Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ Membership Club

 Learn how to get booked in the media & use publicity to DOUBLE or TRIPLE your income — while keeping your integrity intact.

This is pre – publicity training so when you’re ready to contact the media you’ll get the results you want!


Right now, there are over …

  • 15,000 radio stations
  • 8,000 TV stations
  • 7,000 magazines

… in the United States alone.

And over …

  • 2,000,000 podcasts


  • 570 million blogs

… in the world.

You can look at this two ways.


Oh my God, there’s so much competition. How will I ever be found, known, seen? It’s impossible!



Oh my God, there are more opportunities than ever before to get media exposure for me, my message and my business. There is a place for me. I’m on it!

And you do NOT have to sell your soul to do it. But you DO need to be thoughtful and deliberate with your media strategy. It doesn’t make sense to pitch yourself willy-nilly.


To help you melt those feelings of overwhelm, and help you take action, consistently, I’ve created 12 robust lessons and a bevy of priceless goodies (including time-saving templates for sales emails, pitch letters, about pages, bios and press releases. Plus resources, and checklists that will all help you move forward fast as you grow your business—while keeping your integrity intact.

Make THIS your year to focus, lay the groundwork and prepare for the media spotlight… so that you can attract more clients, more customers, more revenue and more people raving about YOU.


Short bursts of training. Ideas that make you feel energized, not overwhelmed. Purposeful action. Progress. Results.


Big, boring, impersonal online training programs that make you want to tune out and hit the snooze button after day one.


More of the right clients. More customers. More revenue. More speaking gigs. More publicity. More electricity and buzz around your work. More people talking about your cause and sharing your message. More people raving about… you.


To stay focused. Ooh, shiny thing! To get noticed. So many people do what I do! To explain yourself clearly. Who am I, again? To explain what you do, exactly. I do so many things! To sell. Does anyone really want this? To stay motivated. There’s so much to do. Is it always going to feel this hard?


Overwhelmed. There aren’t enough hours in the day! Like nothing gets done fast enough — or at all. I have big dreams. Hurry up and happen. Why is this is taking so long? Alone. I wish I had someone to bounce ideas off of and be my own personal cheerleader.

Magazines eyeglasses_decora8holly


To keep reading…

But not for much longer. (We like brevity ‘round these parts.)

This is for people who want change lives for the better — and make a living, doing it.

It’s for business owners, writers, bloggers, coaches, consultants, speakers, seminar leaders and healers who want to create a reputation as someone worth following, hiring, booking and knowing. People with beautiful visions and generous spirits, but who struggle to stay focused and take the kinds of actions that leads to results.

If paying $1000 / hour (my going rate) to work one-on-one with a sales and publicity expert is not reasonable for you, right now, this is a FANTASTIC alternative.

You get:


A short, gotta-take-action-right-now lesson on an essential business topic. Like how to write a bio, or how to talk about your work in a way that excites people, instead of putting them to sleep.


Goal setting worksheets. Checklists. Fill-in-the-blank templates. Email sales letters that sold. Astounding social media strategies. Press releases that got amazing results. First dibs and discounts on future programs and one-on-one coaching. And other… surprises. 🙂

Dinner table_decor8holly

Here’s a peek at the 12 modules you do at your own pace…

● MONTH 1. Define your audience and offer

Want to serve? And Sell (Sans sleaze — with integrity & spirit). The 3 questions you must ask yourself, before trying to sell… anything. You’ll focus on the most important questions that will set the stage for your business success this year. (These are the same crucial questions I ask my high-paying clients before they embark on a publicity campaign). Soon, they will be yours, too.

● MONTH 2. Revamp your website to sell

Are you ready for action? How to get your website ready for visitors (and how to help people feel welcome, energized, excited to be in your orbit — and to hire you and buy all your cool stuff). You’ll discover how to create your true brand with just a few key tweaks, so your website and offers look and feel like the real you. Once you do that marvelous things happen. This is like having your own “red shoe” moment when Dorothy discovers that she knew all along how to get home.

● MONTH 3. Write a bionic bio

What’s your story? How to write a bio that sounds bold and brilliant — but not braggy — that inspires the right clients and customers to call or enroll. You’ll see examples (and get the templates) of real bionic bios were wildly successful that you can copy and make your own. Plus, we’ll talk about how to use your bio page to convert clicks to customers on the spot.

● MONTH 4. Create your amazing opt-in and offer

What’s your offer? How to find the intersection of what you love and what people need. (Hallelujah!). You’ll develop just the right teaser to get your tribe to crave a taste of you and invite them to experience more! You’ll also get links, tools and templates that help you build your list and increase sales that would cost thousands—and that shave hundreds of hours off your workload. (These are the shortcuts and software my colleagues and I use daily).

● MONTH 5. Give “ask me back” media interviews

Do you tell stories, or bore-ies? You’ll learn the secrets to telling stories that audiences remember (that are uniquely yours so your competitors can’t copy) — so that every interview, no matter how brief, positions you as THE person they want to hire or buy from. There are universal formulas that the media—and your audience—respond to that you’ll take away. You’ll make your own super-fast with my fill-in-the blank story-builder.

● MONTH 6. Promote your work gracefully

Do you know how to promote your work, gracefully? How to gently reference your work and “seed” your products & services in people’s minds during every media appearance so that your interviews immediately result in sales, speeches, business and opportunities? (It’s an art form!) You’ll get to hear extraordinary examples that I’ve culled from studying thousands of radio, TV and print interviews from authors, artists, entrepreneurs, politicians and thought leaders that riveted attention while invisibly selling themselves, their product or cause. You’ll have those templates at your fingertips so you can seamless integrate your “plugs” into every media opportunity like a pro.

● MONTH 7. Find your rockin’ rhythm + get way more done in the day

How do you work best? How to identify your natural creative rhythm and leverage it to get more done, and design (way) better offerings. How many of you said that there weren’t enough hours in the day? Now there will be! You’ll discover how one martial arts master did this since he was a child, and another (a gal who just turned 30) does it masterfully. Their secrets will be your secrets. Productivity on steroids!

● MONTH 8. Be a one-of a kind authority

Do people trust you? How to write, speak and present yourself like an authority that audiences can believe in — by taking a “stance” + by developing distinctive opinions that distinguish you from anyone else in your field and get the media to call you—over and over again. Even if you’re not ready to be a national thought leader you can be one in your niche by doing a few specific things. You’ll hear about them when I discuss the strategies I used with three (3) New York Times best-selling authors to sell more books and grow their business, brand, revenue and influence in just a few months.

● MONTH 9. Warm up to media interviews gently

What’s the best form of publicity for you, right now? How to “warm up” to high-pressure media appearances by starting with small, low-stress options, like blogs, podcasts, and newspapers, then building from there. You’ll learn ways to leverage even the smallest venue. I’ll tell you about the Pet Detective’s accidental rise to national media and how to avoid one big snafu that can devastate your sales.

● MONTH 10. Explore Joint Ventures (JVs)

Who is your dream collaborator? How to create successful joint-venture + cross-promotional partnerships — and avoid nightmare scenarios with people & brands who aren’t right for you. You’ll get my exact scripts that have worked for getting big players on board. You’ll also get emails that people have sent me that I jumped to accept. I’ll cover the technology you’ll need and the very best and newest options. You’ll get a checklist of what to prepare in the right order so you won’t miss any steps and risk ruining the relationship. You’ll also hear about how I set up these joint ventures with big names when I was unknown, and how I helped some newbies in the beginning of their careers—who are now big names themselves. (I’ll share with you what the newbies said that convinced me to take a chance on them.)

● MONTH 11. Create your own webinar

Ready to lead your first “webinar” — a live, online media experience where you’ll teach a lesson (or deliver an inspiring talk) in a “seminar” format. (Invaluable practice!) You’ll get a proven solid webinar structure that has made millions for top marketers. We’ll discuss how to handle little and big emergencies (like when I got booted off a webinar I was hosting and couldn’t get back in). In addition you’ll get a list of all the tools I use so you can be totally tech prepped and run your webinar like a pro.

● MONTH 12. Rev up your revenue streams

Ready for a new revenue stream? How to bundle or repurpose your knowledge into an e-book, e-course, audio program, or other kind of “digital product” — so that your customers can click “purchase” while you sleep! I’ll show you the methods I use to find hidden revenue streams, simple ways to re-packaging your brilliance, and also help you discover your joyspot™ — the place where joy and profit meet. When I used this technique with one client she tripled her income in ONE month. She thought that she’d made a huge error in her bank account! Astounding!

Lena GigerI was on TV for 4 series. My consultations are booked out and I now have a waiting list. My seminars participants doubled. I sold 3 times more of my healing paintings.

I was on TV for 4 series… really great… and what happened was… that my e-mail inbox exploded…. I sold 3 times more of my healing paintings. I also sold many more books. My consultations are booked out and I now have a waiting list. I needed to hire a secretary. My seminars participants doubled. And many people know about the importance of the heart! That is really great…. thank you Susan for helping me getting self-confidence and courage to do that!

Lena Giger, Empathic Coach

Mary SheehanFantastic lesson this month! Full of great resources, ideas and examples!!

Fantastic lesson this month! Full of great resources, ideas and examples!! So timely for me as I am making tweaks so my site is more reflective of my new courses and services.

~ Mary Sheehan, Intuition Coach

I’ve been invited to participate in a reality TV show. I am soooo grateful to you for all you have coached us in so far. I think it has completely helped.

I have such good news I am bursting to share with you! I’ve been invited to participate in a reality TV show called “The International Psychic Challenge,” now in its 15th season, being filmed in Ukraine! I am soooo grateful to you for all you have coached Shannon Walbranus in so far. I think it has completely helped.

  1. It was thanks to you that I crowned myself “South Africa’s top psychic,” and it was thanks to that tagline that the reality TV show found me.
  2. Reading your emails and listening to your podcasts and joining the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Membership Club showed me how to craft a press release that sounds like a news story. And now they’re just cutting and pasting!
  3. I had professional photos taken and I wrote and re-wrote the press release and had it proofread by a journalist friend, so I just needed the contacts.
  4. I have four sound bites that I *always* include in my press interviews. (thanks to you)
  5. From the invitation to the reality show in Ukraine so far I’ve gotten:
    – four national newspaper interviews and articles
    – a video interview with a top radio presenter (who has an enormous following)
    – blogger interviews
  6. NOW I’m collecting the names and addresses of all the journalists who *are* interviewing me, so I’m developing my own press list of true fans, so I won’t bother to send it to random people any more.
  7. We wrote a press release and a news website picked it up and ran it almost verbatim. THANK YOU, Susan Harrow!
  8. NEW! Sharing success! Following Susan Harrow’s advice, I wrote a listicle, “7 Mistakes Not to Make When Visiting a Psychic,” and pitched it to a newspaper in Durban, the city I was going to do a seminar in. The journalist did an email interview, incorporated the listicle as if I had said it to him in person (OK with me), and the seminar filled up with participants!

Shannon Walbran, South Africa’s Top Psychic and Ukrainian reality TV show participant for The International Psychic Challenge


The materials from last month are really useful. The exercises in lesson one helped me pull together years worth of marketing training that was almost working. Now it’s so much easier and fun to say what I do and why it’s important.

Lesson two has gently but firmly led into how I need to revamp my website. For the first time, website redesign is doable, not overwhelming. I love the ongoing support and practical wisdom from Susan and the highly creative people she always draws to her classes. Thanks!

~ Pat McHenry Sullivan, Genius Geek

Susan HarrowHere’s a little info about me, leader & media trainer…

Oh, hello! I’m Susan Harrow.

I’m just your average multiple-six-figure entrepreneur, bestselling author, Aikido black belt, dark chocolate aficionado, and wild gypsy woman who spends the wee hours with her nose in murder mysteries.

As a media trainer and publicity expert, I’ve been featured in The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, Entrepreneur, Salon Magazine, and on CNBC, NPR, and national TV and radio.

Susan Harrow in the media
My media training + coaching clients range from CEOs to soccer moms, reality TV contestants to rock stars. I’ve coached + created marketing strategies for Fortune 500 CEOs, Internet millionaires, world-renowned speakers, award-winning documentary film producers, civil rights activists, best-selling authors, Food Network personalities, Yoga Gurus, and the occasional Jesuit priest.

My course participants include household names and beginners and everyone in-between.

In other words: I work with successful entrepreneurs, artists + innovators from just about every industry under the sun — with a definite soft spot for women entrepreneurs with a focus on style, gourmet food + sustainable living and innovative and disruptive creative and tech firms. And anyone with a devilish sense of humor.

Results, results, results.

I’ve helped clients shine as guests on CBS’ 60 Minutes, Oprah, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Fox News, Bill O’Reilly, Larry King Live, Maury Povich, The Food Network, Extra!, New Attitudes, E! The Entertainment Channel, Bloomberg Radio Network, Net Cafe, The Lifetime Channel, Howard Stern, CNN, C-SPAN, PBS, National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, Fresh Air, Marketplace, and CBS This Morning . . . and hundreds of print + online publications, including TIME, WIRED, USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Parade, People, O, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bazaar, Self, Mademoiselle, Redbook and Seventeen.

Susan Harrow's clients in the media

Media mentions aside… what you really need to know is that I’ve got 31 years of experience helping people (just like you) to build and grow their businesses. The business landscape has changed a lot over the past 31 years, but I’ve got to tell you… some things never change. Customers still crave meaningful products and services. The media is still hungry for great stories and ideas that audiences can’t stop talking about.

And your “shop” — whether it’s a brick ‘n mortar business or a website — has to got to feel clean, energizing and inviting.

Yes — the essentials are still the same.

I will share “the essentials” with you: showing you how to build a solid foundation for your business so that you can make serious money, consistently, particularly if getting featured in the media is part of your overall business plan. (It should be!)

I’ve poured decades of wisdom and tons of love into the curriculum for this program, and I can’t wait to share it with you.

It definitely doesn’t make sense to spend hundreds of hours trying to get yourself featured in the media when you don’t even have a clear offering for your new customers, a functional website, an enticing mailing list, or systems in place to handle the influx of attention and leads. The foundational groundwork must come first. Otherwise? You’re just wasting your time.

I will show you how to get booked in the media, but also — and more importantly — how to prepare beforehand for your time in the media so that your hard work pays off.

I know that all of this can feel overwhelming, especially when you’re just beginning your publicity or business journey. As one client put it, “It feels like there is such a vast expanse between where I am and where I want to be.”

But it doesn’t have to be that way…

To recap:

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ Membership Club = $249 for top-notch publicity, sales and messaging training, delivered in little sips, as simply as possible.

Each month you’ll get exclusive content to supercharge your progress!

And that… is all you need to know.

Come on in.

Let’s do this. Here’s to a year of success!

Membership Club

[One-time payment.]

You get all 12 modules at once!


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My Personal Happiness Guarantee

I want to make sure that this program is going to work for you and that you’re THRILLED with what you’re learning and implementing. So if you’re not 100% satisfied – I want to send your money back ASAP. If you’re not pleased, then I’m not happy.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedYou have a 30 day guarantee. So if for any reason the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ Membership Club doesn’t meet your expectations, just jet me an email or call my support team to cancel at any time. No reason necessary. That’s my promise!

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