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BE A MEDIA DARLING: Publicity Made Easy Podcast With Susan Harrow

Welcome to the Be A Media Darling Podcast

I’m your host, Susan Harrow, a top media coach, marketing strategist, former tennis pro, black belt in Aikido and author of the bestselling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins). In this podcast I’ll show you how to get publicity with integrity and spirit—and then double or triple your business by using sound bites effectively. You’ll understand how to authentically package, promote and profit from your mission and message while you shine in the media spotlight.

We’ll be covering different topics each day. You can listen to everything, in chronological order, or bop around and choose the specific episodes that speak to you. You may want to start of by listening to Episode 0001, which provides even more detailed information on what you can expect to gain from listening to Be A Media Darling Podcast. Here’s a quick run down…

  • By Guest Blogger Alison Luterman (Plus a poem!) – with my video commentary on how to make a movement go viral — from Erica Mandy’s Show, The News Worthy I was walking up the street minding my own business when a superhero jumped out in front of me. He landed in a wide-legged stance, arms […]

  • BAMD0041 | Storytelling for leadership

    According to Dave Ursillo It’s not what you say that matters it’s what people hear. You’ll learn how to tell your story to bridge from what you’re saying to what your audience is hearing. We talked about ways to “follow your heart but bring your head with you.” Dave shares how to examine and excavate your past and pull those threads into the present — and the future you want to create for yourself.

  • How You Can Get a Book Deal

    Sell your book idea BEFORE you write your book. By…. writing a book proposal. I share with you the key elements necessary to get the right literary agent for you. You’ll also discover what you must include (and what NOT to include) in your book proposal to get a book deal with a top New York publishing house. Even if you’re not ready yet you’ll find out what it takes to get that big book deal so you can start prepping now.

  • get major media

    When something big is up like a black belt test or a big media appearance we’re all tempted to say, “I’m not at my best.” But put that aside, bring yourself to now, and be 100% in the present moment. Focus on what you are here to give, that only you can, right now.

  • BAMD0037 | Picture for O Magzine

    Photographer Lori A. Cheung reveals that the perfect picture can mean the difference between getting into O Magazine, or not. Oprah’s editors place a high value on beauty – and that goes for images as well as for inner transformations. Lori shares her secrets of how to take and Oprah-worthy photo — which she’s done. So you can have your picture splashed in the pages of O.

  • Maya Stein Poems

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • create memorable sound bites

    If you think sound bites are just for the salesy, sleazy or slick, think again. They are your core messages that convey the most important things you want your audience to know. I take you through some steal-able examples that you can model —and show you how to make your sound bites steal-worthy.

  • how to be authentic

    Are you being fake by blurting out your most intimate inner workings to strangers? Do you sometimes feel battered by in-your-face authenticity? Let’s be truly real vs. crafting authenticity.

  • Maya Stein Poems

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • Bridge Media training

    You’re asked a question you don’t want to answer. You’re caught off guard by the host or reporter’s surprise, irrelevant, inappropriate, intimate or invasive question. Here’s the one transition that can save your skin that works every time.

  • icense your programs, products or courses

    Business Coach Launcher Tommi Wolfe shows coaches + consultants how to get 90% enrollment in your licensed programs when you license your products, programs, courses or any intellectual property. She’ll show you how to turn people who steal your content into your biggest ambassadors. You’ll discover 4 key steps to get such high enrollment and why live events are one of the most effective ways to tend and befriend influencers that give you access to large groups of people keen to buy what you have.

  • BAMD0029 | Leverage your glamability

    Shannon Walbran, known as South Africa’s top psychic, got booked on a reality TV show in a different language in the Ukraine, that she ended up not shooting – but still got publicity that skyrocketed her career. You’ll be privy to how she did it and why she refuses to let clients hire her for more than one session—and yet has a full practice and a spot on a weekly radio show. Plus hear her give me a reading…

  • famous poems about life

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • Your story of origin or your signature story is the one story you’ll need for any media appearance or any public speaking engagement. This story is what makes you stand out as an original. And it’s the question that practically every journalist or host will ask you about first. You’ll discover 3 ways to uncover your personal, intriguing, and captivating story.

  • BAMD0026 | Promote Live Events Mindfully

    Clare Barry tells you why you shouldn’t be on every social media platform. Can you still live a full life of vitality and meaning doing what you love? Yes. Can you create a following of fans who will scoop up your programs the instant they are out and beg for more? Yes, says Clare Barry, who has created a gorgeous niche and devoted tribe doing it her way — and shows you how you can too. Claire has leveraged her uniqueness and outlines ways you can mindfully curate your content in a way that reaches the right people for your offers.

  • how to get featured in Oprah's magazine

    You want to get into O, The Oprah Magazine. You know it will make your life miraculous and your business boom. So don’t live with regret before this comes true. If you follow the path and are persistent, and have all the right requirements that O editors have set for the most prestigious and powerful placement on the planet, you have a chance to get into the pages at O.

  • poems about life

    These poems by Alison Luterman are gritty, sensual, and deeply telling about the human condition.

  • How You Can Get a Book Deal

    Start, finish or promote your book to become a bestseller using Jack Canfield + top Internet marketing millionaires’ advice. How to get a book deal. Get published. Listen in on my mastermind group at Jack Canfield’s house.

  • BAMD0022 | Close High End Clients on Facebook

    According to Nancy Marmolejo there is a secret to getting engagement – and then sales from Facebook. But, it’s not necessary to spend your savings on ads. Nancy outlines what to do on a daily basis that will bring coveted customers to your door for your elite programs, coaching, and consulting. Using her methods you’ll attract the best high-paying clients who are serious about purchasing your programs. Listen for the part when she talks about the video that went from practically 0 views to over a 1000 with her tweaks.

  • BAMD0021 | Get the media to call you

    Karen Leland talks about what’s necessary to get the media to call you without sending out a press release or pitch letter. You’ll learn the 7 elements to build a brilliant brand – taken straight out of her new book, The Brand Mapping Strategy. She shares her insights on the most successful strategies big and small businesses have used to gain market share and how you can too. In today’s marketplace both businesses and solopreneurs need to have a personal brand to be recognized and respected.

  • famous poems about life

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • BAMD0019 | Get Free Publicity For Your New Business

    Newbie alert! Christina Daves says you’re primed for publicity even if you don’t know it. We discuss how you can get a quick start on your publicity with easily do-able practices that you can implement today — and get results. No worries if you’re scared, introverted or haven’t a clue. You’ll feel cozy and confident after this chat.

  • get free publicity organically

    So many experts tell you to have a 5-year plan. But what about just going where you’re guided? I was inspired when I read about how Milan Rai let his work carry him to unlikely places and how publicity came naturally as he worked on what mattered to him.

  • Get corporate sponsors

    Kent Youngstrom shares his methods for finding and collaborating with big name creative corporations that do the publicity for him. Listen for how his work appeared on TV and what you can expect when yours does too. You’ll get his word-for-word pitch letter that he sent out for his latest venture that gets him gigs and develops relationships for future work together. FYI Kent is an artist – but not the tortured kind. And you can apply his brilliance to any industry, not just creatives and makers.

  • famous poems about life

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • Media Coaching Tips

    When I was media coaching sisters Kitty & Jennifer O’Neil, whose book Decorating with Funky Shui Kitty said something that I want to share with you. “I’m going to try talking in sound bites to everyone.” What great practice. In this episode you’ll hear unusual tips from a film director, musician, a journalist and a secretary of defense.

  • BAMD0014| set yourself apart from every other speaker

    Nancy Juetten has worked with hundreds of authors, entrepreneurs, speakers, and Internet millionaires on their bios, business and speaker sheet. She shares how you can sound unique even in a sea of competitors vying for the same business. Her perspective on publicity has informed the way she works today and you’ll see how you can show that you’re the one to choose—whether it’s to be interviewed on radio, TV or print, or to get that speaking gig

  • BAMD0013 | Instagram to promote your business

    Melissa Camilleri is the goddess of good. Her feel-good jewelry (shopcompliment) uplifts and engages her audience and Instagram does much of the selling for her. Melissa is THE go-to girl for teaching Instagram with passion and heart. She shares how participating in one fun contest increased her followers and how you can follow suit. Find out how to build a beautiful brand, use simple strategies to connect with others to grow your fans, sell your stuff, and bring your offerings to life with images.

  • famous poems about life

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • BAMD0011 | stay cool during media interviews

    Diane Altomare shows us how to deal with surprise attack questions that have nothing to do with you or your topic. Diane’s first radio interview was a doozy! You’ll discover her media training tips to keep your equanimity no matter what the host says or does and still get your message across to your ideal audience. Diane also talks about how to stay grounded and enjoy the kooky radio interview ride.

  • Facebook Groups Strategy

    Lisa Lynn Adams had no clients. A tiny list, and a website in progress when she closed $40,000 in business with her unique strategy combo of Twitter + Facebook Groups. She’ll share the tools she uses, the special way she connects to her audiences and her 15-minute a day strategy to keep the flow of engagement that turns into sales naturally and authentically. You’ll get to see the exact automated message she uses that has been so successful in generating fans and business.

  • BAMD0009 | Experience Products

    Marisa Murgatroyd shares how to create phenomenal products + services by giving the minimum amount of information to get a big result. She’ll share with you how her programs have built in “intentionally designed viral loops” that increase people’s desire to refer friends and colleagues to you – so eventually you don’t have to do ANY marketing and can focus solely on being of service to your client and customer base. She’ll also cover how to best market and deliver your product or program fast. This is the way to end marketing.

  • Famous poems about life

    These poems by Alison Luterman are gritty, sensual, and deeply telling about the human condition.

  • How You Can Get on TV

    The phone rings. You hear an authoritative voice say, “Hello, I’m the producer of…Good Morning America or the Today Show, or Fox News or any other top talk show, you name it. This is your big moment, the break you’ve been waiting for. After you catch your breath what do you do? I’ll share 4 secrets that will help you pass the “audition,” your first call from a producer.

  • BAMD006 | Promote Your E-Course

    Andrea Scher bucks all the common wisdom on how to create, promote, and launch an e-course that your tribe will love. She’s done it over and over again with huge success. You’ll learn her counter-intuitive ways that have worked so well for her and can for you too. Launch a course before it’s done? Yup. Don’t research what your list wants first? Yup. Go with your inner compass and create an e-course YOU’D like to take? Yup.

  • BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

    Listen in while Laurie Forster and I talk about the behind the scenes scoop at Dr. Oz. You’ll discover how she prepped for the show, what it takes to be a guest and how she rocked it live. Laurie got invited back 2 more times (kudos!) which allowed her to raise her speaking fees and get more media appearances.

  • poem about life By Maya Stein

    These poems by Maya Stein show us how to look at details that tell a story and leave us feeling something profound. Her gorgeous way with words is both lush and Zen.

  • start-up mistakes

    We can’t stand people who are perfect! We want to knock them down and rough them up. We’ll discuss how to have fun with mistakes and how to make them often with enthusiasm so you move forward faster so you’ll be a beloved and in-demand guest.

  • neuroscientist David Eagleman

    No matter where you’re starting from know that anything is possible. The world is a mysterious, magical, and magnificent place and if you put your mind to becoming a media darling fully and follow up with actions you can have exactly what you want. No waiting.

  • Be a Great Media Guest

    There are thousands of media platforms—radio shows, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, columns—in the US alone. Hundreds of thousands of journalists, producers, and bloggers who are hunting, DAILY, for interesting people and ideas and stories that they can feature. These people who work in the media are looking for knowledgeable experts. They’re looking for heartwarming stories. They’re looking for you.

Susan Harrow Podcast

I'm here to give you everything you need to get you ready for the media spotlight so you can live the life you dream of. Let’s begin together with the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Membership Club to get you set for your time to shine.

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Podcast Reviews
  • A geniune way to build your business
    August 26, 2016 by Siriusjane from United States

    Loved this podcast. I found it very helpful and informative. Susan has a very open, friendly, riveting approach to promoting one's business and self. Her sharp insights and her real-life examples and guests can really help a business going from a start-up to a viral presence. I recommend this highly if you want to get your message out there with a genuine approach. Even the poetry speaks to the importants of our words. Check out all the episodes.

  • Invigorate Your Message!
    August 24, 2016 by Michele L. Plunkett from United States

    Winsome wisdom evokes and embodies the expertise of Susan Harrow; ensuring enlivening opportunities and outcomes through her podcasts and programs! Grow your business and income with the stellar style of Susan's endearing and enriching coaching! Susan Harrow Media Coaching and Marketing Strategies provide vitalizing results to invigorate your message when you implement her training!

  • Excited!
    August 24, 2016 by Delia McCabe from Australia

    Love Susan's work - her book and emails and short eBooks are all filled with enthusiasm and sparkle! So excited to be able to listen to her too now!

  • Susan makes publicity doable, authentic, + fun! !
    August 15, 2016 by SherryBelul from United States

    I'm thrilled to see that Susan Harrow is doing this podcast! I've taken a number of Susan's courses and I just love how warm, accessible, and doable her work is. Susan is an amazing trainer who is knowledgable about *all* aspects of publicity and media training, but she never overwhelms us with too much at once. She makes everything bite sized. (Sound-bite sized!) This podcast is no exception. You'll love the stories she tells to illustrate he points because they help make the information memorable. And she gives simple things to practice with. If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend this podcast. Not only will you love the training, I know you will love Susan's generous heart + authentic teaching style.

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