Guest Blog Guidelines

I’m looking for guest blog posting/s of 400-1000 words.

In a Nutshell

I’m keen to hear about case studies, vignettes and how to advice that include VERY specific personal stories that only you could tell will receive priority. Funny, philosophical, provocative stories with a twist written in your own recognizable style will also pique my curiosity. If you are doing well by doing good in the world I’m all ears.

Media Strategies

I’m looking for strategies that have worked for you or your company that are creative, fun, unusual, quirky, savvy or strange in any category (food, products, clothes, services etc.). Tell me how you got a reporter or producer’s attention and what happened from pitch to appearance or interview.

You in the Media Spotlight

If you tell a great story about some publicity you received include the results of your media placement/appearance not only in bottom line results (quantitative sales) but also the opportunities, partnerships, experiences, more media, and lessons learned that came out of it.

Fabulous Press Release

Do you have press release or pitch letter that got the reporter or producer to call you back? Love to see it and hear why it was so effective or what the reporter or producer said that appealed to them.

Product Review

I would be happy to review or write about your product if I believe it is a good match for the interests of our audience. Please DO NOT send it though before I have approved it. Please describe your product and it’s benefits in a paragraph and let me know how it has helped people. Products sent that have not been approved will not be reviewed. Therefore you will receive the sending address once your submission has passed my interest-o-meter. You’ll only hear back from me if I’m interested. Thanks for thinking of me and our community!

The Process and Requirements

Choose the “Guest Blog for PR & Marketing Blog” option in the pull down menu here.

If you’re chosen I’ll ask you to send 3 jpg images or screenshots sized 600 pixels wide along with your post that are in synch with our current style of our images (Please review our blog here before submitting anything).

You’ll write 2 tweets that will be integrated into the copy to help your post go viral. You’re invited include links in the body of the email that are relevant, but not self-promotional and a paragraph bio at the end with links back to your website, free offer, or promotion.

Lastly, you’ll share the guest blog posting with your community through your newsletter or a solo email, and through your social networks.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the volume of submissions I receive I can only reply to those that I feel are a good fit. Can’t wait to hear from you!