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Make extra money by sharing with friends, colleagues, and customers.

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An Affiliate Program to Reward You for Your Referrals

Many people tell me that they’ve told others about my website or my products. I’d like to be able to reward them (and you) for referring people to me. As I’ve never advertised I can say that 100% of my business comes from referrals from happy clients, satisfied customers, seminar participants and newsletter subscribers.

How it Works

It’s simple and straightforward. You are rewarded financially for sharing information about my products and services when someone buys. Why not reap those benefits since you’re telling people about me because you think that I have something of value for them?

The Benefits to You

You will have a passive stream of income — money that you wouldn’t ordinarily get or count on. Think of it as winning a little lottery every day, week, month, year. You don’t need to create new products to sell on your website as we’ve got a wide variety here for you to choose from. You don’t have the headaches of the nitty gritty details like managing orders, doing fulfillment or dealing with customer service. All of that is handled by us efficiently and effectively every day. We take care of the visitor’s entire shopping experience to insure that it’s a positive one.

You Get Paid Every Month

The system is completely automated and tracking is accurate. So once you sign up and you earn $100 we send you a check. It’s as simple as that.

You Give Added Value to Your Clients & Customers

By being associated with us you not only get the warm feelings from your customer from our sterling reputation, you get an expanded product line that you can offer all your subscribers, clients and customers. You’re regarded as someone who provides a comprehensive selection of goods and services. The warm feelings continue when your client/customer base in turn gives you more referrals and expands your reach.


You earn extra and/or substantial money every month with minimal effort while giving great value to your clients/customers. You get:

  • Original high value, popular products.
  • Consistent revenue on an ongoing basis.
  • Many loyal clients who continue to buy.
  • High visitor-to-sales conversion rate.

Essential Affiliate Program Information

  • You are paid by check on the 15th of every month once you earn $100. (Which typically happens quickly).
  • Commissions range from 20%-50% depending on the product or service.
  • We have descriptions, blurbs and promos of our products so you don’t need to think about how to sell them.
  • You get a custom link to our PRsecrets store.
  • You can place links on your website or in your newsletter.
  • In addition, we provide you with a private URL where you can check your earnings from the sales of customers that you have sent to the PRSecrets store from your links wherever you’ve placed them.

To sign up to become a Marketing
Affiliate (it doesn’t cost a thing),
just click on this link and instructions will be sent to you

Thanks for your interest in the Affiliate Program. We look forward to creating an abundant alliance with you.

To Our Mutual Success,

Susan Harrow

P.S. Don’t delay or procrastinate. There is no negative, no downside. You may discover yourself speaking to someone today who needs publicity, PR or marketing assistance. Marketing opportunities exist almost anywhere. Once you’re an affiliate you’ll have all the information you need to send an email instantly and begin making money ASAP. Become an affiliate today.