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Script Your TV Segment Pitch to Create Interest

…and Demand

A TV segment gives the perception that you’re already at the top of your field or industry. In today’s media environment many TV shows are now working with skeleton crews it’s more important than ever to take control of creating and scripting your own TV segment when you appear on local or national TV. Your reputation depends on it.


Publicists, individuals or companies:

Often production teams have been streamlined due to the tight economy – which gives us the great opportunity to take up the slack by developing your entire 2-6 minute national TV segment. I’ve created dozens of segments for my own private clients and for PR Firms who hire me to train their clients. So whether you’re a  publicity firm, a media training company, are part of a corporation, own your own business, or are an entrepreneur you can hire me to put together a professionally prepared TV segment and then prepare you or your client to deliver it flawlessly.

The Process:

Together we draft your bio, chyron (the on screen description of you and your business) and the questions and answers to lead hosts elegantly through a tightly crafted script. Then we develop the B-roll (background footage like photos or video), props, and elements to illustrate your points. These serve to guide through your talking points and help you stay on track, block your “scenes” and create a lively show that brings you in the kind of business, partnerships, sales and experiences you want.

After that we run through the segment at the realistically swift pace of a 2-6 minute interview and time it to the second until you’re calm, comfortable and confident. Next we plan for any mishaps so you can deliver your message seamlessly no matter what happens at the last minute so you’re perceived as a credible, fascinating and respected guest who is repeatedly asked back.

Finally, if we have time, we plan a few other segment ideas that you can propose on the spot after you finish taping, given the best time to get booked for another segment is when the energy is high from the success of the show you just completed. These will be brief outlines that we’ll flesh out later once you’re booked.

Producers want complete segments not general pitches:

Even if you don’t have a local or national TV spot booked, we can still create a segment idea for you to pitch to the shows on which you want to appear. Producers are much more likely to accept a fully conceived show segment than they are to accept a slimly outlined idea where they have to do all the work. This makes it easy for producers to book you over your competition and it allows you more control over how you’re perceived.

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Re-packagable content:

You’ll have a complete TV segment that you can use for your TV show appearance that you can then use or modify for other shows. You’ll begin to understand how a TV show appearance is put together and packaged so you represent yourself, your business, service, product or cause in such a way to create interest and demand in your audience so every media appearance brings you in the kind of business, partnerships, sales and experiences you want to grow your business and reputation. Once you have a TV clip you’ll be able to be booked more easily on other local and national shows as producers can vet you instantly and see that you’re mediagenic and would make a good guest for show.

Fast-track your publicity:

Getting on TV can fast-track your publicity so you can become a regular commentator, respected authority, or stand-out above your competitors when it comes to closing a sale, getting booked for a speaking engagement, securing a book deal, being invited to an exclusive event, or afforded an opportunity, sometimes an opportunity of a lifetime, that you couldn’t possibly even imagine.

Script a TV Segment Package


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100% Satisfaction GuaranteedAnd that’s why I don’t offer refunds for Script a TV Segment sessions once we’ve begun our work together. If for any reason you’re dissatisfied during our session and voice your unhappiness we will discuss a refund at that time. Know that this has never happened! I want you to be delighted and to leave with a script that you love.

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