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[NOTE: This is The One and Only System That Shows You How to
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Is This You?

Do you:

  • Dream of getting your product chosen as one of Oprah's favorite things?
  • Have a product that focuses on pets, health, wellness, food, fashion, fitness, accessories, anti-aging, home decor,  style, cuisine, coziness, tech, or education? 
  • Have a new innovation that specifically benefits women?
  • Run a business that you'd like to double or triple in size?
  • Are a black-owned business whose product benefits black women or women of color?
  • Believe that you have an Oprah worthy story?

Or Have You:

  • Mailed your products into O's editors but failed to received a response?
  • Sent numerous emails pitching your product and heard...silence?
  • Thought you weren't big enough or worthy enough to be featured in O?
  • Wondered if you had a chance given the fierce competition?

Get Your Product, Yourself and Your Business in Front of
8 Million More in the Digital Version!

O The Oprah Magazine/Quarterly could put your product and business on the proverbial map....

if you know what the editors want, how to approach them, and how to package your product and story properly.

Business owner featured 3 times in O Magazine shares how she did it and how you can too

Lori Karmel, owner of We Take the Cake, has been in O Magazine not once but 3 times! Once the Favorite Things List hit her cakes sold out in record time on Amazon. After Oprah named their Key Lime Bundt Cake a Favorite Thing Karmel told CNBC, "Our voice mail was filling up every 45 seconds—and our phones rang nonstop for two weeks.” 

Find out how this may be possible for you and your product too!

Your 10 Steps To Getting Featured In O

Get Your Product Featured in Oprah's Magazine/Quarterly With These 10 Steps:
  • Preface
  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Understand the Magazine
  • Step 2: Do Your Research
  • Step 3: Package Yourself and/or Your Product
  • Step 4: Prepare Your Pitch
  • Step 5: Make Contact
  • Step 6: Be Seen Everywhere in the Media
  • Step 7: Peak behind the Scenes
  • Step 8: Be Persistent
  • Step 9: Prepare for the Oprah Effect
  • Step 10: Leverage Your Success
  • Bonus Transcript: Behind the Scenes at the Oprah’s Favorite Things 
  • PLUS: 8 More Bonuses to Speed Your Success! 

The One and Only System That Shows You How to Get Into O, The Oprah Magazine

O Magazine System for Success

You won't find another course that shares the advice of publicists who regularly get their clients in O, or the ordinary people like you or me, who made it into the exclusive pages of the magazine that has THE most impact on your bottom line of any other women's magazine. 

O is the gold standard for anyone wanting to become a household name.

You deserve to know what it takes to have your product chosen for Oprah's magazine, and I'm going to show you how, with the exact information that you need to be one of the chosen few selected. 

You'll soon be able to bask in abundance and good fortune when you join the exclusive group of people who can say, "Did you see me in O, The Oprah Magazine?"

Set Yourself Apart from Your Competition

O, The Oprah Magazine/Quarterly prides itself in being a publication that values beauty, courage, attention to the finer points of relationships, and people doing amazing things in the world. I'll show you how you can embody the qualities that are important to Oprah and her editors and set you apart from your formidable competition. 

I'll also show you exactly what it takes to properly package and pitch your product so it passes the "O Test."

This Course Covers:

  • The exact steps to pitch the editors in ways they expect and prefer.
  • The criteria you need to know whether you are publicizing a product.
  • How to get quoted as an expert on your subject or topic.
  • Ways to make sure that editors can find you when searching for sources
    for their stories.
52 tips media mistakes images - talk show


  • Oprah's 10 hot buttons—topics that the editors are looking for.
  • How to package yourself or your product with panache.
  • Critical dos and don'ts.
  • The dangers and advantages of the freebie table.
  • Creative things you can do to get noticed.
  • Techniques to package your product or idea so that it's Oprah ready.


  • What works. The success stories of people promoting everything
    from chocolate to umbrellas, dog DVDs to pjs, hair products to books.
  • Why dogs might be your entre into the magazine.
  • Why a round-up might be your inside track to getting into the magazine.
  • A behind the scenes look at how people and products get chosen.
  • How getting into O could help you leapfrog to be chosen for Oprah's
    Favorite Things year end round-up.
  • How to parlay your success into big deals and more media.
  • What not to pitch—under any circumstances.
media training for O Magazine submissions

Your Bonuses Worth $3700

These bonuses come completely free with the course.

Pitch letter for O Magazine media training
Media training 100 word email

My Personal Hapiness Guarantee

I want to make sure that this program is going to work for you and that you're THRILLED with what you're learning and implementing. So if you’ve done the work, gone through the whole system, sent in your pitch letter to us to be edited then submitted it to O Magazine and you’re not 100% satisfied – I want to send your money back ASAP. If you’re not pleased, then I’m not happy. 

Just jet me an email or call my support team to cancel before 30 days. No reason necessary. That’s my promise!

If you have any issues or questions about this product, please click here to send a private message to Susan Harrow.

Have Questions?
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Susan Harrow, The Creator of This Course

Susan Harrow is a world renowned media coach, marketing strategist, martial artist, PR expert and author of the best-selling book Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul (HarperCollins).

I was featured on the CNBC special “The Oprah Effect” discussing how businesses skyrocket to stardom with Oprah’s Midas touch.

My clients and course participants have been featured regularly in O Magazine. (One 3 times!) 

For 34 years I've media trained thousands of CEOs, entrepreneurs + thought leaders worldwide to shine on Oprah, 60 Minutes, The Today Show, Good Morning America, Fresh Air, Marketplace, NPR, CNN, NYT, WSJ, Wired, Forbes, Inc., O, Parade, Vogue, etc. 

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