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My hate / love affair with Instagram

I go back and forth regarding social media. How much time should I spend on it? Is it worth it? Is it fun? Is it necessary? Which medium is best for me and my peeps? What do I enjoy/despise doing? I’m so conflicted about it. One minute I think I’ll dive into Instagram Live Stories and…

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10 Ways to Boost Business Performance by Power of Social Media – in 2024 and Beyond

Summary: Social media is crucial for businesses to promote their products. Here are 10 ways to improve business performance using social media: define your target audience, focus on engagement, optimize your social profiles, determine the best posting times, use social network tools, offer exclusive content, embrace videos, leverage communities, engage in content creator communities, and…

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How to Befriend Bloggers (Without Feeling Awkward or Stalkery!)

By Guest Blogger Sarah Von Bargen I thought, for a bit, that I should really title this post ‘How To Network With Bloggers’ – because, you know, SEO and what not. But the word ‘networking’ feels intimidating and overwhelming and slightly gross.  Eating subpar appetizers while someone shoves their business card in my face and shrieks…

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These 5 Questions Will Cure That Horrible Bloggers’ Block

By Guest Blogger Sarah Von Bargen Friends, a warning. This post will not give you copy and paste ideas for blog posts. This is not where I suggest starting a meme-worthy post series like “what’s in your purse?” (Not because I don’t want to know what’s in your purse because I totally do. What’s your stance…

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I Built an Igloo + Other Thoughts About Wonder

We played in the vast cornfields, running like colts, picking the lacy white flowers called Queen Anne’s Lace, which are really weeds.  Ella Wheeler Wilcox said, “A weed is but an unloved flower,” and we loved these frilly things. What I remember most from those days was the space. The wide open hills, the meadows,…

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