BE A MEDIA DARLING: Publicity Made Easy Podcast With Susan Harrow

Welcome to the Be A Media Darling Podcast

I’m your host, Susan Harrow, a top media coach, marketing strategist, former tennis pro, black belt in Aikido and author of the bestselling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins). In this podcast I’ll show you how to get publicity with integrity and spirit—and then double or triple your business by using sound bites effectively. You’ll understand how to authentically package, promote and profit from your mission and message while you shine in the media spotlight.

We’ll be covering different topics each day. You can listen to everything, in chronological order, or bop around and choose the specific episodes that speak to you. You may want to start of by listening to Episode 0001, which provides even more detailed information on what you can expect to gain from listening to Be A Media Darling Podcast. Here’s a quick run down…