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Welcome to the Be A Media Darling Podcast

I’m your host, Susan Harrow, a top media coach, marketing strategist, former tennis pro, black belt in Aikido and author of the bestselling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins). In this podcast you’ll understand how to authentically package, promote and profit from your mission and message while you shine in the media spotlight.

We’ll be covering different topics each day. You can listen to everything, in chronological order, or bop around and choose the specific episodes that speak to you. You may want to start of by listening to Episode 0001, which provides even more detailed information on what you can expect to gain from listening to Be A Media Darling Podcast.

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Real words from my listeners

A genuine way to build your business

"Loved this podcast. I found it very helpful and informative. Susan has a very open, friendly, riveting approach to promoting one's business and self. Her sharp insights and her real-life examples and guests can really help a business going from a start-up to a viral presence. I recommend this highly if you want to get your message out there with a genuine approach. Even the poetry speaks to the importance of our words. Check out all the episodes."

— SIRIUSJANE, United States


"Love Susan's work - her book and emails and short eBooks are all filled with enthusiasm and sparkle! So excited to be able to listen to her too now!"

— DELIA MCCABE, Australia

Invigorate Your Message!

"Winsome wisdom evokes and embodies the expertise of Susan Harrow; ensuring enlivening opportunities and outcomes through her podcasts and programs! Grow your business and income with the stellar style of Susan's endearing and enriching coaching! Susan Harrow Media Coaching and Marketing Strategies provide vitalizing results to invigorate your message when you implement her training!"

— MICHELE L. PLUNKETT, United States

Susan makes publicity doable, authentic, + fun!

"I'm thrilled to see that Susan Harrow is doing this podcast! I've taken a number of Susan's courses and I just love how warm, accessible, and doable her work is. Susan is an amazing trainer who is knowledgable about *all* aspects of publicity and media training, but she never overwhelms us with too much at once. She makes everything bite sized. (Sound-bite sized!) This podcast is no exception. You'll love the stories she tells to illustrate he points because they help make the information memorable. And she gives simple things to practice with. If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend this podcast. Not only will you love the training, I know you will love Susan's generous heart + authentic teaching style."

—SHERRY BELUL, United States

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