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Every mp3 audio, every e-book, every online course I’ve created… everything you need to promote yourself, your business, your book, your product, your cause or your idea to the top on TV, radio, Internet and in print. Some of these products are no longer available in the new store, as we’ve recently streamlined, so you can ONLY get them here.

NOTE: In the Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Membership Club there is a LIVE group Q&A mastermind once a month so please attend when you can! And, you have been given LIFETIME access so you can join us whenever it’s convenient for you and access the lessons.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Hard Copy

In this groundbreaking work, media coach and marketing strategist, Susan Harrow, guides you through the ins and outs of publicity and marketing to help you gain public recognition and take your business to the top. Autographed hard copy available only on this site. (Free shipping).

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul E-Course


Your Signature Sound Bites Self-Paced Online Course

You’ll never be ignored, invisible or overlooked again. Speaking in sound bites is the missing link to get what you want in business and in life. People who have taken this course often tripled their income through sales, sponsorships and speaking engagements. You’ll cut the learning curve and understand how to master yourself and the media – or any situation where you have speak your mind— and your heart.

The Your Signature Sound Bites Course includes the following bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®—Self Esteem from the Inside Out MP3 audio and PDF transcript ($79)
  • Bonus #2: Why Can’t Women Be More Like Men? MP3 audio and PDF transcript ($79)
  • Bonus #3: Get Booked on Top Radio Shows PDF transcript ($39.95)
  • Bonus #4: Get Yourself on TV Any Time, Any Where PDF transcript ($79)

NEW! Bonus Modules

  • Bonus #5: Social Media Mania. ($497)
  • Bonus #6: Meet, greet and sell templates. ($497)
  • Bonus #7: Fill in the blank sound bite and press kit templates. ($497)
  • Bonus #8: Abolish fear. ($497)

Total Bonus Extras Including the Course and the $500 Free Consult (we hope you get it!) = More Than $3,000.00

Susan Harrow


Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul 25 Day E-Course

Think of this a your publicity course in a box. Every day for 25 days you’ll get one easy actionable invitation in your inbox to get yourself prepared to become a media darling. To become golden. You’ll be guided on how to start and sustain a publicity campaign that suits your talents and temperament. Inside every email you’ll get a goodie – a personal podcast message directly from me to keep you inspired and on track. By day 25 you’ll have all the elements of a publicity campaign set up. You’ll be ready to go. Lights! Camera! Action!

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul E-Course


How to Get into O, the Oprah Magazine E-Book (PDF)

Publicists and people with products, businesses, books, services, and stories who got into 0 Magazine share their tips, insights, and strategies in 15 easy-to-implement steps so you can too. If you want to “crack the code” on getting into THE most powerful placement on the planet for products of interest to women— this book is for you. You will learn strategies and techniques via this comprehensive guide to get the attention of the editors in O Magazine (ahead of your competitors) so you can double or triple your sales—and sustain that success long-term. You can go from being an unknown to a household name virtually overnight….

Get Into O Magazine


How To Get A Six Figure Book Advance E-Book (PDF)

Want to be paid $100,000, $500,000, $975,000 or more for your book? Get a top literary agent to scoop you up? Discover how to create a book proposal that will earn you a 6 figure advance—in 15 easy steps. You’ll find out how to make big money for your book IDEA… even before you write it… (even if it’s your first book).

How To Get A Six Figure Book Advance


Turn Your Book Into a Bestseller—In Less Than 6 Hours (Mp3 Audio & PDF)

Learn from the experts how to propel your book to the top of the bestseller lists. 6 accomplished publishing professionals tell you how to get your book on the bestseller list—in less than 6 hours. They share with you the most important techniques of promoting your book successfully into the public. You’ll also discover surprising behind the scenes secrets from those authors who have made it to the top.



Secrets to Getting Top TV Talk Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest (PDF)

The phone rings. You hear an authoritative voice say, “Hello, I’m the producer of…Good Morning America or Oprah, or The Today Show” or any other top talk show, you name it. This is your big moment, the break you’ve been waiting for. After you catch your breath what do you do? Producers make an instant assessment of you in thirty seconds—or less. When you get that coveted call from a producer, you aren’t just “talking” to him: you’re auditioning. You are being screened to be accepted or eliminated as a guest on their show. This ebook teaches you the secrets to help you make the cut.

Secrets to Getting Top TV Show Producers to Book You as Their Guest


Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ (MP3 Audio)

You don’t need to sell out or be slick to get what you want. I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of publicity and marketing to help you gain public recognition and take your business to the top. We’re not talking about 15 minutes of fame, but rather a lifetime of influence.

Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul E-Course


Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul™ Membership Club: LIFETIME ACCESS (Self-paced online course + live Q&A)

You’ll lay the groundwork and prepare for the media spotlight, step-by-step… so that you can attract more clients, more customers, more revenue and more people raving about YOU. The structure? One lesson every month, a live Q&A Mastermind call, a private Facebook group, an accountability buddy, and a bevy of priceless goodies (including time-saving templates for sales emails, pitch letters, about pages, bios and press releases.) Plus resources, checklists, interviews with special guest experts, and supportive community feedback and that will all help you move forward fast as you grow your business—while keeping your integrity intact.



Secrets to Becoming a Media Sensation (PDF)

Have you ever felt like you had to perform, put on a mask, or not tell the total truth about yourself to get what you want?

If so, Susan Harrow shows you how you can let that all go. Develop your presence, your power as a woman, and your essential messages. Live a life of truth and honesty — while promoting yourself, your business, your book, your product or your cause.

Secrets to Becoming a Media Sensation


How to Navigate the Film & Television Industry to Get Your Idea Sold or Made into Movies & TV Series (MP3 Audio & PDF)

Susan Harrow Interviews Industry Insider Philippa Burgess

Join me, media coach & marketing strategist Susan Harrow, while I interview Philippa Burgess, a partner in Creative Convergence Inc, a Los Angeles entertainment firm that produces film and TV projects, to discover how you can get your screenplay, book, story or idea made into a movie or television series.



Get Booked on Oprah and Featured in O, The Oprah Magazine with Christine Kloser (MP3 Audio & PDF)

In the second 60 minute audio download I discuss this very topic with Christine Kloser, The Conscious Entrepreneur. Getting into O, The Oprah Magazine can mean publicity on a grand scale. Not only is the magazine read by 2.65 million people, it’s a magazine that doesn’t get thrown away. So you don’t get a mad rush of business once, but for many months. An entrepreneur increased her business by 60% in thirty days. Imagine what it would be like for you to do the same.

Christine Kloser


How to Get a Six Figure Book Advance — Coaches and Consultants (MP3 Audio & PDF)

Whether you’re a seasoned author, a first-time novice or anyone in between, find out how you can be one of the upper echelon of authors who command big money. In this seminar you’ll discover what it takes to deepen your brand, elevate your coaching profile and be a best-selling author-like many of Susan’s clients who have gotten hefty 6 figure advances for their books. (NOTE: This information is different than the information contained in the “Get a 6 Figure Book Advance” book.)

How to Get a Six Figure Book Advance — Coaches


Speak at The Learning Annex® and Adult Learning Centers to Skyrocket Your Consulting, Coaching and Product Sales with Dan Janal (MPAudio & PDF)

Why do Donald Trump, Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, and Robert Kiyosaki speak at The Learning Annex®? And why should you? Because you can earn thousands of dollars selling your consulting, coaching, products, programs and books—even if your audience is small. Double or triple your consulting, coaching and product sales with some secrets from the masters.

Dan Janal


Secrets to Skyrocket Your Speaking and Writing Career (PDF)

How to sell your knowledge, products and services to The Learning Annex and Adult Learning Centers nationwide. Many popular and famous speakers got a quick-start on their careers by teaching at adult learning centers throughout the U.S. People like Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Dad, Poor Dad), Barbara Sher (Do What You Love and The Money Will Follow), Wayne Dyer (Your Erroneous Zones), and Cheryl Richardson (Take Time for Your Life) built their businesses this way.

If you want to follow in their successful footsteps to build your own business you’ll want this e-book. It’s a comprehensive guide to getting into this VERY competitive market.

Secrets to Skyrocket Your Speaking and Writing Career


The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah E-Book (PDF)

While The Oprah Show is no longer on the air this book has critical information in it applicable to getting on ANY top talk show. And, it will also help you get on Super Soul Sunday as much of the same criteria applies.

This version has the most current comprehensive information on The Oprah Show for her last season, plus the stories and pitch letters from ordinary and extraordinary people who explain their strategies for making it on the show – which you can model for any national TV show. You’ll get all the new examples and case studies from people who have products, books, services or causes who got on the show. Take these templates and use them for the talk show of your choice.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah


Using Sound Bites to Get on Oprah & Other Top Talk Shows with Nancy Juetten (MP3 Audio & PDF)

Nancy Juetten, of Main Street Media, is a Publicist who used the information in my Get Into O Magazine E-book to get one of her clients featured in the magazine. She interviews me in depth about ways to use sound bites so you get chosen to be on the show. In one hour I pack in as much information as possible about how to approach the Oprah show to get noticed. You’ll hear about the 3 things you must do before you even begin contacting the media. Magic words and phrases to say to producers that keep them listening. This is the most current information you’ll find on the subject.

Nancy Juetten


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