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10 Bay Area Media Training Experts For The Speaking Challenged GirlBoss

By Nancy Laws

The first time I had to speak publicly was a whirlwind interview with my local news station. I had never done an interview before, at least not one that focused on me as the speaker and I was terrified. Looking back now, although the interview allowed me to test the waters, I would have hired a media training expert.


Because first impressions are everything! And although I believe I said enough, with the help of an expert, I could have really made an impact because a coach can help you work through the nerves in order to get to the nitty and gritty of it all. Not all business owners are great speakers and representing our brands means that we have to be able to get our brand message out there efficiently.

Are you looking for more media opportunities this holiday season?

If you are based in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’ve got your first – or second, or fifth – interview to prepare for, you might want to consider expert help in your preparation. Here are the top 10 media coaches in the area.

Murray Newlands

Murray is a media coach who brings with him years of experience both in front of the camera and behind it, as a media coach. He knows how scary your first media event can be and will help you not just overcome it but turn into a star and start giving great interviews. Check out his Media Training Guide for Executives, too.

Susan Harrow

Susan is a media coach and publicity expert who likes to cater to the needs of many clients in unusual occupations but she also takes on book authors, entertainment industry professionals, and anyone else that fits her new client criteria of being socially conscious, argumentative, or fun.

Greg Levefre

Greg is the founder of Greg Lefevre Media, and has a decades-long background in network TV. His services cover both coaching for interviews and media events and video production. An Emmy award winner, he promises he can teach you making the most of your appearance on camera.

Bill Cole

Bill Cole’s range of services are mostly focused on job interview coaching but he does provide specific training for media events, too, covering TV, radio and other media channels. In addition, his firm offers a special mental training program to deal with stage fright and anxiety.

Panic Media Training

This two-member joint features Janet Kornblum, previously with USA Today, and Trish McDermott, the Vice President of Romance at The two have solid media experience as interviewers and interviewees that they would share with you to help you get ready for your big moment.

Michael Neuendorff

An advertiser by education, Michael Neuendorff is not only a media coach, but also a public speaker, a business consultant, and trainer. If your business needs some marketing advice on top of the media coaching, he can provide that, too.

Lorraine Howell

Lorraine Howell’s company, Media Skills Training, offers a set of practical tips for your first media interview, highlighting your strengths and help you control the situation. She also offers message formatting services, to make what you have to say suitable for more than one medium.

Judy Grant

Judy Grant, a 20+-year vet from the media world, is the founder of Grant and Associates, a company that provides coaching and training services to anyone whose job involves communicating to the media and to groups of people. From speech writing to wardrobe management, the service range is extensive.

Manny Ramos

Manny Ramos is an Emmy award winner and a vet of over 20,000 interviews. His expertise covers how to convey a successful message and make it news; how to behave on camera so you look and sound better; and what to avoid in your media engagements.

Patricia Schwartz

Patricia Schwartz has over 30 years of experience in leadership and management training. Currently, she provides coaching services for team leaders and teams, helping individuals play to their strengths and become better communicators, leaders, and relationship builders.

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