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My Fav Tools

You’ll find my favorite business tools for entrepreneurs here including courses, PDFs, blueprints, software, and the latest tech tools that will give you an edge in your business, and simplify your life. (Isn’t that what we all want? A little less effort, a little more time, and the capacity to enjoy what we already have right now?). Enjoy.

Pay For Placement Publicity - Only Pay for the PR Bookings You Get

Have you been frustrated that your publicity efforts got you little or no publicity? Or you've paid good money to a PR firm, but didn't get the results you'd hoped? Then pay for placement publicity may be for you. You only pay when you’re booked on the TV, radio, print, and Internet outlets that YOU choose! Guaranteed. No placements. No payments. Get the gig. Get results. Get happy.

Create an E-Course - Make a Program That is Right For Your Tribe

Andrea Scher helps you take your seed of an idea and grow it into a beautiful course that reflects your authentic self. As the creator of 10 successful e-courses (including Mondo Beyondo, Superhero Photo, Cultivating Courage + Superhero School) she shows you how to shape courses for a fun and engaging online experience.

WebinarJAM - Webinar Software

Get the latest technology for live and evergreen webinars - without the expensive monthly fees or complicated technology. No other service has as many benefits as this one — including unlimited attendees and unlimited webinars for a (dare I say) ridiculously low yearly fee. It's what we use for all of our webinars.

LeadPages - Opt-ins, Landing pages, Webinars

Use lead pages for automatically formatted and customizable landing pages, opt-in pages, webinar sign up pages, etc. What would take you or your web designer hours takes about 5 minutes in LeadPages. This will save you enormous amounts of time, energy and money and help you streamline your offers. This is what we use for Facebook ads and many of our opt-in pages.

OptimizePress - Landing pages, Sales Pages, Membership Portals

OptimizePress is the new way to create high converting landing pages, sales pages and membership portals. You can use video, audio and text and brand the pages to the look and feel of your own website. We use this in combination with LeadPages as each one has their strengths and is flexible in different areas of design and functionality. Together they create powerful sales funnels so you reach all of the clients and customers who want what you have.

PopupAlly - Polite Popups

An easy to implement popup that can double your conversions…without intruding on your website visitors. No in your face, aggressive hard sell here. You decide how "polite" to be with frequency and placement. Use the #1 proven fastest list-building resource — without being annoying! You'll see these popups on this very site. We hope that intrigue you.

The Script to Close Clients - Use the Best Words to Get the Right Clients For You

Want to close every client who is a right for you? Here is the template, the word-for-word script for that [PDF Download]. FYI it’s gentle and heart-centered from Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren. Thousands of coaches, consultants and healers who couldn’t stand to sell have used it successfully. This template gives you the structure of of the conversation to have to close business on the spot — if you are a good match.

The Templates to Get Clients By Referral - Let the People Who Know and Love You Help You Get Business

Referrals are usually the highest-converting leads of all for your business. Get these copy and paste templates that you can send out right away and get a steady pool of potential clients. Get the FREE templates [PDF Download] that you can send out today to get clients by referral (from people you know who want you to succeed!).

Client Attraction Mastery Blueprint - Pack Your Schedule With People Who Adore You (And Can Afford You!)

This free blueprint [PDF Download] gives you the big picture on a page and leads you through the system that you can use again and again to fill your client roster with people who are thrilled and eager to work with you.

The Event Filling Blueprint - Use This For Sold Out Workshops, Seminars and Events

Download this free blueprint [PDF Download] for the secrets to pack your own live event to the max from Callan Rush. If you're creating your own workshops, seminars, conferences, retreats or events you'll get the strategies to fill the "room" with the people who are eager to hear from you and buy your products, programs and services. Callan taught her system to thousands of conscious and transformational entrepreneurs including authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, healers, and people in the health and wellness industry.

PRleads - Media Leads

Dan Janal teamed up with Profnet to offer this great new service. Leads are emailed to you almost daily from reporters looking for experts, and you get instant publicity without writing a press release or managing a database. I got an interview with the BBC in less than two weeks, and a colleague of mine was contacted by Business Week magazine the day after he tested this service! Wow. A must.

PitchRate - Free Online PR Training Course Publicity Results

Catapult Your Business With Media Coverage ‐ a two‐week email mini‐course that walks participants through the steps needed to leverage their media coverage to get more clients and build their business through free publicity. You'll also get Free media leads.

HARO - Free Media Leads

From The New York Times, to ABC News, to HuffingtonPost.com and everyone in between, nearly 30,000 members of the media have quoted HARO sources in their stories. Everyone’s an expert at something. Sharing your expertise may land you that big media opportunity you’ve been looking for. You'll get reporters' requests for experts along with story leads sent to your email in‐box daily. Expect leads from every publication from the New York Times to People magazine. Everyday HARO receives hundreds of leads from reporters who are writing articles and desperately need to interview experts like you. If you want to be in the news, HARO is one of the fastest, easiest, and most economical way. Join today. No excuses. It’s free.

PRLeads Plus - Guaranteed Press Release Writing and Distribution to Top Media

You’ll get your press release written and in front of more than 85,000 journalists and more than 12.3 million people who search Google, Yahoo! and other portals every day. Your press release must appear on at least 40 top‐tier media web sites (where journalists and consumers can find it), with traffic‐boosting links back to your site (so Google can rank it higher).

Contact Any Celebrity - Get High Level Influential Endorsements

You can search this private database of celebrities. Inside you’ll find 67,100+ Celebrities, 13,100+ Representatives & 7,100+ Companies. So if you’re looking for a celebrity spokesperson, a charity partner, a blurb for your book, this is the place to go.

Upgraded Self - Learn Ways to Supercharge Your Brain and Body

Every morning I drink a special cup of Bulletproof coffee that gives you brilliant clarity of mind without the bad buzz. Get ready to learn about how grassfed butter gives you new superpowers (Yup. You put it IN your coffee. Sounds crazy I know). This was a lifesaver for me as peri‐menopausal symptoms such as brain fog, sluggishness and memory loss plagued me. I wasn’t even a coffee drinker at all and loved my morning cup of green tea. Harvard trained integrative physician and gynecologist, Dr. Sara Gottfried, (who typically recommends that you get off coffee to help regulate your hormones), suggested I try this regime. Now I’m a total devotee and even bring my own coffee, butter and mct oil (which you’ll learn about on the site) when I travel. Plus it tastes delicious. One friend said it was like having a milkshake.

Flexbelt - Use This Quick Toning System - Want to Get Sleek fast for a media appearance?

This is the secret Hollywood stars use to looking great, staying fit and getting a flat stomach fast without exercise. It's super simple. You strap the Flexbelt around you waist and it contracts your muscles like you’re doing sit-ups — while you’re walking around getting stuff done. I put it on first thing in the morning before I brush my teeth, feed the cats, start my day. I use the butt and thigh belt too and also the flexbelt for the arms.

Also, be sure to check out the micro-stim for the face, too. I use this religiously 5 times a week to keep my completion vibrant and reduce wrinkles. I'm wearing it now!

T‐Tapp - Lose 2 Dress or Pant Sizes in 30 Days

You're a month away from a smaller, more toned you. I went from a size 8 to a size 6 in a month (I'm now a size 4), Lisa Earle McLeod lost 2 dress sizes and got back the flat tummy she hasn't had for 10 years. If you've got a media appearance coming up and you want to get in tip top (T‐Tapp) shape ASAP, click here to order either Total Workout, Basic Plus, T‐Tapp MORE or Total System. (Read the descriptions to find the right program for you.) My sweetie is doing it in the living room right now. Yes, it works for men too. Also check out WhiteBrite, a teeth whitening spray that doesn't make your teeth sensitive and hurt (like all those other whitening kits), so as a TV guest your smile can be as bright as your information.

My Easy Online Store - Shopping Cart

The world’s #1 all‐in‐one email ezine service, online shopping cart, auto‐ responder, contact database and online business management system. 1ShoppingCart is the easiest and fastest system to create your very own online store‐front, send out your own professional looking newsletters, have people buy your products and services on the Internet, promote your own teleseminars and webinars and have your very own online business – even if you don’t have a website yet.This is what we use. It’s an easy reliable system for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

Pure Chat - Chat live with your website visitors

Use this chat box that you can program to pop up or not, to engage potential customers on your site live or later according to your schedule or the schedule of your customer service team. You'll see it right here on our site. So you can talk to visitors who have questions about your products or services in real-time and get sales on the spot. Use the free version forever if you don't go beyond 15 chats.

Aweber - Newsletter

We use this for our ezine delivery.

Infusionsoft - Shopping Cart

This is the Cadillac of shopping carts that most of the top Internet Marketers use. They have dedicated techs trained on their system to assist you in set up and ongoing support. It’s sophisticated – but also complex so plan on spending some time getting to know and understand how it works.

Office AutoPilot - Shopping Cart

People who don’t use Infusionsoft but want the same level of sophistication use Office AutoPilot. Most marketers have a dedicated tech running this program as well.

PayPal - Payment System

Over a million websites have set up online payments successfully with PayPal. This is an option inside 1shoppingcart so you don’t need to purchase it separately if you buy 1ShoppingCart.

WishList - Easy Membership Software

Turn your blog into a membership site. You can use it as a tool to help you teach courses, as a membership site, for your mastermind group, or a place to collaborate for your subscribers. We use this for our sound bite and mentorship courses as you can program it for different levels of access. A simple, straightforward and inexpensive way to protect your paid content.

Dropbox - Cloud Data Storage

We use this free service to transfer videos and key files, upload Skype & video interviews and files for clients and to access docs when traveling. We couldn’t live without it. Sign up for your free account to help you streamline your business.

*Some of the links above are “affiliate links.” This means if you ever purchase a product or service now or in the future offered via my link, I will receive a commission. I only recommend products or services I stand behind, use personally and believe will give you tremendous value. Enjoy!