Thought Leadership Training

Media Training and Strategic Marketing for CEOs, Executives, Spokespersons and Leaders

You may have seen your competitors in the national news and said to yourself, “That should have been me.” You may be longing to be recognized for your innovations, creations, or research. Or, you may have a new breakthrough product, program or perspective that is solving the world's most pressing problems that you want to move into the public eye and consciousness quickly. Whatever your reason or aspiration...

This thought leadership training program is designed to uniquely position you as a thought leader in the culture today through my proven, proprietary 7 step system that is personalized to you, your personality and your experience.

Thought Leadership Training for Executives
Thought Leadership Training for Executives

My 7-step proprietary process is designed for turning experts into thought leaders™ and will lead you through the necessary steps to be recognized as a fresh and influential voice in your field who is a regular guest on national TV shows and commands substantial speaking, contract and consulting fees.

You don’t get to thought leader status by calling yourself one. You gain the right to be a thought leader when others call you one.

With this thought leadership strategy you will progress beyond being an expert or respected authority to an in-demand thought leader sought after by the media to comment on breaking news and culturally significant events. Through media training and marketing strategic planning you'll also be primely positioned as an author whose books publishers buy at auction and that readers know and discuss with affection and awe.

You'll discover your style and strengths and how to add your voice effectively to any public or political debate. You'll also find out what type of thought leader you are.

  • The Innovator
  • The Explainer
  • The Decision Maker

Deliverables include my 7-step proprietary process:

    1. Presence: Evaluate and enhance your presence, image and gravitas
    2. Sound Bites/Key Messages: Invent and refine your signature stories and sound bites that you can deliver under any circumstance
    3. Opinions: Establish your opinions, style, and stature and make them "un-stealable"
    4. Originality: Package hot trends, innovative ideas and novel concepts so you are on the forefront of any curve
    5. Controversy: Prepare you for controversy so you can maintain your equanimity
    6. Statistics: Present statistics, facts, and case studies with authority and ease to support your point of view
    7. Research: Develop data and original research that enriches your unique perspective

This is for anyone wanting to accelerate their executive communication skills, executive leadership presence, increase brand value, develop thought leadership abilities, cultivate investor relations, or become a leader within their community, country or internationally.

Training to become a thought leader
Training to Become a Thought Leader

Susan Harrow is THE go-to media coach for any woman entrepreneur who wants to have a strong media presence.

Susan Harrow is THE go-to media coach for any woman entrepreneur who wants toAli Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor have a strong media presence. After working with her, I felt MUCH more prepared to skillfully navigate my appearances, ranging from everything from morning lifestyle shows to hard-news segments on Fox Business. I recommend Susan to all my clients who are ready to rock the media. If you have the chance to work with Susan, jump on it.

~ Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor featured on ABC's "Secret Millionaire," dubbed “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily

Susan's framework makes me think differently about what I do and how to expand my place in the world as an integrative physician, thought leader and hormone specialist.

Susan Harrow is a course-changer: she profoundly alters the way I approach my online presence, new book, and virtual medical practice. I feel supercharged andSara Gottfried MD, Executive Communications, Brand Value empowered every time we talk. Susan’s course on sound bites provided laser-sharp focus for my book (content and launch), blog posts and interacting with my clients — and as you know, there’s a lot of noise in the online world about honing your message.

Susan helps me clarify and put into action my new integrative medicine packages efficiently and effectively. Her framework makes me think differently about what I do and how to expand my place in the world as an integrative physician, thought leader and hormone specialist.

While she calls herself a media coach, her influence is far more broad and deep. Her guidance and attunement are unparalleled in the industry. In short, Susan Harrow is a genius and her influence on me is nothing short of miraculous. I’m thankful to have her on my team and suggest you add her to yours.

~ Sara Gottfried MD, Harvard-Trained Integrative Physician and Author of 3 New York Times Best-selling books, The Hormone Cure, The Hormone Reset Diet, and Younger

 Every time I’m quoted in a national publication, I say to myself, “Thank you Susan Dr. Vicki Rackner, Investor Relations, NYC, Spokesperson TrainingHarrow!”

Every time I’m quoted in a national publication, I say to myself, “Thank you Susan Harrow!” I was not born with a silver tongue; I am constantly refining my skill at talking so people will listen. Susan offered me a template that will serve me for a lifetime. Besides breaking down the fine art of sound bite creation into pieces anyone can master, Susan helped me create sound bites that sound like me. Thank you, Susan.

~ Dr. Vicki Rackner, Board-certified Surgeon and Founder of The Caregiver Club

 I went from no publicity to national publicity in 3 months.

Susan Harrow changed my life. I went from “geek speak” to “media speak.” After Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, Executive Communications, Brand Valueworking with Susan just a few short months (3) I landed media placements in outlets that included the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The LA Times, USA Today, Oprah and Friends,,,, US News and World Report, Radio-TV Interview Report, Health, Smart Money, The Christian Science Monitor, CNN, National Public Radio, The History Channel, ABC News Now, and more. Susan taught me how to “do media,” on my own.

~ Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert, Director of Research CEG Worldwide & CEO of My Survey Expert

Suzan Pelfrey, Project Manager, CLEAR, LLCYou just have that wisdom and vast expertise that streamlines everything and gets to the point.

I don’t know what I’d do without you. I’m learning so much. You just have that wisdom and vast expertise that streamlines everything and gets to the point. I trust what you say because of your experience. Other people claim to do the same thing but don’t have the same level of experience as you. I appreciate your even-keeledness and that you’re so detail oriented. Thank you for your support and truth telling.

~ Suzan Pelfrey, Project Manager, CLEAR, LLC

Susan Harrow, Media Training, On-Camera Interview Training


Let's just see if we ignite together.

Thought Leadership Training for Women
Thought Leadership Training for Women

Thought leadership Marketing
Depending on where you are and how fast you can implement my suggestions the process typically takes from 3-6 months to vault you to thought leader status.

The Turning Experts into Thought Leaders™ package is a three month program that includes phone and zoom consulting, unlimited email support, and a review of your platform and materials as we progress. We will customize your program to suit your unique needs.

The Time Frame
3 months is a typical time frame. We'll both have a sense of how fast you can advance in the first few sessions and we will customize a program for your specifically goals and time-frame. At the 1 month mark we evaluate where you are and discuss what kind of refinements are necessary for you to progress to the next level.

The Preparation

I highly recommend that you have firmly established your professional and personal brand before embarking on the cultivation of thought leader status.

CEO training for thought leadership
CEO training for thought leadership

Want to Fast Forward?

The Accelerated Thought Leadership Training Program – Get it Done in a Day™

The Accelerated Thought Leadership Marketing Program is an intensive day that constructs all the pieces you need to become ready for the media to tap you on a regular basis as a commentator, opinion maker, trend-setter, and respected voice in your field. We hone all the elements you’ll need to be perceived as THE person to call for your topic.

What does the program look like?
You will be invited to a private part of our membership website to download all the materials, templates and examples to guide you through the preparation for our highly condensed day.

The better prepared you are the more quickly we’ll be able to craft your online and media presence. We have a 2 hour initial consult where we set up the structure of all the elements you’ll need to insure our day runs at maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

During our day we focus exclusively on the 7 proprietary steps that I’ve developed to vault you to thought leader status.

One week after our day we have a final 2-hour consult to answer any questions you have and to integrate everything that we accomplished together so you feel confident and ready to be a national thought leader.

Before the day
2 hour consult to set goals, confirm our strategy and create an outline for all the necessary materials.

The day

10:00 am–12:00 pm Mindset, invention and refinement of signature stories and sound bites
12 pm-12:30 pm Lunch
12:30 pm-2:30 pm

  • Evaluation and enhancement of image
  • Establishment of opinions, style, and stature
  • Conception and integration of trends

2:30 pm-3:00 pm  Break, snacks, movement
3:00 pm-5:00 pm

  • Positioning for controversy and commenting
  • Presentation of statistics, facts, and case studies
  • Development of data and original research

One Week After the day
2 hour consult to review, refine and finalize documents, sound bites and strategy.