Score a Literary Agent
and Get a 6 Figure Book Advance

Have you gotten a paltry advance for your book? Can't get an agent interested in your idea? Thinking about self-publishing but want the credibility and name that comes from having a reputable New York publishing house behind you?

Now you can find out how to
even before you write it...
(even if it's your first book).

Want to be paid $100,000, $500,000, $975,000
or more for your book?

I'll show you how to get an advance on a book and develop your idea into a book that sells.

So you land a book deal, instead of languishing in the giant slush pile of unpublished authors.

Take just six minutes... read this message now — and I promise you will get information to access everything you need to package your idea into a book proposal that will attract the perfect literary agent and publisher for you....

From: Susan Harrow
Susan Harrow


Dear Fellow Author,

There’s no nice way to say this: For all but the tiniest percentage of writers, the publishing business stinks!

Either you slave away for hundreds, or even thousands of hours writing a book you’ve put your full passion into, only to send it off and get it rejected over and over again.

You eventually realize you’ll never get it published unless you invest thousands of dollars of your own money. Or you DO get a publishing deal, and discover how miserly your advance can be.

As a published author, you’re in the top 1% of all writers — but what do you get in exchange for your hard work?

If you actually sit down and do the math, you’ll discover that most authors earn less than minimum wage. This may sound like an exaggeration, but when you’ve talked to as many authors as I have, you would know it’s absolutely true.

I’m here to tell you it doesn't have to be that way. Today, it's easier than ever to get a six-figure book advance—if you know what it takes and are willing to do the work.

The fact is, literary agents and publishers are not only constantly searching for great books to represent, they are searching for the next bestselling book author, the one with the potential to be a media star.

If you're thinking that it feels more difficult today than ever, you're right. To get the attention of a bona fide agent and publisher given the stiff competition can be daunting. You're up against the authors of the over ONE MILLION new books that are published every year in the United States alone. Simultaneously, more than 13 million previously published books are still available through various sources. In addition to them, the 81% of the population that says they want to write a book.

But there is a better way.

And you may not even have to write a whole book to get a six-figure advance. You might be able to get paid $100,000 or more just for your idea!


Here’s why:

Fact #1

When it comes to non-fiction, the big publishers rarely buy a finished book. They buy books based on a book proposal. In other words, you draft a complete book proposal and they buy your book based on a small sample of your idea.

Fact #2

The books they pay six figures for promise to be popular with the masses, the mainstream public, or have a huge proven niche market.

Fact #3

Publishers need to know that your book fills an obvious need in the marketplace — and that you can promote the idea they've bought so well that you sell hundreds of thousands of books (this is called your platform).

Fact #4

Even if you don't think that you are ready to get a 6-figure book advance, this course is still for you as it's the ONLY course on the market that has a book proposal template that uses software that shows you step-by-step how to fill in every category that an agent and publisher wants—in the way they want it.

PLUS, in each section of the book proposal template we give you the exact marketing language to use so you can just personalize it and then cut and paste it right into your book proposal. Once you're done you tap "send" and presto your book proposal lands in your inbox totally formatted and ready to send to a literary agent. It's the closest thing to done for you that exists!

So... I'm here to tell you —
Don’t write a book.
Write a book proposal


Take this self-test: Is this you?

Do you want to:

  • Get a six figure book publishing deal—or your first book deal?
  • Learn how to land a top literary agent?
  • Keep your book out of the publisher's slush pile?

Have you:

  • Got a book inside you that you're longing to write?
  • Written a book already and don't know what to do next?
  • Written a book proposal, but couldn't get an agent or publisher to pay attention to you?
  • Have a great idea, but find the idea of writing a book daunting?
  • Gotten a book published for a paltry or middling advance?
  • Gotten a book published with a small publisher who didn't have the reach or staying power that a major publisher has?
  • Self-published your book but want wider distribution, more recognition and respect?
  • Considered self-publishing but want the status, name and fame that comes with having your book published with a big New York publishing house?

If you recognize yourself in any of the above scenarios, read on

Whether you want to write a book for the pure passion of it, or for fame and fortune, you've come to the right place. Either way, you want to get paid what you're worth so you can be free to focus on the people and projects that really matter to you.

I'm Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, author of the best-selling book Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins) and CEO of Harrow Communications Inc. and I want to tell you a true story.

A little 80-year-old professor shuffled into a class called “Write a book, get it published.” He opened up one of the hundreds of books on publishing and read aloud. “There are many beautiful writers who will never achieve commercial success simply because they lack the sales and marketing skills. There are a number of mediocre writers who will go on to fame and fortune simply because they are good sales people. Only one out of a hundred writers ever gets published.”

The entire class of aspiring writers looked dejected. But Lisa Earle McLeod (now the author of 5 books including Forget Perfect, and Selling with Noble Purpose—then an unpublished writer) saw the class of 29 people and said, "That’s 29 of them right there. Those are 29 of the losers—I just have to find 70 more writers and I’m 'The One.'"

She and her writing partner were in the back doing the dance of joy and saying, “Mediocre writers who are good sales people, that’s us!”

Know that You Could Be "The One"

While I'm not suggesting you're a mediocre writer, I am suggesting that there's no reason that, even though the odds are a million to one, you can’t be "The One." And "the one" that doesn't just get published by building a book proposal, but gets published, gets a book deal and paid a six-figure book advance.

The first thing you should know is that unknowns get published every day. And a number of them land book deals, and I mean really big book deals. But you should also know getting a six-figure advance book deal takes more than just luck, it takes work. And that’s where I come in. I'm here to walk you through the highs and lows of the publishing industry. (The publishing industry has a 99% rejection rate.)

I’ll discuss the barriers that keep most authors from getting the money they deserve for their books. I'll walk you through all the details of the fifteen steps that are necessary to become "The One" so your complete book proposal gets attention. I’ll tell you the truth about what works and what doesn’t. And I’ll share with you all the things I wish someone had told me when I started in this crazy business.

You Get Top-Notch Proposals

I'll start by giving you three top-notch book proposals that garnered six-figure advances for all three non-fiction authors. I’ll show you, with detailed commentary, why those book proposals got big bucks so you’ll see exactly what makes the difference in the publisher's eyes and why they gave these authors a book deal and paid them a princely sum.

I've Done Most of Your Work

But more than just telling you what to do, I’ve done most of the work for you. I think you'll agree that it's simpler to "write a paper for me" when you have the assistance of a professional service rather than doing it yourself. From my experience giving hundreds of seminars and private consultations, I've discovered that many of the authors I work with find it difficult, if not impossible, to make the leap from looking at how someone else sold their book to doing it themselves. They've read the recommended books, done their research, taken classes, followed the rules, and still come up short. No longer. In this book, you'll find the tried and true formula to sell your book to a top New York publishing house.

You Have in Your Hands the Closest Thing to "The Magic Formula"
for a Non-Fiction Book Proposal Today

To make it simple I’ve created a book proposal template for you to instantly plug in your own information. And since I know how hard it is to describe your own work, each section of the template includes hundreds of powerful words, phrases, and sentences (that I’ve taken from the best book proposals so I know they work) you can put directly into your proposal. I've created the exact structure that you need to present your work in a polished and professional way. I've given you everything from dozens of ways to talk about how unique your book is and why it will sell, to a list of phrases that explain why it taps into the hottest current trends. That’s right, you’ll get wonderfully descriptive expressions and winning words that will make your book proposal speak to what editors want to hear. (The word "template" is the Latin word for temple, which means the holy shape, the model in which the sacred can arrive.)

The One and Only Course that Can
Turn Your Book Idea into a Fortune

There's no course like this one on the market. You won't find another course with the book proposals that have made it, the formula to make yours join the ranks, a book proposal template complete with the right persuasive language, or exclusive advice from agents, editors, best-selling authors, insiders, and a list of resources including agents and ghostwriters.

I didn't just lift quotes from other books, sources, or use stories that are common knowledge among published authors. The interviews that you'll find in this book are original material from my exclusive contacts. Most people don't have access to the kind of insider information I'm about to share…until now.

So whether you’re someone who has dreamed of writing a book, self-published, or an already published author who is tired of the pittance the publishing world has paid you for the privilege of printing your book—notice I didn’t say “selling”—I want to help you.

You deserve a bigger advance for your non-fiction book proposal, and I’m going to show you how to get one.



Richard Carlson best-selling author media trainingIf you've always dreamed of getting your book published, this book is for you.


~ Richard Carlson, New York Times best-selling author of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Arielle Ford book publicist media coachSusan Harrow is a master media coach. In this brilliant course she has put everything you need to know to become get a 6-figure book advance. Learn the most profound secrets about what it takes to be a best-selling author from her.


~ Arielle Ford, America's #1 Book Publicist; Over 15 million books sold and 15 best-selling author clients

Dan Janal PR lead expert talking about media trainingSusan Harrow is known for giving priceless information you simply can't find anywhere else—and this course is no exception. If you want to get that elusive six figure book advance act now and buy this course.


~ Dan Janal, President of PR LEADS Expert Resource Network

Dr. Vicki Rackner, Board-certified surgeon and founder of The Caregiver Club talking about media trainingEvery time I’m quoted in a national publication, I say to myself, “Thank you Susan Harrow!” I was not born with a silver tongue; I am constantly refining my skill at talking so people will listen. Susan offered me a template that will serve me for a lifetime. Besides breaking down the fine art of sound bite creation into pieces anyone can master, Susan helped me create sound bites that sound like me. Thank you, Susan


~ Dr. Vicki Rackner, Board-certified Surgeon and Founder of The Caregiver Club

Ann Keeler Evans recommends Susan's media training bookThis course is direct, sassy, fun and easy to follow. It doesn't condescend—nor does it gloss over the difficulty of the task ahead. Susan presents story after story which enable you to remember your own stories and successes—and to slot them into the appropriate blanks. It's not only useful, it's beautifully written. Her combination of lyrical language and down-to-earth practicality sets a high bar for those of us who write. So, buy this course and follow it faithfully. After all, your book is well worth it! Good luck!


~ Ann Keeler Evans, author of Remembering a Life: When your Beloved Dies, and of Promises to Keep: Crafting Your Wedding Ceremony

Margaret Welty on Susan's media trainingEach day since I started working with Susan Harrow for media coaching, I have sharpened my vision and honed my speaking, writing and presenting skills and created a life that is totally me—dedicated to getting my life's work, message and service out there in a BIG way. Now with her new course, Get a Six-Figure Book Advance we can all brilliantly and knowledgeably build the platform of our professional lives while we craft book proposals that stand up and stand out. This course gives you what you need to pull you through the perils of the proposal, up off of the publishing plateau and on to the promised land of a great book that you can take all the way to a million dollar market!


~ Margaret Welty, Author of Drawing Free (How You Can Learn to Draw Freely Without Criticism)

Susan Harrow Discusses: How to Get a Big Book Publishing Contract

Why Us?

We’re three industry insiders who all got book deals with major New York publishing houses on our very first books. Proof that it can be done. We've coached hundreds of authors and aspiring authors, and we'll show you the differences in the book proposals that made it and the ones that didn’t.

Did we do everything right the first time? Hardly. But we’re sales and marketing gals, and we learned fast. We know what agents are really looking for, what to say and what not to say in your author bio, how the marketing section of your book proposal can determine what kind of PR support you’ll get from your publisher, and how a little work on the Internet and a few supportive friends can help you create a platform that can dramatically up your advance.

You'll Learn from Our Mistakes

We had to learn this stuff the hard way, and quite frankly, we want to spare you some of that agony. That’s why we will tell you all the woulda’s, coulda’s, shoulda’s: a candid look at the mistakes that we and other authors have made, things we wish we had known, and things we wish we had done differently along the way.

We're Experts in Creating Media Darlings

Susan HarrowOur job is to help you make the most of the work you’ve already done. Are we experts? You bet we are. We know exactly what it takes to get a six-figure book advance. Susan Harrow (me) has coached authors through the complete book proposal process including Rich Fettke, the Simon & Schuster golden boy whose first book went to auction and got six figures. Many of my clients are six figure authors and one (self-published) author made it to the New York Times bestseller list. Many others are well-selling authors who make a lavish living from passive income from advances, royalties, seminars, and product sales — which all started and then snowballed—from the sale of their book (which of course started with writing a book proposal).

A media coach and marketing strategist, my clients have appeared on CBS's 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, Dateline, and Oprah, among others, and have been featured in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Parade, and USA Today and much more. My own book — Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® from HarperCollins—a best-seller itself, has become the standard for women entrepreneurs across the country.

We're Experts in Book Promotion

Lisa Daily getting a book deal with media trainingDo we know how to promote? Count on it. Lisa Daily landed an international book deal with Penguin Putnam and Random House by getting herself on national television with the self-published dating book she wrote during her toddler’s nap time. Lisa’s successful and hysterically funny appearances on the Rikki Lake show, Howard Stern, The Sally Show, and The Other Half, and her participation in the HBO special (Behind the scenes for Will's Smith's movie Hitch) took her book Stop Getting Dumped to cult status.

Her internationally syndicated column now reaches over 9 million people and and she has a popular weekly syndicated college column. Her international feature that goes out to hundreds of sites gets translated into dozens of languages. All of this created a following of "Dream Girls" around the globe, hundreds of whom circled the block around London bookstores during Lisa's UK book tour.

We're Experts in Book Sales

Lisa McLeod gets a lot of books sales with media trainingCan we teach you how to sell? Like nobody you’ve ever seen. Lisa Earle McLeod took a small book with no PR budget and drove it into a fourth printing within six months. As a complete unknown with no publishing credits, Lisa leveraged her 15 years as a top sales and marketing consultant, a street-smart salesperson who began her career at Procter & Gamble, where her personal selling skills took her from the grocery store aisles to negotiating million-dollar consulting deals for McGraw-Hill Training Systems five years later.

She used those skills to turn Forget Perfect (Penguin/Putnam) into a national brand by publicizing her own nationwide book tour and landing major market radio and TV appearances, like Good Morning America, at every stop. She garnered a regular Forget Perfect column in Lifetime Magazine and served as a Lifetime Radio commentator.

And after getting coverage in publications like Glamour, Real Simple, Parents, Essence, the New York Times, USA Today, and the Chicago Tribune, she is now a syndicated newspaper columnist who has launched an entire line of merchandise (and more in the works) with a nationwide network of distributors.

So yes, we know what we’re doing. And most importantly, we want to share that information with you. We want to give you the rah-rah pep talk you deserve, the cold hard facts you need, and the tools to get you where you want to go — to draft a complete book proposal and then land a book deal.

From this point on Susan Harrow will be your sole guide. We (Lisa Earle McLeod & Lisa Daily) have consulted with her to make this book a rich, well-rounded, information packed experience for you. By putting all of our women-power together you'll get three times as much value as you'd ordinarily get from a book with just one author.

But I don't want you to just sit there and envy us or my clients

Join us instead by becoming a part of this exclusive "author's club" where I'll show you how to revise your book proposal (or create one, if you haven't started) that is exactly what agents and publisher want. This is a book proposal that sells itself.

What You Can Learn From the Stockdale Paradox

In his best-selling book, Good to Great, author Jim Collins refers to what he calls the Stockdale Paradox — the ability to face the brutal facts of reality while at the same time maintaining an unwavering faith that you will prevail. The name refers to Admiral James Stockdale, who was the highest-ranking United States military officer in the Hanoi Hilton (a prisoner of war camp) during the Vietnam War.

Tortured over 28 times during his eight years in prison, Stockdale says, “I never lost faith in the end of the story. I never doubted that I would get out and turn the experience into the defining event of my life.” But when asked who didn’t make it out, Stockdale refers to, “The optimists, the guys who always thought we were going to be out by Christmas and then Christmas would come and go, then they’d say be out by Easter, and so on. They died of a broken heart.”

The publishing world is filled with excellent writers dying of broken hearts because their work never got the recognition it deserved. While I'm not comparing writers to POWs, I understand that many writers have suffered intense emotional setbacks. We've all encountered more than our fair share of nay-sayers who feel it’s their moral duty to fill you in on how hopeless things are and why you’ll always be on the wrong side of those one-in-a-million odds.

But as Stockdale says, success means understanding both sides of the equation, “This is a very important lesson,” he says. “You must never confuse the faith that you will prevail in the end—which you can never afford to lose—with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they may be.”

I don’t want you to die of a broken heart, and I don’t want you to be ill-informed either. So I'm going to give you a real world, honest assessment of what it takes to make it big and techniques to maintain your faith and enjoy the process along the way. I’ll show you how to go for the big brass ring. As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope."


This course will urge you into action. Don’t get it if you’re not ready to receive a SIX FIGURE book advance.

Hard Facts Balanced with Savvy Strategy

Each chapter of the original book now turned into a course, includes an explanation of the facts, information I've collected from authors, agents, editors, and my own experiences. I’ll tell you exactly how much time and effort it really takes to create a platform (your strategy for selling massive amounts of books to people) for yourself. I'll also show you why all the rules don’t always have to apply to you. You’ll meet authors who looked those facts in the face and decided they could do it anyway. Sri Ramakrishna says, "The winds of grace are always blowing, but you have to raise the sail." Do you have to do everything at once? No. But you do need to keep your sail raised and do them all sometime.

This Course Is Definitely Not for Everybody

The truth is, making big bucks in the publishing world usually takes a lot of work. Can you do this overnight? No. Can you skate by with just a little bit of effort? No. Is the lifestyle of a bestselling author suited to everyone? No.

But wouldn’t you want to know everything that's involved so you can make the choice that's right for you? Whatever stage you’re at in your writing career, my job is to help you up the ante. You’ve already got a high value to the universe, we all do. But I think it’s time to raise your price tag in the publishing world.

Is everybody going to be a bestselling author and get a six-figure advance? No, they’re not. The odds really are a million to one. But there is going to be one, and there’s absolutely no reason in the world why that "one" can’t be you.

Whether you've written non-fiction, or self-help; whether you're a novice, experienced author, or somewhere in-between, you're already ahead of most of those million people because you've committed to reading this course.

Want to know more?
Sneak Peek: What You Get Inside

  1. Interviews with top agents who regularly sell six-figure books.
  2. Interviews with editors at the big New York publishing houses such as Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Hyperion, about what they look for in a six-figure book.
  3. Interviews with authors who have written books that got six figures—their top tips and been-there-done-that secrets.
  4. A plug n' play book proposal template to create a six figure book proposal with all the right powerful marketing language—you just put in your information and you're ready to go.
  5. Three complete non-fiction book proposals—that got six-figure advances—with commentary on what the authors did right so you can too.
  6. A-step-by-step guide to understanding and mastering the publishing industry today.

    What's in it for you?

You'll learn how to:

  • Get the book advance you deserve.
  • Use the Hollywood method of creating a hot hook.
  • Develop an irresistible platform.
  • Create a publicity plan that will wow! editors.
  • Entice literary agents to pursue you.
  • Avoid the biggest mistakes even experienced authors make.
  • Implement strategies to finish your book proposal.
  • Write a powerful book proposal that sells.

You'll also learn:

  • The 5 critical elements that determine the size of your advance.
  • What a platform is and why it's the most important part of your book proposal.
  • Why you may not even have to write your own book.
  • The one surprising thing that should go in your book proposal—that no one tells you about.
  • Pet peeves of editors at the major New York publishing houses and how to avoid them.
  • Inside secrets of mega-successful authors who have made it to the top.
  • Simple solutions to getting endorsements from celebrities, stars, experts and authors.
  • The formula for writing a "six-figure book advance" cover letter.
  • How the Tupperware ™ Party Strategy can make you into an instant media star.
  • The top myths of the publishing world.
  • Why you must never say that your book is brand new.
  • Strategies to create an auction so your book sells to the highest bidder.

In addition:

  • A five-time best-selling author reveals how you can choose your agent instead of an agent choosing you. NOTE: This one tip can make the difference between you getting an agent who consistently sells six-figure books and one that’s second rate.
  • You'll see how one book proposal failed, got transformed and then bounced back to get a sizable six-figure advance—and how you can transform yours.
  • You'll read the story behind one book that was first bought by a small publisher that later got bought by a big publisher and earned the author a six-figure advance and great acclaim.

Plus: You Get These 3 Extra Bonuses Inside the Course

  1. A word-for-word script on how to pitch agents and what to say if they turn you down.
  2. A ready-to-use letter to get endorsements. One of my clients used this to secure endorsements from two bestselling authors, Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul) and Marcia Wieder (Making Your Dreams Come True).
  3. Time-tested formulas for creating terrific titles that sell your book in a snap.

Finally, You get a revolutionary new tool: The completely interactive "Plug n' Play" book proposal template. It's true software, not just a fill-in-the-blank form. (My literary agent said he wanted to steal it!)

You won't find this anywhere else on or off the web. The time-tested winning formula for getting a six figure advance is done for you! All you do is add your information (no formatting or thinking about what agents want). It's all right here, saving you dozens of hours of time. This template turns your book proposal into a ready-to-go package.

This alone is worth the entire price of the course.

Still have questions?

how to get an advance on a book

Here's what's covered in the
Get a Six Figure Book Advance Course:

  • Introduction
  • Step #1: Ignore the Odds
  • Step #2: Understand the Industry
  • Step #3: Prove There is a Market for Your Book
  • Step #4: Develop a Platform
  • Step #5: Map Out a Marketing Plan to Promote Your Book
  • Step #6: Get Endorsements
  • Step #7: Compare Your Book to Your Best Competitors
  • Step #8: Do the Overview
  • Step #9: Make Your Proposal Skimmable
  • Step #10: Create a Titillating Title
  • Step #11: Finish Your Proposal
  • Step #12: Get an Agent
  • Step #13: Consider Self-Publishing
  • Step #14: Prepare to Do Whatever It Takes
  • Step #15: Let It Go
  • Author Resources
  • Three Actual Proposals from Successful Authors
  • Your Plug n' Play Book Proposal Template
  • Your 8 Bonus Offers

On top of all this, you'll receive
8 bonuses from best-selling authors worth over $450 + $197 MP3 audios
to make YOUR book a best-seller too (In less than 6 hours!)



Bonus #1

Everything You Should Know About
Publishing, Publicity, Promotion & Building a Platform
by Arielle Ford
(9 pages worth $159.95)

One Chapter: Everything You Should Know About Online Marketing: An Interview with Peggy McColl.

“One of hottest, most remarkable ways to sell books these days is through Internet marketing,” says Arielle Ford, the publicist behind Deepak Chopra and 15 other bestselling authors who have sold over 15 million books. And Peggy McColl is the queen of online book sales. In this interview with Ford, McColl discusses the 48-hour online marketing campaign strategy that she uses to clear out a huge inventory of old books or new books.

She'll tell you the seven steps that are essential to creating a mega-successful campaign-the same ones she teaches in her private mentoring classes (which students pay thousands of dollars to attend) to skyrocket book sales. And McColl will reveal the critical part of this formula and why an email sales letter can make the difference between selling a few hundred and a few thousand books. As an extra you'll also receive 14 hot tips from Arielle Ford's book and CD course!

Bonus #2

Get Known Now
by Suzanne Falter-Barns
(10 pages worth: $59.95)

One Chapter: Building the Brand That is You.

Overwhelmed by the idea of building a brand and getting in known for what you do? Wish there were just a great big instruction book that would tell you exactly what to do each step of the way? Well, there is. Suzanne Falter-Barns' massive tome, “Get Known Now: How to Build Your Platform as a Self Help Expert” takes you by the hand and tells you what you need to know.

It covers everything on both on-line and off-line marketing, establishing a brand presence, starting a website, getting known as a speaker, pitching publications and TV shows, and much, much more. This excerpt is a taste of what you need to know to build a platform so a top New York Publishing House will consider you an author who deserves a six-figure book advance.

Bonus #3

The Shortest Distance Between You and a Published Book
by Susan Page
(16 pages worth: $9.95)

One Chapter: Negotiating Your Book Contract.

Richard Carlson (Don't Sweat the Small Stuff) called Page's book, “The most thorough, accurate, user-friendly, well-organized, and inspiring guide for writers on the market today. Period.” I agree. You'll learn everything from how to establish the uniqueness of your book to how to supervise the production and marketing of it once it's been bought.

This chapter gives you critical information to know before you agree to a publisher's terms including foreign, serial and reprint rights, how to obtain free copies for your own use, and how to secure permissions when you're using other people's materials in your book. Essential.

Bonus #4

How to Find a Literary Agent Who Can Sell Your Book for Top Dollar
by Jill Nagle
(9 pages worth: $12.95)

Two Chapters: (1) Publicity:How Much Does An Agent’s Media Reputation Really Matter?
(2) Getting to Know You: 8 Questions To Ask an Interested Agent.

Getting a top agent who is capable of selling your book figures is key. Find out how to assess an agent's talents based on their press, track record and how well they're regarded in their industry. Then once you've chosen an agent who you think is right for you learn how to put them to the test by asking them eight essential questions. You'll discover if your styles are compatible, how they handle tough client problems, and how well they sell (which will tell you how well they'll sell you to editors). Save yourself time and energy by doing it right the first time.


Bonus #5

Write a Book Without Lifting a Finger
by Mahesh Grossman
(16 pages plus a free consultation worth: $97.00)

One Chapter: Win the Title Game (And Sell Your Book For More Money).

Plus a free 15 minute consultation.

What’s the best way to make a great first impression with agents and editors? Having a great title for your book. The right title can actually earn you more money for your book. The wrong title can land a great book or proposal in the reject pile.

In this special report, publishing guru Mahesh Grossman gives you 12 ways to create a book title that will sell your book to agents, editors, and most important of all, the general public. Don't underestimate the power of a title to help sell your book to the highest bidder.

Call Mahesh for your free consultation today!

Bonus #6

Collaboration: The Profits, Pleasures — and Perils
by bestselling co-author Sarah Wernick
(8 pages worth $29.95)

Special Report exclusive—written just for you for this offer!

Add a co-author to your byline and double your chances of success—just look at all the shared credits on the bestseller lists. How do you put together a winning team? Bestselling co-author Sarah Wernick explains in this information-packed ebook which contains:

  • Tips for finding a co-author, whether you're looking for a writer or an expert
  • Questions to ask about a potential collaborator
  • Savvy advice on that all-important collaboration agreement
  • Suggestions for working harmoniously (and avoiding the pitfalls)

“Half of the non-fiction books published by traditional publishers today use a ghostwriter,” asserts Mahesh Grossman. Get your book done fast and right by using ghostwriter or collaborator yourself.

Bonus #7

The Soul of Selling
by Carol Costello
(31 pages worth $15.95)

Two chapters:
(1) The Magic Bullet: Why the Soul of Selling Works—Every Time

Most people hate selling. No more. This breakthrough method shows you how to guarantee the exact results you promise, every time and feed your soul while you sell. You'll learn the Fourfold Guarantee for Results, Integrity, Passion, and Ease. When you can make that guarantee, selling is sweet. (And R-I-P-E!)

You take the guesswork out of results, and the stress out of selling. You'll also discover the three principles that make selling simple, plus how to quell that queasy feeling when you hear the word “sales.” Learning to sell is an essential part of getting a big book deal.

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10 Important Steps to Take Before Writing Your Inspirational Book
by Maggie Oman Shannon
(2 pages worth $79.95)

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Understand what it really takes to enter into the multi-million dollar inspirational market. These tips from insider Maggie Oman Shannon, author of four popular inspirational books (one of which was endorsed by the Dalai Lama), and The former editor of three national magazines, including The Saturday Evening Post, Oman Shannon gives you both practical and inspired advice.

She'll also show you some unusual and imaginative methods of creating a spellbinding book.

How to Make Your Book a Bestseller (In less than 6 hours!) 4 MP3 Audio Downloads [$197 value!]

Advice from 5 top-notch experts showing you how to get and keep the media's attention - not just for the duration of your book, but for a lifetime.

1. How to Promote Your Book to the Top of the Bestseller List
2. Top Publicists Tell You How to Create a Blockbuster Book
3. How to Sell Your Writing - But Not Your Soul
4. Promote Your Book Boldly: Write, Speak, Teach

100+ pages of priceless advice
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You get my advice for a fraction of what it would cost you for a personal consultation. You couldn't even get 30 minutes of my time for $500. And I've put everything I know about the publishing industry into this course which would take me dozens of hours of my consulting time and would cost you $20,000 to $30,000 to learn from me. On top of that, this course will save you tens of thousands of dollars, months of research, and years of heartache.

You should also know that even if you wanted to hire me to coach you through this process, you may not be able to. I’ve always turned away paying clients anytime there wasn’t a good fit with my interests or I didn't have the time.

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I want to help as many authors as is humanly possible to succeed in a big way in this business.

But I have a challenge. I have less and less time each day due to the enormous demand for my services. I keep raising my rates but clients keep calling. And unfortunately most authors can't afford my individual consulting rates.

This is where my course comes in

… It allows me to share this powerful information with authors like you. You see, I've spent over a year, interviewing editors, agents, and authors, spent hundreds of hours editing those interviews, proofing and verifying facts and information, locating the best experts, book proposals, press materials, scripts and letters… And you can get it all with one quick click.

Wishing you all the best for your book,

Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow

P.S. Remember, I've done all the work so you don't have to. I've collected all the materials you need in one course for you to follow straight to the top.

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