Write and Publish a Client-attracting Book in 90 Days

Write and Publish a Client-attracting Book in 90 DaysBy Guest Writer John Eggen

In my more than 27 years of helping people write and publish books I’ve found that, despite all the big benefits of having a book, almost everybody needs help getting started with the actual writing and keeping it going until the book is done.

The secret is to get momentum going.

Very few of us realize that. So here are four steps from a time-tested process to create book writing momentum. Use them to create the momentum you want:

1. Announce your intention

Tell anyone who will listen that you are going to embark upon a book writing journey, where you will be working on your book until it’s done, and give them a time frame.

Now you’ve solidified your goal by telling others. This, more than anything else, will keep you on track.

You now have held yourself accountable to others. Your reputation is now on the line. You won’t be able to easily go back on this promise you’ve made to your friends, family, co-workers or relatives.

When you commit yourself to something like this and you tell others about that commitment, it’s like adding a layer of protection. Try this and see how much more dedicated you are to your book’s successful completion.

2. Capture the Emotions

When you know what you’re going to write and it’s something that you’re passionate about, the words can come very quickly and easily. Therefore, every time you sit down to write, start by thinking about your topic, and recall why you’re writing about it.

What brought you to this phase of your life where you are writing about this topic at this moment? What’s driving you to do it?

Recapture the emotions that were the catalyst, if only for a few minutes, so you can start the words flowing. Feeling that feeling, now start writing. But, write the way the real pros do it:

3. Just write

A big key to writing a book fast and actually finishing it is to write the way the “insiders” do it. That is, write your first draft without any editing whatsoever.

Only when the complete draft is done do you start doing any editing. That’s right. Don’t stop to edit. Just open up, let it flow, and keep writing, writing, writing. You will build momentum. Stopping to look back on your progress or to fix even one typo or rephrase a sentence will halt your momentum faster than anything else. You’re then open to all kinds of other distractions.

When you stay focused on the task at hand you’ll get much more writing done in less time. When you get right down to it, the time you’re actually writing, the act of physically pounding on the keys in deep thought and translating it to the written page, is quite small compared to everything else you’re doing in a given hour or day.

So, if you do the math, a small increase in that amount adds up to a disproportionately higher percentage of your book that gets written each week.

That’s why this is a big key to writing your book fast.

Next time you sit down to write, create a challenge for yourself. See how much writing you can do without stopping. That’s right, don’t stop to drink, answer the phone, stretch, anything. Just keep writing and see how long you can go.

You can also set a timer to write in small surges. Turn it into a fun exercise. You can always edit later. You’ll be truly amazed at how much you can accomplish when you put this into practice.

4. Set daily and weekly writing goals

If you can take the writing one day at a time or one week at a time you can have your book written much more quickly.

For instance, would you like to have your book written and published in just 90 days?

Then commit to writing just four unedited pages a day. You can do it pretty fast when you write without editing (as described in the last step). Write four unedited pages for just 50 days and, using the right system, you can your new book published and in your hands 40 days later-a total of just 90 days from the start.

If that’s too much, or somehow unrealistic for you then set a goal you can live with. The important thing is to have something to shoot for. Then, when you accomplish the goal, reward yourself. Decided in advance what the reward will be and stick to it. This will keep you motivated and keep you focused on getting the job done.

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