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Expand. Grow. Glow. This page is full of FREE masterclasses — webinars, video trainings, mini-courses, mini-trainings — bite-sized learnings to get a taste of what has been most popular with my people, that I thought you’d also enjoy. Click around and then take in the learnings that call to you. And come back soon as I’ll be adding more things in the near future.

Java Mukti

Java Mukti is a mythical character I started writing about 15 years ago in my weekly writing group. He travels the world dispensing his sometimes impish and impudent wisdom like a modern day Rumi. His job is to bring you a jolt of joy every day. Pick a “card” when you’re having trouble solving a problem, want a wise word, need inspiration to take the next step, or just want a thought for the day.

Feel free to sign up for a thought of the week above or below. Share them on social media or send one directly via email. Print out a few cards and take them to a party to get a conversation going. Use them in your online dating profile to add a different dimension. Give them to a friend who takes life too seriously. Or keep them for yourself to lighten your load a little.