Here are some quick mini media training videos. You'll find publicity tips that will help you get booked as a guest on TV, get free publicity, get local publicity, get national publicity, communication skills training, and strategies on how to promote yourself without selling your soul. Enjoy!

Seamlessly Moving From The Stage To The Media – Susan Harrow on The Big Talk Podcast with Tricia Brouk

Solopreneur Money with Gabe Nelson

What the Scoop Geico Commercial with Rapper DC Glenn Can Teach You About PR

How to Deal with Mansplaining During a Media Appearance

Turn Lead into Gold - An Aikido Lesson for Media Appearances

What Holds People Back Most From Doing Media Appearances?

Practice On Video For Your Media Appearance

How to Use Media Appearances Successfully to Promote Your Book with Susan Harrow

How Not to be Overly Critical of Your Media Appearance

Should You Use Botox + Filler For My Media Appearances

Should You Package Your Vulnerability?

3 Executive Leadership Presence Tips for Women During
Media Appearances

Publicity Can Make Your Big Dream Possible

10 Steps To Getting On National TV

Prepare For Your Media Interviews
Like JLo

7 Steps To Become A Thought Leader

How To Make The Media + Your Audience Love You

Keep The Media Conversation On
Track With These Bridges

The Best Jewelry for Media Appearances

How to Get into O, the Oprah Magazine

Is there green stuff in your teeth?

Founders, Don’t Wing It – How to
Pitch to Investors Successfully

How to Publicize Yourself During COVID or
Any Disaster or Pandemic

1 Transition That Can Save Your Skin
During A Media Appearance

Why You Need A Signature Story

How to Pitch a Podcast and Be a Great Guest

Mastering Your Media Messages for CEOs,
Executives, and Entrepreneurs
with Susan Harrow and Cindy Skalicky

3 Minor Media Appearance Mistakes Women Make

Confidence Is A Practice You Need To Succeed - Susan Harrow on Heart Sell! Podcast

Start Ups - Practice Your Pitch 100 Times!

Embracing your red jacket moment

Make Memorable Soundbites for Media Interviews with Susan Harrow
- Interview by Nancy Juetten

Mastering The Media with Susan Harrow - Interview by Rob Anspach

3 Executive Leadership Qualities Women Need to Make the Most of Their Media Appearances

Musk, Walton, Reich! What Kind of Thought Leader Do You Want to Be?

The Value of Media Training with Susan Harrow - Interview by Samantha Hartley

The 5 Media Appearance Mistakes Men Make

How Your Presence Inspires Clients to Love & Buy from You!

Don't Practice in Front of the Mirror!

3 Best Ways to Avoid Burning Your Brand During a Media Appearance

3 Biggest Media Appearance Mistakes Women Make

Flip Bragging into Connecting During Media Appearances

Should You Read from a Script OR
Speak from The Heart?

Be Yourself - Everyone Else is Already Taken!

Make Mistakes - Media Training Tips

How not to be overly critical of
your media appearance

Virtual Door Knocking
with Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow's: Yo,
Your Tone Tells It All

Kris Gilbertson Podcasting Pro
System l How to Double Your
Business From TV

3 Superstar Secrets to
Getting Results From
Your Media Appearances

How To Get Into Oprah: Tips From
The Go-To Girl with Susan Harrow

Susan Harrow Discuses how to get publicity with integrity + spirit

Cooking it Up in the
Gluten -Free Kitchen

9 Steps to Being a Thought Leader
and a Media Darling

How to Get PR for Your Dance Studio
or Any Other Business

Limitless Ladies Podcast #10

Getting Booked on Oprah, from
CNBC: The Oprah Effect

21 Sound Bites in 21 Minutes

How to Prepare for a TV Interview

10 Steps to Getting on National TV

5 Make up Secrets to Make You
More Trustworthy

5 Things to do Before a Loved One

Make Your Movement Go Viral

get booked on local and national tv during covid

How you can get booked on local +
national media during COVID


How not to be overly critical of
your media appearance

Sound Bite Story of Origin

Why I Can't Stand The Cult
of Fake Authenticity

Sound Bite Transition to
save your skin

Sound bite Types One liners