Discover how to shine in the media spotlight, become a highly desirable repeat media guest on top TV, radio, podcasts, panels, presentations, print + blogs + leave a living legacy


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What Our Media Training Can Do For You 

Become a respected, known + beloved spokesperson or thought leader for your business + brand


Communicate your values, mission + message in the media, in meetings, on-camera, on stage, on social media.


Confidently handle any type of interviewer [nice, rambler, interrupter, uniformed, hostile]. Feel at ease navigating any challenging or surprising situation.


Embrace + use nervousness + fear. (I share techniques learned from martial arts, meditation masters + scientists). Embrace your quirks, weirdness + wildness to be the true you.


Understand how the media work—their rules, agendas + objectives so you don't ruin your reputation with one gaffe—or miff an opportunity of a lifetime.


Learn how to have instant charisma on-camera, on Zoom, in-person + on stage to enchant and entrain any audience. Make the right connections that accelerate your social impact + ROI.


Use clothes, make-up + neuroscience to enhance your natural charm, uniqueness + verve. Feel good in the skin you're in.

Media Training Walkthrough

We work together so everything you do, say, are + think is in complete alignment with your offer so you embody:
"My life is my message." ~Gandhi

Step 1: Get Started

Set goals, timeline, vision + mission that drives your core messaging.

Step 2: Define Customer Avatar

Identify target market verticals. Begin the content messaging + engagement strategy for each individual sector. 

Step 3: Role-Play + Rehearse

Develop specific stories + soundbites for your right-fit audiences to grow your business + brand that attracts the perfect clients, customers, partnerships, opportunities + sales.

Step 4: Master All Media Platforms

Handle each different broadcast, print + social medium. Master your worst-case scenarios, stuck points + triggers. Learn techniques to embody executive leadership presence, confidence + relaxation.

Step 5: Refine + Reiterate

Review media interviews to keep what went well + shift what didn't for the next opportunity. Let go of Imposter Syndrome + doubt. Experience consistent improvement to enjoy more confidence, comfort + calm.

Step 6: Become an Expert, Authority or Thought Leader

Become respected + revered to get tapped as a regular media commentator or guest. Demand higher consulting fees, contracts, speaking engagements + book deals.

Raves From My Clients

Susan Harrow is a course-changer: she profoundly alters the way I approach my online presence, new book, and virtual medical practice. I feel supercharged and empowered every time we talk. Her framework makes me think differently about what I do and how to expand my place in the world as an integrative physician, thought leader and hormone specialist. 

While she calls herself a media coach, her influence is far more broad and deep. Her guidance and attunement are unparalleled in the industry. In short, Susan Harrow is a genius and her influence on me is nothing short of miraculous. I’m thankful to have her on my team and suggest you add her to yours.

Sara Gottfried MD, Harvard-Trained Integrative Physician and author of the New York Times bestselling book, The Hormone Cure

Sara Gottfried MD 

Harvard-Trained Integrative Physician and Author of The New York Times-bestselling books, The Hormone Cure & The Hormone Reset Diet, Younger

Susan Harrow changed my life. I went from “geek speak” to "media speak." After working with Susan just a few short months I landed media placements in outlets that included the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The LA Times, USA Today, Oprah and Friends,,,, US News and World Report, Radio-TV Interview Report, Health, Smart Money, The Christian Science Monitor, CNN, National Public Radio, The History Channel, ABC News Now, and more. Susan taught me how to “do media,” on my own. I got lucrative consulting contracts with nationally recognized companies. The long litany of media accomplishments she facilitated serves as instant credibility that I could not purchase with a million-dollar advertising budget.

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert

Dr. Jeanne Hurlbert 

Director of Research CEG Worldwide & CEO of My Survey Expert

Susan Harrow is THE go-to media coach for any woman entrepreneur who wants to have a strong media presence. After working with her, I felt MUCH more prepared to skillfully navigate my appearances, ranging from everything from morning lifestyle shows to hard-news segments on Fox Business. I recommend Susan to all my clients who are ready to rock the media. If you have the chance to work with Susan, jump on it.

Ali Brown, Entrepreneur Mentor

Ali Brown

Entrepreneur Mentor featured on ABC's "Secret Millionaire," dubbed “The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily

Our course enrollment jumped from 100 to 700 people. I got a standing ovation and two checks for $100,000 each from people who believed in my vision. [$200,000]

On a lot of levels Susan helped me work out the messaging of the university and then bring that message out in a consistent way to the world. 

Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe 

President, University of Spiritual Healing & Sufism and Director, Dr. Jaffe MD Seminars Internationals

You taught me about the power of sincerity and being your real self. Yes you taught me about sound bites, and the technical parts of how to handle an effective interview, but you also taught me the foundation. The foundation is, your gift is your message, and it must be passionate and authentic. You are a blessing.

Dr. Kathleen Hall

Dr. Kathleen Hall 

Founder, The Stress Institute, Author of, A Life in Balance, Nourishing the Four Roots of True Happiness

Definitely very useful to practice talking about issues and cases in the interview chair. It definitely helped me to see how I come across on camera. I liked Susan a lot, she has a great personality and is very disarming.


ACLU Attorney

A Bit About Me...

I’m Susan Harrow, media trainer, marketing strategist, martial artist + author of the best-selling book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul® (Harper Collins).

For 33 years I’ve been the brains + heart behind Harrow Communications Inc., a worldwide media consultancy where I’ve trained thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs, authors, innovators, disrupters, speakers + thought leaders worldwide to turn their message into money while becoming highly desirable, repeat guests who shine in the media spotlight™.

My People. My Purpose.
I work with clients from just about every industry under the sun — with a definite soft spot for start-ups, socially conscious companies, style, gourmet food, sustainable living + the wild ones who are solving the world's most pressing problems. Oh, and anyone with a devilish sense of humor.

Results, Results, Results.
I’ve prepped my clients + course participants to appear on panels, podcasts, presentations + shows like Oprah, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fresh Air, Marketplace, Bloomberg, The Food Network, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, PRI, CNN, FOX, Wired, . . . and hundreds of print + online publications, including TIME, WIRED, USA Today, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Parade, People, O, Vogue, Vanity Fair, Bazaar, Self, Mademoiselle, Redbook and Seventeen etc.. It’s quite a list. And growing.

You may know me as the "Go To Girl" for getting on Oprah. What you might not know about me is that I’m a black belt in Aikido + was recruited by the CIA to be a spy.

A few things from my wild bio:

I was born to a gypsy mother who read people's futures on their faces. I inherited my mother's gift for seeing what is most important in a person.
My father was a marionette maker who taught me to go through life with no strings attached.
I was almost sold into slavery to a Bedouin Sheik in Israel for 10 camels and a mule.
In my twenties I taught tennis at training camps to future champs and at luxury resorts to daughters of dignitaries + sons of kings . . . as well as to underprivileged kids in the inner-city.

SECRET DREAM: Bring Aikido + communication coaching + job interview training into every school in the world to empower our girls and boys.

Experiencing Imposter Syndrome or Doubt?

Through neuroscience, martial arts + mindfulness-based practices we exponentially speed your calm, comfort + confidence for media interviews so doubt + Imposter Syndrome simply shifts.

"Be Yourself. Everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

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