Quick Start Virtual Media Training During COVID 19 + Beyond

virtual 3 hour media training

Quick Start Virtual Media Training For Media Interviews

This highly condensed three-hour virtual media training gives you the essential skills to communicate your message, mission and vision during interviews with the news media during a Zoom or Satellite interview from your home or office.

Whether the media interview takes place on your computer or laptop webcam, via your phone or from a virtual studio you’ll be equipped with the most practical and necessary skills to become comfortable and confident while responding to a host or reporter’s questions during a virtual media interview.

If you have a meeting, presentation, panel or conference this Zoom media training will give you everything you need to feel steady and ready.

During this one-on-one media training and coaching session on Zoom you’ll come away with how to:

  • Be comfortable and centered in your own skin while being true to you.
  • Get clear on your key messaging and talking points that gain you credibility and sales for every media appearance.
  • Deliver your most important messages during phone and on-camera interviews with any type of interviewer.
  • Handle yourself with grace on a panel and one-on-one media interview with single or multiple hosts.
  • Respond to tough or challenging questions on the spot with equanimity and ease.

Before our session you'll receive fill-in-the blank templates that will help you make the most of our meeting together.

BONUS: You'll walk away with a proven methodology to shift any persistent pattern, belief or block in the moment so you can be fully present and enjoy your time in the spotlight.

NOTE: If you’d like group training [which can accelerate learning] just let us know and we’ll share how that can work for your organization.