make sales from your media interviews

3 Simple Steps to Turn Media Interviews into Sales

3 Simple Steps to Turn Media Interviews into Sales Many people don’t understand what an engaging messaging strategy is when it comes to the publicity that gets them featured—and beloved—on radio, TV, podcasts, and print. In other words, they don’t know how to create sound bites that sell. They don’t know that it’s not enough…

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How to Befriend Bloggers (Without Feeling Awkward or Stalkery!)

By Guest Blogger Sarah Von Bargen I thought, for a bit, that I should really title this post ‘How To Network With Bloggers’ – because, you know, SEO and what not. But the word ‘networking’ feels intimidating and overwhelming and slightly gross.  Eating subpar appetizers while someone shoves their business card in my face and shrieks…

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100 + Awe Inspiring Free Images For Your Blog + Social Media Posts

Here is repository of glorious resources including free images stock to spice up your website, blog, special reports, press releases, and your social media posts, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter Feed. You’ll find beautiful, quirky, glamorous, vintage, bizarre, weird, wild and breathtaking royalty free images to download. I’ve listed lots of websites that have free high…

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