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How To Get A Six Figure Book Advance1. There are lots of other books on the market that tell you how to create a book proposal. Why should I buy this one?

This is the only book that tells you, in 15 easy steps, how to get a 6 figure book advance. Consider it the “accelerated” book after you’ve read the rest (which Susan recommends you do and in her book tells you which ones are the best). She doesn’t cover “the basic” material. That’s been done. She covers “the advanced” for people who want to fast-track their success and make big money.

4 Reasons to buy this E-book now.

1. The industry.
Susan explains how the publishing industry works and how you can make it work for you. She has interviewed top literary agents and editors at the major publishing houses like Simon & Schuster, Hyperion and HarperCollins, and authors who have gotten 6 figure advances. In addition, Susan works with 6 figure authors media coaching and creating marketing plans for them so they can be mega-successful once their book is published.

2. The proposals.
Susan gives you 3 book proposals in 3 different genres that each earned 6 figure advances and analyzes them in detail so you learn what those authors did right—so you can, too! You can learn a tremendous amount by what others have done right and emulate them accordingly.

3. The proposal template.
This is the only book that has an interactive, “Plug n’ Play” proposal template with most of the work done for you. The formatting is ready-made. You choose proven marketing words and phrases that suit your style, fill in your information and voila—you’re done!. People who have bought it are saying that it’s worth paying $197 for this one feature alone.

4. The bonuses.
You get over 100 pages of bonuses from leaders in the publishing industry—valuable information that will help you complete your book and make it a bestseller.

2. How does the proposal template work?

You are completely prompted through the proposal process. If you leave the webpage or click submit (to send it to yourself) anything you entered would no longer be on the form. However, you can leave the page open and work on it over time on your computer.

It is essentially an interactive online questionnaire that fully guides you through the thought process to incorporate your unique information into a finished 6 figure book proposal. For example, this program creates the cover page with your book title, author name, agent data, and all the page headers/footers automatically. You enter the book name once in the online form and it puts it everywhere you need it to be within the proposal, saving you hours of time and effort.

You are also guided step by step to enter in all the information that an agent and publisher wants to see, in the order that makes sense. It's a simple yet sophisticated process.

Once you click “submit,” the program takes your unique information and puts it into a pre-formatted MS Word document, then emails this document directly to you. You can use it as is, or modify it in Word as you see fit.

3. Once I purchase “Get a 6 Figure Book Advance” can I use the book proposal template more than once?

Yes. You can use it as many times as you like. You get your own personal secret passcode that allows you to access the template on a private web page on the website. Once you complete your proposal, by clicking "Submit" you will receive an email with a Word document attached that includes everything you’ve input is put in the correct formatting that agents and publishers prefer.

Once you’ve sent the proposal to yourself it no longer resides on the website. When you return to the website you’ll have a blank template that you can use for your next proposal.

4. Can the proposal template be used for other proposals such as treatments for screenplays, TV programs, or other movie-related projects?

The proposal template is designed specifically for the book publishing industry to help you get a 6 figure book advance. Therefore the formatting is for that purpose only.

The formats for presenting other types of proposals have their own guidelines which are different. However, once you complete the proposal and email it to yourself you can modify the format and content however you choose in MS Word.

5. Do I get a list of agents?

Susan has interviewed a number of agents that specialize in non-fiction books. Their names and contact information is given. Even more importantly she explains how to approach agents, how they like to be pitched, and how they like to receive information. She also gives tips on choosing the best agent for you and your material.

Given that there are thousands of agents whose areas of expertise range from children’s books to Christian books to fiction books, it wasn’t practical to create a single enormous list that could address everyone’s needs. Agents specialize in a multitude of areas and have very particular interests.

Susan feels you are better served by teaching you how to find an agent who suits you and your book and to direct you to the resources that list agents, gives their contact information, submission requirements and specialty, to help you find the right one for you.

6. I’ve written a fiction book. Should I buy this E-book?

Probably not. Most of the time agents (and publishers) want to see a completed fiction manuscript. Writing style and substance are king for fiction. The proposal is secondary—although the rules and principles are the same for fiction and non-fiction authors alike in that a publisher wants to see a strong platform, an area of expertise, and the ability to promote your book with great enthusiasm.

If the writing and the story aren’t up to snuff then it’s unlikely you’ll get a contract. By contrast, with non-fiction if you're not such a great writer, but you have a terrific platform then the publisher, agent, or you, might just hire a ghostwriter, which is discussed in the book. Good writing can be bought, a platform or star power cannot.

For non-fiction, self-help, and novels a proposal is necessary, along with 2-3 completed chapters and chapter outlines. The Get a 6 Figure Book Advance E-book covers what agents and publishers look for in a top-notch proposal that deserves 6 figures.

7. I've written a poetry book. Should I buy this E-book?

No. Poetry is difficult to get published at all except typically by small and specialized presses. Bigger publishing houses sometimes publish well-known poets through their imprints. There is little, it any chance you'll get 6 figures for a book of poetry. Susan encourages you to keep writing poetry, however, as it's a beautiful and much needed art form in our culture and she is particularly fond of it.

8. I’ve written a children’s book. Should I buy this E-book?

No. Getting 6 figures for children’s book is rare. For example, if your book has been self-published in many different languages, and you’ve sold a lot of copies (75,000 or more), it’s a possibility. If you’re well known and can draw a major crowd at book signings/readings/lectures you have a chance.

9. Is this book geared only toward "self-help" type books?

It is an excellent source for all types of books and genres, including self-help, non-fiction, novels, etc.

10. Can I call or email Susan to get her recommendations for an agent or publisher, or to ask questions I have about the information in the E-book?

Susan gets hundreds of emails a day and can no longer respond personally to those requests. She has done her best to answer all your questions in this E-book or on her website where there is a vast amount of information. We suggest you sign up for her newsletter or other free resources she offers by going here.

11. Can I call or email Susan’s assistant Kelly to get her recommendations for an agent or publisher, or to ask questions I have about the information in the E-book?

Kelly also gets more email than one human person can answer in a day. Therefore we ask that you read the Get a 6 Figure Book Advance E-book thoroughly as most of the answers to your questions are right there inside. To support your process we’ve anticipated many of your questions and have tried to answer them in follow-up emails. You’ll begin receiving these follow-up email tips to help you complete your 6 figure book proposal a few weeks after you’ve bought the E-book. Enjoy.

12. Can I hire Susan to help me with my book proposal?

Inside the Get a 6 Figure Book Advance E-book Susan offers you suggestions of people to work with to help you with every aspect of your proposal. She works with clients to finish their book proposal if it is part of a larger PR/media campaign or plan to grow their business, but not solo. If you’d like to be considered as a client go here.

13. Can I hire Susan to media coach me once I have an agent who wants to fly me to New York to meet editors at the major publishing houses?

Yes. Susan can help you prepare to be your best so you can address editors’ questions, objections, and concerns. She will help you position and package your book, yourself, and your answers so editors will see you as a 6 figure writer—who will soon be a best-selling author. She’ll also prepare you for the actual auction meetings as well when you must deal with large groups of people who are assessing the worth of you and your book. If you’d like to be considered as a client go here.

14. Should I sign up for Susan’s Zen of Fame course before I get an agent or wait until my agent gets publishers interested in meeting me?

Preferably before you get an agent. But if you have an agent who is ready to send your manuscript out to publishers this is a good time as well. You will be able to practice talking about your book succinctly and learn to respond to any question, no matter how difficult, with equanimity. To register for the course now go here.

15. What if my computer doesn’t have the ability to download PDF files?

All computers have this ability if configured correctly. Once you’ve purchased the E-book we give you the links to download Adobe Acrobat so if you don’t have the program on your computer already you can get it easily for free.

16. I've ordered the E-book but didn't have time to download it and now I can't access it. What happened?

For security purposes you have 24 hours to download the PDF file. Once that time is up you no longer have access to it.

Once you've purchased the E-book we suggest you download it right away. You can begin reading it whenever you choose. If the 24 hours has already passed send an email to: and we will send you the PDF file during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

17. What if my personal password and username to access the book proposal template doesn't work?

You have probably put the username in the password box and the password in the username box. Try reversing them.

18. Can I print and/or highlight this E-book?

Yes to both. We’ve made it possible for you to read the E-book online and highlight the important parts, and, if you’d rather read it in at your leisure in bed or elsewhere you can just print it right up.

19. Is there anyway to also get the E-book as a hard copy book?

Yes. The 521 pages are now available in a binder. In the shopping cart, before you check out, you’ll be given the option to buy it in print along with the E-book. The hard-copy binder is not sold separately. You’ll need the E-book for your convenience as it has lots of links you’ll want to use as you go through the process of completing your proposal.

20. What if I find that it’s just too much work to get a 6 figure book advance?

That’s O.K. You still have a chance of getting a book contract if you follow all of Susan’s advice and you have quality material and ideas. You can start to build your platform (your following) now by going to:

And in a few years you may be ready to get that advance. The important thing is not to give up and to keep writing and refining your book and proposal. We’re cheering you on!

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