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Welcome to the Prevent Sexual Assault Vault™....

The prevent sexual assault vault™ is a place where you can come as often as you like to get real-life strategies from me and women and girls just like you, about how to speak up for yourself or others to prevent any unwanted or uninvited contact. The more we all do this the more we add to the groundswell of the life-changing magic of speaking up for girls and women everywhere.


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prevent sexual assault - avoid the unwanted hug
Avoid the Unwanted Hug Self Defense as Self Care Sexual Harassment Phrase To Use After the Act
How to Stop a Sexual Attacker in His Tracks What to Say When Someone Invites You To Their Hotel Room For a Meeting 7 Essential Skills For Any Type of Communication To Get What You Want
What To Do When You’re Called Sweetheart What To Do When Asked to Get Coffee 3 Strategies to get a Creep (or Sexual Harasser) Fired
5 Ways to Stop Being Interrupted: At Work, School, Social Situations or Media Interviews 3 Ways to Fend Off Any Unwanted Advance 5 Ways to Prevent Date Rape

Teach Our Girls and Daughters

For more information about the program: True Shield®: Verbal Self-Defense For Girls

The program that empowers girls 12-24 how to properly address 10 of the most common difficult and dangerous situations they’ll encounter — and stay safe. It is currently in schools, organizations, shelters and the YWCA, Girl Scouts, Girls Inc. Boys & Girls Clubs. We’d love you to have it too!

Discover How to Speak Out For Ourselves As Women

If you'd like me or one of my trainers to come to your company or community to do an in-person live training (role-play, not powerpoint). Let's talk!

We want to hear from you!

Your #NotMe Stories

Please email me a link to your 1-2 minute video, audio, or text about a time when you spoke or stood up for yourself or others. Or a time when you successfully prevented an unwanted, uninvited contact or assault. Tell me about the situation, what action you took, what you said, and the result. And let me know if you would prefer to be anonymous.

Send to: trueshield (at)

Thank you!


This is your prevent sexual assault vault™ where women and girls can go to to get skills, strategies, and phrases to use to prevent abuse, bullying, assault, harassment, or rape. We can help each other right now! If you find this useful pass this on to your friends, colleagues, daughters!

#MeToo #NotMe

Prevent sexual assault vault™ YOUR Advice

Awesome Super Powers for Girls with Neva Lee Recla and Susan Harrow How I Prevented a Frat Boy “Rush” Swirl,
Lindy Schneider
My Best Friend Tried to Rape,
Lindy Schneider
Someone Called Me a Jew,
Emily Chapman, Documentary Film Producer
I Yelled at a Guy Who Was Hurting My Friend,
Donna Raguso, Pharmacist
I Encouraged + Promoted a Woman to Succeed + Lead,
Jeff McManus, Author of Growing Weeders into Leaders
Tea Consent
Saying No Without Apology Even if You Started With Yes,
Andrea Scher, Artist, Coach
How Not To Be A Slave to Niceness - And Say What’s True For You,
Andrea Scher, Artist, Coach
 Tea Consent
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