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This is why my Podcast took 3 years to launch:

I got waylaid.

Over and over again.

I think I resisted it because talking came so natural to me. And I did lots of other harder things first. I created webinars, special reports, ebooks, courses. I trained to get my black belt in Aikido.

I got sidetracked by pleasures too…

I took a weekly writing class. I watched long hours of Longmire and The Good Wife (delicious!). I went to Hawaii and Bali.

But, I finally hunkered down and holed up. Spent a few weeks writing, editing, recording, consulting with my VA Kelly about all the nitty gritty stuff that needed to happen in the back-end. Worked with a great team.

You’ve heard the phrase, “Better done than perfect?” It’s done for now. Far from perfect. I’ll refine it later.

So here are a few things for you that I discuss with experts (or chat about myself) in my new podcast called, Be a Media Darling: Publicity Made Easy

Use collaboration to get free publicity.

Learn what it takes to get on Dr. Oz.

Gain 15,000 new devoted Twitter folIowers in 2 months.

Handle a radio interview gone horribly awry.

Copy Jennifer Lawrence’s secrets to popularity.

Discover a wonderful wack-a-doodle way to enroll high-end clients on Facebook.

And more!

You can hear all this on my “new” Podcast (which I actually started almost 3 years ago)
and keep reading to find out what to do to get a glorious gift for subscribing.

NOTE: Some of the podcasts I mentioned aren’t up yet, but will be soon. Once you subscribe you’ll be notified of each new episode.

You’re welcome to send this to anyone who you think it would delight. Thank you for your kindness!!

Now then…

Part of doing a podcast is creating a strategy to get it ranked on iTunes New and Noteworthy.

So part of my publicity plan includes YOU. (And a reward!)

Here’s what to do.

  1. Go to my podcast, Be a Media Darling here.
  2. Download the first 3-5 episodes (and hopefully listen to them!)
  3. Subscribe, rate and review my Podcast. (Blessings upon you!) Here’s a quick video on how to do a podcast review on iTunes. (It’s simple if you follow these directions). Note: It can take up to 24 hours to show up on my Podcast. So please be patient for us to send you your gift.
  4. Give it a 5 star rating.
  5. Send me the username you used to write the review to:
    Put “PODCAST REVIEW” in the subject line.
  6. Share it with 3 friends and/or post it to your social media. (This is the honor system. Thank you for your generosity and help!) See below for ready-made tweets / posts.
  7. As soon as we receive your username we’ll send you the brand new Get on Local TV in 7 Days E-book (77 pages) worth $197 as a big thank you!
  8. Here’s what you can use (below) for Twitter, Instagram and Facebook posts along with the image of my Podcast album or the above image of the gift book. NOTE: Many of these episodes haven’t aired yet, so please be sure they’ve posted before you share on social media! Go here to see what’s aired so far.
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Be a Media Darling: Publicity Made Easy Podcast

I hope that you hear something on my podcast that sparks an idea, gives you a laugh, intrigues and inspires you on to the greatness in you.