Turning Facebook Fan Pages into an Income Generator

Something crazy happened this weekend. My sweetie and I got two new kittens. We had decided to wait until the spring to choose kittens from the pound, but when a woman aikidoka at my dojo told me about two strays that showed up on a friend of her’s doorstep I knew we had to see…

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Business Viralocity: Facebook Fan Pages

Tired of having to read about who just walked their dog, sent a gizmo to a friend, or raced to the bathroom? Do you want instead to focus on marketing your business, book, product, service or cause to the people who are truly prospects?

You may not think so, but Facebook is the answer. There is a critical gap in most people’s Facebook strategies — if they have a strategy at all. For entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants who want to use Facebook for business, it’s not well known that fan pages can be automated and set up to be income generators. Here’s how.

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