10 Real-World Press Releases
That Got BIG TIME Publicity
paired with fill-in-the-blank templates
to create your own

Get the media to call YOU (not your competition) and watch your business grow.

Tips from the world’s top publicists. Real-life press releases
that got national publicity in the most coveted venues.

Proven headlines + approaches that command the media’s attention.

It’s all inside...

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Imagine sitting down at your desk and having 10 of the world’s best press releases ever written... fanned out in front of you.

Every section. Every line. Word for word.

Press releases that captured the media’s attention — leading to major publicity + sales.

Right next to those press releases? Detailed notes explaining why each one worked. Beside that? A stack of 10 fill-in-the-blank templates with step-by-step writing instructions... so that you can write your own!

Sound like a dream come true?

Well, just call me your Press Release Fairy Godmother...

Because that’s exactly what I’ve packaged together for you!

  • Say goodbye to sending out press releases and hearing…nothing.

  • Say sayonara to racking your brains to come up with an angle the media “might” like.

  • Say au revoir to watching your competitors hog the spotlight.

  • Say ciao to figuring out how to (newsjack) tie your topic to a current news event.

  • Say adios to laboring over how to be the next hot trend.

  • Say auf wiedersehen to remaining unrecognized and unpaid for your good work in the world.

10 Proven Press Releases = the secret wisdom that every business owner needs.

It’s a collection of 10 press releases that scored fantastic results, paired with expert tips and scripts to help you write your own press releases — quickly and painlessly.

All bundled together in a digital booklet that you can download — instantly.

If you work as a coach, consultant, speaker, writer, or blogger, sell products, services or seminar tickets, or run a business in ANY INDUSTRY — from fashion to fitness to finance — knowing how to write an effective press release is a MUST-HAVE SKILL.

Sure, you can use Google to find general advice on how to do it — I tried that. I had my assistant spend dozens of hours scouring the net—with pathetic results. So I turned to the publicists I knew (and some new ones I discovered), that had gotten consistent IMPRESSIVE results for their clients and asked them to share.

10 proven

These placements weren’t accidents. The national publicity came from carefully crafted press releases that proved successful over and over again. They were press releases that got producers at the Top TV talk shows to book appearances on the spot.

They were the press releases that had producers at radio shows schedule them in a snap. They were the press releases that had editors at newspapers and magazines so excited they sometimes jetted an email back within minutes. Minutes!


Here’s bad news.
Top journalists and producers get over 300 press releases a day! You’re competing with thousands of press releases every week. Your competitors’ press releases are filling up the media’s inboxes faster than you can say, “booked.” Granted, some of your competitors are “schlockmeisters,” but the respected ones are also in this mix.

Here’s the good news.
Most of those press releases are junk. And since 85% of publishers open the press releases based on the headline, the majority of those press releases are trashed. But, if YOUR headline is so compelling that they must open it — and the body copy is just as gripping, then you’re in the running.

So, if you want to If you want to pop to the top of the pile and be chosen above the thousands of others in that HUGE electronic pile then you’ll want to scoop 10 Proven Press Releases right up.

If you want to get chosen CONSISTENTLY then you’ll want these real-world examples written by top publicists, plus templates to make each approach work for your specific industry.

This is the ONLY program that’s got it.

There is NOTHING like this available on the market.

(I searched high and low to make darn sure... before I created it!)


1. It is NOT a guide you see all over the Internet that teaches you the way to write a press release is by covering:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. When?
  4. Where?
  5. Why?

Of course you will share all the essential information with the media. Just not in that old school format. Pretty much all the other press release programs — free or paid — you’ll find them touting these basics.

But that is not what will get national media coverage.

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To cut through the noise (remember the 300+ press releases landing in the media’s email boxes every single day) you have to be different. That’s why we use CONCEPTS. And that’s why we’ve chosen the TOP 10 CONCEPTS to share with you—that are already tried and true and are simple to create for ANY industry and for any level of expertise or experience.

2. It is NOT a product that uses hypothetical situations.

Every press release in here has been time-tested in the marketplace and has gotten impressive results.

3. It is NOT written by someone who only got publicity for themselves.

While we applaud those who have, for a program to have validity, it has be repeatable by anyone. It has to have consistent, proven results. We have collected press releases from well-known, experienced publicists who get media placements for their clients on a daily basis. Collectively, they’ve tested hundreds, if not thousands of these formats over the years. These 10 are the ones that have consistently worked. And not just worked well. But worked EXCEPTIONALLY well.


Here's the complete table of contents — over 150 pages of GOLD.

Part 1.
5 reasons why press releases are still SO important.

Part 2.
What to DO with your press release. (Where to send it, how to send it and how NOT to send it.)

Part 3.
How to build lasting relationships with the media so that eventually, you don’t HAVE to send out a press release! (Because they’ll be calling YOU.)

Part 4.
The prelude to your press release: how to write a short email pitch that gets opened, gets read and gets you booked.

Part 5.
Hire a publicist or do it yourself? A quick debate — and my take.

Part 6.
Where to find contact information for journalists + producers that are the perfect fit for your topic.

Part 7.
5 things you’ve GOT to have ready the minute a journalist (or producer) responds to your press release + calls you back. (These can save your skin and prevent a LOT of unnecessary stress!)

Part 8.
How to structure the perfect press release: a universal template for ANY industry.

Part 9.
10 proven press releases. Real-life examples that got big time national publicity — paired with fill-in-the-blank templates to create your own.


No matter what kind of industry you’re in, you’ll find tips on how to adapt all TEN templates to make them work for you. No matter what kind of business, book, product, service or cause you may have, you can use EVERY SINGLE ONE of these press release formats to promote your offer.

The "CLIFFHANGER" press release
Want to keep the media on the edge of their seats, biting their nails with anticipation for your story? This template is for you! (Yes, even if you work in a “boring” industry like real estate or finance.)

The "CELEBRITY TIE-IN" press release
Obsessed with the latest celebrity dramas and scandals? With this template, you’ll see how to weave your pop culture knowledge into a press release that positions you as a fresh and savvy expert.

Got your finger on the pulse of the latest hot-button topic? This press release template makes you instantly “newsworthy” — by tying your work into a topic that everybody’s (already) talking about.

The "RISING TREND" press release
Noticing a disturbing or intriguing trend in your industry? This template will help you convey that trend to the media — and make them want to book you to talk all about it.

The "FRESH TWIST" press release
Does your industry have a reputation for being stale, stuffy or cliche? Not anymore! This press release template will show you how to convey your work in a totally new light — and grip the media’s attention.

The "CALL + RESPONSE" press release
Do you want to write a press release in response to a “call for submissions” issued by a local or national news outlet? Here’s how to make your response pop to the top of the pile.

The "RINGING ENDORSEMENT" press release
Got glowing testimonials from clients, customers, readers and industry peers? With this template, you’ll see how to elegantly weave your praise through your press release — and convey major credibility.

The "DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU" press release
Got tips that could prevent major heartbreak? Advice that could stop a tragedy? Insights on a topic that people struggle with, immensely? Put on your superhero cape and take this template for a spin.

The "GET THE LOOK" press release
Do you work in a field like home decor, fashion, beauty, travel, wellness or weddings, where audiences typically lust after whatever the celebrities are doing? This press release template is perfect for you!

The “WHAT DO ____, ____ + ____ ALL HAVE IN COMMON?” press release
Do you love studying the lives + habits of famous, influential people? Do you get excited about spotting connections between seemingly disparate stories? You’ll have tons of fun cooking up this kind of press release.

Part 10. What’s next? Resources + tips to stay motivated and keep moving forward.


I’m Susan Harrow.

My life’s work, in 20 words or less?

Helping talented, driven and highly original entrepreneurs clarify their messages, set up their systems and get life-changing media exposure.

For the past 34 years, I’ve been the brains and heart behind Harrow Communications, a media coaching and marketing agency based in Northern California. I’m also the author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®: A Woman’s Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product or Her Cause with Integrity & Spirit (HarperCollins) and a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today.


I’ve been featured, quoted or profiled in: The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Chicago Tribune, The Christian Science Monitor, Inc.com, CNN, Advertising Age, Woman’s Day, Ladies’ Home Journal, Women’s Wear Daily, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, Pink, the San Francisco Chronicle, The Orlando Sentinel, and Investor’s Business Daily, and on CNBC, NPR, national/syndicated TV and radio.

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As a media trainer and publicity expert, Susan Harrow has been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, and on CNBC, NPR, and national TV and radio.

My media training + coaching clients range from CEOs to soccer moms, reality TV contestants to rock stars. I’ve coached + created marketing strategies for Fortune 500 CEOs, Internet millionaires, world-renowned speakers, award-winning documentary film producers, civil rights activists, best-selling authors, Food Network personalities, Yoga Gurus, and the occasional Jesuit priest.

My course participants include household names and beginners and everyone in-between.

In other words: I work with successful entrepreneurs, artists + innovators from just about every industry under the sun — with a definite soft spot for entrepreneurs with a focus on style, gourmet food + sustainable living. And anyone with a devilish sense of humor.

Results, results, results.

I’ve helped clients shine as guests on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Larry King Live, Maury Povich, The Food Network, Extra!, New Attitudes, E! The Entertainment Channel, Bloomberg Radio Network, Net Cafe, The Lifetime Channel, Howard Stern, CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Marketplace, and CBS This Morning . . . and hundreds of print + online publications, including TIME, WIRED, USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Parade, People, O, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bazaar, Self, Mademoiselle, Redbook and Seventeen.

I created 10 Proven Press Releases because — quite frankly — I couldn’t find anything like it on the market, and that’s a major oversight!

I want you to have the tools + templates that you need to grip the media’s attention and carry your message far and wide, while keeping your integrity intact.

So, I reached out to some of the top minds in the publicity industry to put this program together for you.

Speaking of which... let’s meet the crew!


These are the publicists, business experts, sales experts and bestselling authors who agreed to let me re-print their REAL LIFE press releases in this program. (How generous and amazing is that?)

DrDrew Gerber and Michelle Tennant of Wasabi Publicityew Gerber and Michelle Tennant of Wasabi publicityDrew Gerber and Michelle Tennant of Wasabi publicity
This power-duo has gotten clients booked on The Today Show, Oprah, Fox and Friends, Woman's World, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, CNN, Reuters and more.

Elena VerleeElena Verlee
Elena is the founder of a technology PR agency that works with startups to billion-dollar companies. She has been named twice in a Forbes list as one of “20 Women for Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter” and “25 Most Influential Women Tweeting About Entrepreneurship.”

Leslie RossmanLeslie Rossman
Leslie Rossman is co-founder of Open Book Publicity. She works with the top New York publishing houses including Penguin Putnam, Viking Penguin, Simon Schuster and Chronicle Books, and has worked on dozens of New Times bestselling titles by authors like Elizabeth Gilbert, Ray Bradbury, The Dalai Lama, Ali McGraw, Anne Lamott and more.

Lisa Earle McLeodLisa Earle McLeod
Lisa is a leading authority on sales and the author of four books — including the bestseller, Selling with Noble Purpose. Companies like Apple, Kimberly-Clark and Pfizer hire her to help them create passionate, purpose-driven sales organizations. She has been featured in Fortune and The Wall Street Journal and has appeared on Good Morning America, The Motley Fool and The Today Show.

Lisa DailyLisa Daily
Lisa can tell you why he didn’t call, the color you should never wear on a first date, and even where to snoop for evidence if you think your guy’s been fooling around. Millions read her dating advice column and tune in to see her every week on Daytime. She’s also the author of a bestselling dating advice book, Stop Getting Dumped!

Karen LelandKaren Leland
Karen is the president of Sterling Marketing Group, a firm that helps CEOs, businesses and teams develop stronger business and personal brands. Her clients have included AT&T, American Express, Marriott Hotels, Apple Computer and Johnson & Johnson, among others.

Nancy ClearyNancy Cleary
Nancy has been an advocate for authors and entrepreneurs for over 20 years. She’s been quoted in USA Today, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, Family Circle and Entrepreneur Magazine and has been featured in 3 bestselling books.

Nancy JuettenNancy Juetten
Known as the “Business Bio Expert,” Nancy shows business owners how to get seen, heard, celebrated, and compensated for their expert status. Her clients have gone from unknown status to household names, garnering interest from major publishing houses, securing spreads in magazines, and more.

Tom BrennanTom Brennan
Tom has helped over 200 experts in law, medicine and entertainment increase their public presence. He has worked with dozens of bestselling authors including Shirley MacLaine, Lynn Andrews, John Gray and Neale Donald Walsch, and was instrumental in creating some of the biggest moments in the first era of Reality TV.

No more banging your head against your computer in misery, trying to find the right angle for your story.

No more disappointing “silence” after sending out a press release that flops.

No more missed opportunities for publicity and sales!

You CAN learn how to write press releases that work — and start getting the kind of publicity that can double or triple your business.

You don’t need to be the world’s next Shakespeare.

You just need to understand what the media is looking for — including the headlines, formats and templates they love to see.

If there’s just one tool that you add to your business toolkit this year — make it this one.

Thanks to my “100% Happiness Guarantee” you’ve got literally nothing to lose — and so much to gain.


Go for it!

10 proven

10 Proven Press Releases


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