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Right after I graduated UC Berkeley with an English degree I started looking for a job. I thought I wanted to be an advertising copywriter. I researched all the ad agencies in San Francisco. Looked through the want ads in the newspaper, page after inky page. (In those days there was no Craigslist, LinkedIn, Google, or the Internet).

I networked with friends and set up “informational” interviews to find out more about what it was like to work in the advertising industry. I created a portfolio of ads I made up so I would have something to show.

Needless to say, they were amateurish and bad. But I persevered. I made appointments for interviews for starting positions and showed Human Resource person after Human Resource person my portfolio.

No one hired me.

Then one day I called up Cunningham & Walsh. They hadn’t posted an ad, but that didn’t stop me. They were famous for producing commercials for Chucky Cheese and Qantas Airlines and  I wanted to work with them. I got an interview with Lois Perlman their HR director.

best job interview tips

top job interview tips to get the job you want

“We don’t have a position for you," she told me.

"I’ll do anything," I said. “Anything. Even pick up Kleenexes after the creative directors. I’ll fill in anywhere you need someone.”

Lois hired me as a “floater.” And I did just about everything except collecting those Kleenexes. I answered phones when the receptionist went on breaks. I learned to edit film for the commercials we created (we spliced actual film reels in those days). I made coffee, ran errands, typed memos, helped out in the research department, saw how the creative department worked and what it took to develop and present ads to clients.

Best Job Interview Secrets

I hired my first boss and created my first job.

And you can too….

Even though the statistics are grim...
: 44 percent of college grads are unemployed or underemployed—working at jobs that don't even require a degree.
: 8.5 percent of recent graduates are completely unemployed.

: 44 percent of recent graduates who do have jobs are still underemployed — working in jobs that don’t even demand the degree they have worked so hard (and spent so much) to get.

And although times have changed.

Some things stay the same.

In how to Hire Your Next Boss & Get Your Dream Job: The Communication & Psychology Tips That You Won’t Learn In Collegeyou’ll discover the timeless tips that worked then and still work today — and more.

84 packed pages!

It’s a harsh reality for young graduates — with cutthroat competition for decent-paying jobs. As a top recruiting website reports, many job postings receive about 250 resumes per position. Getting noticed and getting hired is harder than ever.

But 4 magic words could take job hopefuls from ignored to hired on the spot.

Those four magic words?

Hire your next boss.

Most college graduates feel desperate to get a job — any job. And that’s understandable. It’s rough out there.

But when you write a cover letter or walk into a job interview in a state of desperation, you’re going to get passed over, or offered a job that undervalues your skills.

College graduates need to stop asking, ‘Who is going to hire me?’ and start asking ‘How can I hire my first boss?’

It’s a paradigm shift for many people — but it changes everything.

It’s a rough landscape for new college grads, but there’s always room at the top for savvy grads who know how to communicate their value, and who aren’t willing to settle for a lackluster career.

Your first job out of college sets the tone for the rest of your career. Remember your power. Remember your value. Remember that you’re not just out there to get hired. You’re out there to hire your first boss—or your next boss.

What's inside?

  • A round-up of over 140 companies that regularly tweet about new job openings — organized by industry.
  • Unconventional ways to make your resume interactive, spring out of the pile and get noticed.
  • A terrific template to craft your resume to highlight your uniqueness.
  • A simple script to use on social media to uncover the best hidden jobs out there.
  • Ways to craft your online image that immediately attracts potential employers.
  • A pre-interview check list so you're prepared and relaxed and can do your best.
  • Interview dress codes dos and don'ts.
  • Simple skills to turn fear into fuel so you feel energized instead of afraid.
  • How to impress prospective employers in the first 10 seconds of your interview.
  • The secret to answering questions so the interviewer wants to hire you on the spot.
  • Strategies to handle the worst questions and worst-case scenarios with grace and ease.
  • A script to describe your super powers in three lines.
  • 10 creative questions to ask your interviewer so you stand out and get the job.
  • Stealth secrets to turn a "maybe" into a "yes".
  • Exact phrases you can use to flip the power dynamic when you negotiate the offer.
  • 3 follow up letter templates to secure your spot in the hearts and minds of the interviewer.
  • The mindset to choose to live at the top — to bring your best, every day.
  • And more!

Hire Your Next Boss


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