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Is Your Daughter in Danger?

True Shield

Mean girls at school. Cyber-bullying on Facebook. Boyfriends who want to have sex — when she doesn’t. Teachers who grade her unfairly. Flunking the job interview.

No doubt about it: being a teenager is not easy.

Getting through the craziness takes strength, confidence and a big dose of self-respect.

If you’re tired of seeing your daughter get disrespected, pushed around, or just plain overwhelmed by all the drama, it’s time to power up.

This book is the new angel in your pocket — for every mom.

TRUE SHIELD is a teen girl’s guide to surviving real life.

Inside, your daughter will learn how to navigate 10+ of life’s trickiest scenarios — from cyber-bullying to gossiping to groping in the hallways at school, and more. What to say. What to do. How to get through it — and hold her ground.

In short, this is fast self-defense for girls to boost positive self esteem, gain confidence and become empowered.

What’s inside.

Tips, scripts, martial arts-inspired self-defense moves, uplifting quotes, true stories and real life advice from girls in their teens and twenties to remind her that no matter what’s going on, she can survive it. And keep her self-respect.

Learn how to ...

  • Heighten your sensory awareness - ninja-style - so that you can spot bullies and creeps before they invade your space.
  • Defend yourself - or a friend/classmate/sibling - in any situation, even if your attacker is much bigger than you.
  • Create a “spirit shield” so that other people’s bitterness, anger, or stress doesn’t affect you - you are grounded and focused, no matter what.
  • Use martial arts techniques to command people’s attention and respect - and even negotiate a higher grade or salary.
  • Polish your spirit, become more confident and fearless, and become a Champion for those who are weaker, ignored, or don’t have a voice.

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Here’s a peek at what’s inside:

  • Scenario 1. When the “cool girl” teases you (or spreads rumors about you).
  • Scenario 2. When a guy grabs your butt or boobs.
  • Scenario 3. When you’re offered drugs.
  • Scenario 4. When a bully is threatening you.
  • Scenario 5. When someone is cyber-bullying you (or trying to destroy your reputation online).
  • Scenario 6. When you’ve got your hand raised, but the teacher is ignoring you.
  • Scenario 7. When a teacher gives you a grade that you don’t agree with.
  • Scenario 8. When people are catcalling you on the street.
  • Scenario 9. When you want to get a job or internship, but they don’t believe you’ve got any skills to offer.
  • Scenario 10. When somebody asks you on a date (and the answer is “no”).
  • [Bonus] Scenario 11. When somebody wants to have sex (and the answer is “no”).
  • [Bonus] Scenario 12. When your parents won’t give you any privacy.
  • [Super Bonus] Books, music, movies and more.

Susan HarrowAbout the author.

After watching shy, quiet, artsy or intellectual friends get bullied in high school, Susan Harrow decided that sitting back and “just watching” wasn’t acceptable.

She began a lifelong journey that continues to this day: exploring what it takes to speak your mind, hold your ground and sing your song™, even when life gets incredibly tough.

As communication expert and media coach, she has trained thousands of people over the past twenty years, helping them to express themselves clearly and powerfully — even under serious pressure.

In her twenties Susan taught English in high school in San Francisco and was a tennis pro who taught at resorts and tennis camps countrywide where she helped many girls stoke their fires.

As black belt in Aikido, she brings the ancient Japanese martial arts philosophy into her work, emphasizing non-aggression, inner calm and harmony — even in situations that really, totally stink.

Susan is a sought-after media coach, marketing expert & the author of the bestselling book Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: A Woman's Guide to Promoting Herself, Her Business, Her Product or Her Cause with Integrity and Spirit.

True Shield is Susan’s first book written especially for teenage girls — but not her last.

When she’s not writing, coaching or practicing Aikido at her local dojo, you can find Susan online at

True Shield

MOMS: 83 Pages packed with a dozen strategies to keep your daughter safe and to build her martial art and self-respect abilities.

Build your daughter’s self-esteem, confidence and self-defense skills so she stays out of danger.

GIRLS: Never get caught without the right words to speak your heart, stop unfairness, fend off bullies and thwart unwanted advances — and get what you truly want.

Be strong, vulnerable and feminine. You’ll discover how to: Speak your mind. Stand your ground. Sing your song.™ — whoever you’re with, wherever you are. True Shield

True Shield


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