and also making a meaningful difference in the world.


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