Media Training & Pitch Deck Coaching

for Founders & Start-ups

I serve as a pitch deck coach for founders raising funds from Seed to Series C.

We focus on three key areas that investors are looking for.

  1. Your leadership presence.
    Have you demonstrated that you are the right person to lead this company/your team to its goals?
  2. Is it viable.
    Can you prove it will succeed in the competitive marketplace?
  3. Is it profitable.
    Will it make the investors money?



Develop Your Leadership Presence

Investors are banking on your presence. This media training for founders frees you to be the full expression of you, your business and brand to get the support and funding to start or grow your company


The Methodology to Get You Fast Results

Media training for executives

I listen to the way you speak naturally and how you, as a start-up founder, frame your material. While I look at the content of your pitch deck I’m more deeply focused on your leadership presence, your overall manner and how you comport yourself, convey confidence, and clearly articulate your company’s value, originality, and unique space in the marketplace.

While you are delivering your pitch I’m evaluating your tone, verbal, facial and body language.

Overall, we work specifically on the arc and drama of your presentation, how to interactively engage investors, and graciously field and answer challenging questions to successfully get funding for your start-up.

As we work together refining your pitch deck presentation you practice answering all possible objections. We also role-play any of your personality hot buttons, triggers or stuck points. The kind of people and personalities are difficult for you to handle.

We address the questions that throw you for a loop or take you off track.

We rehearse/role-play worst-case scenarios and relevant, unexpected, and shocking objections.

Media training for executives

How to fully Embody your leadership presence

I put you under pressure so you can handle situations where you tend to react until you feel solid and serene.

I also look for ways to make your presentation interactive, tactile and emotionally engaging.

The process is through re-iterative role-play where you’ll practice, play, improvise, where you’ll be free to experiment and try new things that can immediately shift behavior and/or mindset in a moment.

During our time together I share inner practices you can do on the spot to master yourself so you can remain calm, centered and on point/message no matter what the circumstance or personality type.

I’ll share with you mind/body techniques specific to your challenges that you can practice later on your own so you can become a respected, beloved, embodied leader.

I use communication skills honed in my corporate career (I’ve put 3,000 candidates through role plays analyzing their body language, vocabulary + subtle facial cues to determine if they had the chops to work in high-pressure sales or C-Suite positions) and entrepreneurial experience (I’ve media trained thousands of workshop participants and private clients to shine in the media, meetings, on video and on stage).

Media training for women executives
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Embodied leadership training

Whether you're competing on Shark Tank, pitch competitions, in Silicon Valley or anywhere in the world, my mental and physical training as a black belt in Aikido and former teaching tennis pro gives me the inside track to evaluate and impart the qualities and actions of embodied leadership to you.

I have both the physical and mental know how to help founders convey their value and the value of their company.

A few results:

  • was acquired for 60 million + national media appearances + press
  • CEO of an international medical device company got next round funding
  • CFO at a pharmaceutical start-up got investor buy-in for several rounds of funding
  • Media trained the founder of a start-up that got 16 million in funding for her next venture to confidently handle next pitch meetings

I look forward to working with you to get funded so you can share your important work in the world.