Why Podcast? 3 Top Reasons – Positioning, Promotion, and Profit


Why Podcast?

by Kris Gilbertson

Have you heard about podcasting lately?

It seems to be the buzz word of marketing that everyone is talking about in recent months — everywhere from Entrepreneur.com, HubSpot, Social Media Examiner, ProBlogger and the list goes on and on.

So, Let’s quickly break down the Top 3 Reasons to Podcast:

#1:: Podcasting Creates Positioning

By partnering with a huge marketing giant like iTunes you already get to leverage the loyal following of the Apple market.

There are over 1 Billion Podcast Subscribers — all of whom are seeking expert advice on their problems, seeking experts to provide solutions to the pain in their life or business, and looking for people to entertain them at the same time.

Just like being on the Radio, TV, or Print – you create expert positioning by being on those mediums. The same things happen by default with a podcast. Your expert status is increased and your exposure triples because you are now showcased in the iTunes Platform.

Also — There are over 900 blogs to one podcast. Simply by having a podcast your odds of exposure massively increase for your prospects finding you.

#2: Podcasting Creates Effective Promotion

Podcasting allows you to have your content on the go as an Expert.

Your audience doesn’t have to be in one place — they can be in the car, at the gym, walking the dog, driving in the car — they can be anywhere.

And where are all of our customers today — on their phones.

Your content, as a podcast, just became mobile — a staple that your prospects can take with them on the go.

This is extremely important because when people listen to you on your podcast — you have their undivided attention. They are tuning in JUST to listen to you and for no other reason.

By default, a podcast is one of the most intimate marketing channels you could possibly have for you business. When people are tuning in just for your content their level of Trust increases, your like-a-bility increases, and your sales will increase.

Because who do we only buy from — people that we like and trust!

So a podcast can be a great way for you to strengthen the relationships with your current clients, open the door up to new ones, and provide incredible value that results in people wanting to learn more about you and your business to a whole new audience.

#3: Podcasting Increases Profit

The main reason why podcast listeners prefer to buy products they heard about on a podcast, is because of the level of transparency that happens on a podcast.

You can completely be yourself and let your true personality, style, and character be discovered. This is how my clients have been able to massively increase their website traffic and increase sales from podcasting.

By being your unique self, your tribe will find you. And that is a beautiful day, because it doesn’t matter if you’re perfect or not as a speaker. They will still tune in and follow you – because they like you and your own unique style.

I still remember the day that a top marketing veteran of a top fortune 500 company said to me– Kris, if you want to make a little sell the products. If you want to make a ton – sell yourself.

And that still rings true today – people are looking to get behind people’s brands.

Not be on the outside looking in anymore. They want to connect with you, the real you – and more often.

And this is how a podcast can truly increase your profits because of the loyalty that happens from you regularly podcasting and sharing incredible content that your listeners can implement. By doing this, the level of trust increase and then when you do have promotions you already have people that are excited and hungry for what you have to offer.

Kris Gilbertson is a podcasting expert that teaches business owners and entrepreneurs how to generate free traffic, leads and sales through podcasting. Her podcast Secrets of the Extraordinarily Successful is listened to in over 103 countries and receives thousands of downloads on a weekly basis.

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I’d love to know your biggest question about podcasting?

Please leave a comment below and Susan and I will be sure to address this.


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Hi, I'm Susan

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