Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®
A Woman's Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product or Her Cause With Integrity & Spirit

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your SoulThe art of self promotion without bragging, begging or whoring....

Imagine being able to define what happiness, fame and fortune means for you, and then having the means to get it. In this groundbreaking work, I'll guide you (with my media coaching and marketing expertise) through the ins and outs of publicity and marketing to help you gain public recognition and take your business to the top.

Everyone has a talent or gift to express to the world. Whether you're a company employee looking to move up the corporate ladder or an entrepreneur wanting to position yourself as a hot property, you'll find what you're looking for in this book. Open these pages and find out how you can get all the attention you want- without bragging, begging, or whoring.

As a thirty-four year veteran of the public relations business, I've helped Fortune 500 CEOS, renowned entrepreneurs, hot start-ups, professional speakers, coaches and consultants and best-selling (and newbie)  authors gain and keep media attention. What makes my strategy successful is my philosophy that you don't have to morph into an alpha-male to get great press-by practicing effective principles that combine business smarts with honesty, anyone can gracefully glide to the top. You can easily become "mediagenic" if you have the right tools.

I've written this for you in a conversational, woman-to-woman style without any sports, sex, sales, aggressive or war languaging. This innovative book blends illuminating personal anecdotes and wisdom of famous spiritual, historical, and political leaders with my own unique system. You'll find helpful examples of powerful publicity packages and dozens of practical exercises that instruct and motivate, not to mention proven techniques to save you time, grief, and money.

Publisher's Weekly calls this book a "Rumi-meets-Seth Godin public relations handbook.” 

John GraySell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® is very supportive and useful guide for when you want the world to pay attention to what you have to say.

~ John Gray, author of, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

Working personally with Susan Harrow is an exhilarating process because she is so good at what she does–Carol Adriennewhich is to inspire, expand, and tell us exactly how to make the most of the fascinating world of media.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® is a treasure house of fabulous practical ideas for anyone who is building credibility, name recognition, and sharing his or her passion with the world.... Do not pass up this book if you know what's good for you!

~ Carol Adrienne, Best-selling Author of The Purpose of Your Life

In Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® you'll learn:

  • To be the message you want to give.
  • The formula professional publicists use to create a winning press kit.
  • Strategies to master any type of media interview, verbally and psychologically.
  • Insider secrets to help you become an overnight expert.
  • The do's and don'ts of forming strong lasting bonds with the media.
  • Dozens of ways to gain worldwide fame and fortune on your own terms.

I believe you can't achieve your goals when you're playing by someone else's rules. I give you the tools to discover what your rules are and practical ways to keep them intact on your way to fame and fortune!

I'm a top media coach and marketing expert who has helped thousands of people get national media attention. As a beloved (but still shy and introverted speaker I offer keynotes, workshops, training, and consulting to corporations, associations, and individuals. My clients include PlanetRx, iVillage, Pacific Bell Directory (The Yellow Pages), Random House, Gillette/Oral B, as well as executives, successful entrepreneurs, and best-selling authors. See my complete client list here.

Alyice EdrichSell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® is simply brilliant! It's like going back to college and taking several marketing, media, speaking, interviewing, and public relations courses rolled into one! Harrow's book is so jam-packed with information that you'll find yourself referring to it over and over again. But what I like best about Harrow's style is the fact that she doesn't sugar-coat things and she doesn't give you teasers. If she shares an idea with you, you are guaranteed to receive plenty of examples and detailed information.

~ Alyice Edrich, Editor, The Dabbling Mum

Karen BattoeSell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® is a great book for women.  It is written for the non-sharks in the corporate tank. If you have a product or message that needs to get "out there" and have been shy or worried about failure (or success) this book builds your confidence and makes you realize that there is a very respectable way to make an impact on the world. Susan teaches you how to sell yourself and keep your authenticity at the same time.

~ Karen C. Battoe, CPC, CEC Innovative Career Architect / Executive Coach

Publishers WeeklySelf-promotion and self-respect are directly related, says Harrow, media coach and "established leader in the authenticity movement," in this Rumi-meets-Seth Godin public relations handbook. …The book offers a great deal of commonsense advice. How to handle a hostile interviewer? Don't insult back. Dressing for a television interview? Wear a blue shirt rather than white one and avoid stripes, checks or plaids.

Self-employed people and small organizations without PR or marketing staffs will especially benefit from Harrow's sample pitch letters to editors and producers and her guidelines and checklists for creating marketing and publicity plans.

This book is useful for both men and women who don't have the resources of a big corporation or extensive marketing experience. It's brimming with advice Zen-minded small entrepreneurs will love.

~ From Publishers Weekly

Bob OlsonAlthough Susan Harrow's book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®, has a subtitle that calls the book "a woman's guide," I highly recommend it for men, too. If you have a message that you want to spread to the masses, Harrow teaches you everything you need to know about publicity in full detail. Both the beginner and the experienced will benefit. I wish more authors read her book before contacting my magazine. They would certainly increase their chances of getting reviewed.

~ Bob Olson, Magazine editor

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