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How Can I Get on TV? 6 Simple Steps to Skyrocket your Success


When I was preparing for my media tour for my book, Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, I thought that I’d love being on radio and despise being on TV. I’m kinda shy and don’t really relish being in the spotlight. Radio, you can be in your fuzzies, sip your tea, and snuggle in with a cat on your lap.

But it turned out I loved TV. The fast pace, the thinking on your feet, the excitement of the cameras, suited my style and temperament. What I didn’t love was sitting back stage in the make-up chair for an hour while a stranger fussed with my face and hair slathering on grody make-up and misting me with hairspray. I don’t even like to put mascara on myself let alone have someone else that close to my eyes. It’s pretty darn personal.

So when Matthew Kimberley asked me to do a masterclass for his website,daily success deals via Skype split screen video, my first thought was…oh no there goes an hour out of my already hectic morning doing make-up.

Matthew Kimberley

But, then I remembered how much I loved doing TV. And since I would be talking all about getting on TV I just decided that I’d reward myself with delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese on a toasted gluten free bagel to start the morning right. Our cat Lucky is always at the ready as soon as I take the cream cheese out of the fridge so he can get his dab.

There’s no opt-in you can just see it as soon as you get to the website. But it only stays up until Monday April 29 so mosey on by.

Confession. It took me longer to do my make-up than it did to make this video. And no, that’s not a bullet hole in the art piece you see behind me in my office. It’s a vintage Purina Dog Chow Tin. I think the holes add to its charm.

You’ll learn:

  1. The biggest mistake you can make when it comes to getting on TV that can ruin everything.
  2. How to get chosen over your competitors-and still play nice.
  3. How to make yourself irresistible to TV producers.
  4. What you need to think about BEFORE you get booked on TV. (This can make the difference between making a fortune and not making a dime.)
  5. What to wear on TV. (Hint: we talk about socks).
  6. How a flash-drive can be save your skin and your show.

Plus, you’ll get to see something in Matthew’s hotel room that will surprise – and we hope – delight you.

To seeing your name in lights,


How a B2B business took on Black Friday deals and won


By Guest Blogger Lisa N. Alexander

marketing bootcampOMG.

They were everywhere.

Advertisements for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday filled my inbox and jammed my mailbox. They were littered across my social media networks; they crowded the airwaves and even filtered into my online groups.

Everybody had something to pitch, hoping they’d end the year in the black and surely the White House said a prayer for a surge in spending to help economic growth.

As the first big shopping weekend of the holiday season drew near I pondered what I could possibly do, what could I offer with all the ads promising slashed prices and discounts galore.

I pondered.

What was a B2B to do?

I decided that I wouldn’t sell a thing. Instead I would give something away. I thought this unique selling proposition (USP) would definitely set me apart and stand out in the season’s raging sea of advertisements.

Earlier this year I hosted a marketing bootcamp; I covered eight marketing topics and decided to give away one of those sessions…Design 101. I bought a domain name, built a quick landing page and placed an ad on Facebook and put up a flyer in a few groups. This would be my test to see if this crazy idea would be worth expanding next Black Friday.

Here’s what happened

  • From November 23 to November 26 my Facebook business page saw likes increase by 5.5 percent. Not too bad given my ad’s parameters.
  • Twenty-four people signed up to receive the free session and 41 percent of those people had no previous engagement with my brand.
  • The jury is still out on conversions because those who took advantage of the free offer have a few more days to purchase the entire bootcamp at the discounted price. (It is the holidays and lots of people like to wait till the last minute.)

Experiment takeaways

Will I do this again next year? Definitely. This campaign allowed people to experience my brand in a way typically not available to prospects. Forty-one percent of the people who requested the free session had never engaged with my brand previously.

Free stuff in general. Everyone usually has something they give away for free. It’s how we build our lists right? Amazingly, the other 59 percent of the people who took me up on my free offer were people who were familiar with my brand. To be quite honest I was shocked to see some of the names of the people who requested the session.

My blog is a great source of information, I have a business event list that I put out just to subscribers and other freebies but the session pulled in a different caliber of audience. Giving away something of value hands down seems to be the best draw. So it’s not just about giving away something for free, it’s about giving away something really good for free.

Closing the deal. Next year, I’ll definitely shorten the sales window, no more than a week after receiving the free session.

So that’s it. My USP for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday connected me to new members of my target audience and I was able to offer this group and even those familiar with my brand something they truly valued. I’ll call it a success even without my sales numbers which I’m sure will drive some in the C-suite absolutely nuts.

Known as The Marketing Stylist™, Lisa N. Alexander helps entrepreneurs and small business owners grow their businesses through strategic marketing and planning. Lisa describes this process as helping clients develop their WOW factor for their big marketing red carpet events. Web launches, advertising campaigns, social media marketing, new business launches are all big marketing events that require the expertise of a stylist and her clients love her work. Lisa is also an author, public speaker and was featured as a mom business with a “stellar” unique selling proposition.

3 Superstar Secrets to Getting Results From Your Media Appearances


By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Most people who are in a rush to get publicity dash off a press release and then expect instant fame. But what typically happens IF the media calls is they don’t have their sound bites ready. What follows is…disappointment.

They don’t get quoted, or if they do it does little or nothing for their business. Then they blame the media, saying that publicity doesn’t work. In order for publicity to work – you have to do the work first.

So BEFORE you ever contact the media watch this video to find out the three things you should do that set the foundation of your talking points or sound bites. Then craft your stories, statistics, facts, vignettes, one liners, aphorisms, anecdotes, analogies and acronyms that are the mainstay of your messages.

Why Cat Videos Are so Popular: And What You Can Learn From Them


By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Tranquil Kitty

There’s a new study that a cat videos make you more productive. “Japanese scientists found that workers who watched kittens and other cute baby animals on the Internet are more focused and productive the rest of the day,” noted host Peter Sagal on Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell me, the crazy funny NPR show. Cat videos cheer you up and energize you.

So the next time you’re doing a video think kittens and cute. What can you interject to give people that boost that they need in the middle of the day? Can you incorporate a real or stuffed animal into some quirky point you want to make? We’re all looking for a lift – even while we’re being taught something useful. Think about how you can animate your information so people will want to pass it around.

Here’s the crazy thing about video. It’s often the video that’s NOT directly about your business that brings you in clients, customers and sales. It’s this back door approach that makes people feel good, then curious about you and your offerings. So give up a little bit of your serious, gotta sell, gotta enroll, gotta get ’em in your sales funnel mentality and look to connect on the cozy. A little cute never hurt anyone.

Here’s my contribution for my favorite cat videos:

Be patient for the payoff


This one is an adorable compilation

My 3rd Kyu Aikido Test: How it’s like a TV Interview


By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul 


During Aikido tests you’re not supposed to talk. That alone is torture for me because I feel like I can talk my way out of anything. So my safety valve is gone. You’re supposed to do the technique that is called out in Japanese by the Sensei. Standing at his desk in the dojo a few days before my test Sensei mentioned that sometimes, in the extreme tension of the moment during a test, you suddenly don’t understand the technique that is called.

That’s what happened to me.

At one point during the test it was like my Sensei was speaking Swahili and I could make no sense of his words….

So I said as such. Sensei then described what I was to do and I remembered the technique and did it.

Much the same thing can happen in the bright lights of a TV studio. Suddenly it seems like the host is speaking a language you’ve never heard and your brain goes dead. In a TV interview if you go blank the experienced host or interviewer will typically ask you a leading question that will help trigger the answer. They want to help make it a great interview as much as you do. You reach deep into your mind and pull out something that you hope approximates an answer.

If you can use humor and create a moment of breathing room then things can easily get back on track. The important thing is to keep going without calling a good deal of attention to your gaffe.

In this video what you’ll see is how, in several instances, I did the incorrect technique, noticed and then made the correction without getting too flustered. Keeping your equanimity and continuing on is as much a part of the test as knowing and carrying out the proper techniques.

You’re judged on how you handle yourself overall, not by the minutia of the conversation.

For more media coaching and publicity tips, and some outrageous, shocking and provocative stuff that may tick you off or tickle you I invite you to subscribe to my new YouTube Channel here:

For those of you interested in Aikido and how it applies to work, play, and mastery of self go here:

Finally, question for you:

Have you ever gone blank in a media interview? How did you recover?

Create Your Own Mobile App – without techie skills


Do you have app fever?

By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

Do you have app fever? That ever present urge to download another cool must-have app? I just read about one in O Magazine I had to have that shows you where to find all the fun stuff you love to do wherever you are.

While my social media manager and I were meeting at my house he loaded in a few for me like Sonar which tells you who in your social networks is nearby. We found a hot shot start-up CEO having lunch in the local burrito joint. I could have zipped down there to meet him if I’d had the time.

Even if you don’t have app fever, pretty much everyone else does.

Check this out:

  • 64% of mobile phone time is spent on apps (Nielsen 2012)
  • Over 300,000 apps have been developed over the last three years
  • Apps have been downloaded 10.9 billion times

Apps are now easy to create – even if you know nothing about technology (hello, that’s me).

In this free webinar you will learn how to easily create and give away free apps that generate $100 A Day Per App!

Rick Jorgenson will also show you how to:

  • Identify the right niche markets
  • Create simple non-techie info apps for those markets
  • Monetize those apps for those markets
  • Give away those apps to your niche audience

Save your seat now in this free webinar and create your own app simple-style.

50 Shades Between the Sheets Mobile App Heats it Up

by Guest Blogger Angela Giles

50 Shades Between The SheetsThe new mobile app “50 Shades Between the Sheets” is creating quite a stir in the bedroom and in Google Play Store. Android lovers are downloading this racy app at lightning speed. Faster than you can say, “Hot.”

Ever since the hot trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookshelves and got women all hot and bothered, they’ve been wanting more excitement in their real lives. This new mobile app is geared toward women, giving them innovative ideas to ignite the passion in their relationship.

Ladies will learn how to “text” the romance back into their relationships, “talk dirty” secrets, and other hot tidbits too racy to mention here. The smoldering reviews speak for themselves:

  • “Hot, Hot, App – LOVEEEEEEEEEE IT!
  • “I love this APP, it is full of FAB ideas for anyone to keep or stoke the fires of passion in their relationship!! Totally download this App. I am giving it 5 stars!!!”
  • “Ooh la la! Great stuff to spice up marriage. Very creative.”
  • “Wow. this is hot stuff! Love the ideas and tips…great stuff!”

This app is so appealing because it offers advice to women of any age who want to continually have a scorching, passion-filled connection with her partner. And best of all, “50 Shades Between the Sheets” is free to download!

Go for it ladies. Start having fun by downloading “50 Shades Between the Sheets” here.

Want to create your own “hot” (or not) mobile app? No tech skills required. 

Top 3 Reasons We Can’t Get Clients


By: Rob Scott

Rob ScottIt’s incredibly important to have the skill of being able to “get clients,” because if we can’t get clients, then we don’t have any business. And I know too many people (including myself a few years back) who struggle to find enough clients to make their business succeed.

In a recent survey I did, I found that almost all coaches want to have at least 10-15 clients. But a HUGE 81.3% of those surveyed only had 3 clients or LESS (many had 0, 1, or 2 clients), which in most cases is not enough to make a living.

Almost all coaches, need more clients. And I’m sure this is true for consultants, accountants, massage therapists, and all kinds of other professions that serve clients with their businesses.

Let’s look at the top 3 things holding us back:

Reason #1 – We Resist Selling

The first reason has two parts… First is that deep down, we are afraid of rejection. We avoid rejection in lots of areas throughout our lives because we’re trying to stay safe. But what ends up happening instead is we stay SMALL.

Think about it, guys don’t always ask girls to go out because we worry they will say no. We don’t ask for raises even when we feel we deserve them because we’re scared of being turned down. And we certainly avoid sales conversations because we do not want to be rejected and embarrassed.

But there’s another part to why we resist selling… And this one I like to blame on the used car salesmen. It’s our deep desire to never look pushy, or annoying. You’ve probably had the experience of dealing with a pushy salesperson before. It feels horrible. And so many of us don’t want to look like that, and we avoid selling, so we are never perceived that way…

These two reasons, being worried about rejection, and not wanting to appear pushy are enough to stop most people from trying to sell at all. Many of us may be aware we dislike selling, but for some of us this is totally unconscious. And we wonder why our business isn’t where we want it to be.

We need to get this handled. We need to see that there is a way to stay heart centered and really authentic when we sell. And we also need to realize, it’s not really about us, it’s about connecting the right person with the help, service or product they need. That’s all.

Reason #2 – We don’t know how to find and approach new prospects

I remember sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring. I had become a coach, and was sure that just because I was really good at it, people would start showing up. But boy, was I wrong. Here’s the sad, harsh truth…

They are not coming.

People are not looking for you. They are not waiting around the next corner to come running to you. And there probably aren’t that many people actively referring you. Getting business is your responsibility. You must go out and find your clients.

But even once you find them, let’s say you’re at a networking event with a hundred of your ideal clients all around you, do you know how to approach them? Do you know what to say to begin the sales process? Most of us don’t, and we can usually thank resistance (reason #1) for that.

You see sales is a process, it’s not an event. We need a system for how we find and approach and talk with people. I call this the sales funnel. And once you have this down, you’ll find yourself in lots and lots of sales conversations…

Reason #3 – We don’t know how to close the business

There you are, you approached perfectly, and now you’re talking with someone you know would be a perfect client of yours. But what happens next?

Is this when you help them with something for free so that they really know what you’re doing? Or is this when you tell them how much you cost? Should you play “hard to get” and tell them you’re not sure if you have any time on your schedule? Or should you let them know that you can work with them whenever they are free because you’re really excited at this opportunity? Should you upsell extra services or products right away when the iron is hot, or wait until they’ve been a client for a little while?

How do you actually sell?

So many people struggle here. Specifically talking about the money, and the details of what we do can be really difficult. Most people need a lot of help here.

Know this, there are 4 proven stages of any successful sales conversation:

  1. Find the (real) problem
  2. Provide immediate value
  3. Connect and make them feel understood
  4. Close the deal

I created this systematic approach after studying lots of material, and looking for what really works for a very long time. But it’s also important to make this completely “Question Based” so we are not there trying to explain how great we are, or pitch any ideas to our prospects. We can actually sell using only a series of questions, and create a space to see if our services and products are a right fit.But most don’t have this figured out yet. Most of us are stuck. We resist selling, which is natural. But this leads us to not doing the most important part of our business–selling. And if we don’t do it, how can we possibly be good at it?

Learning to sell is incredibly high leveraged. If you know how to do this, you can turn your business around in as little as a few weeks.

Take a second and imagine what would change if you created a simple sales funnel that was repeatable and worked. Imagine knowing exactly where to find your ideal clients, and how to approach, and close them at will, in a way that was heart centered, and completely comfortable for you and for them. And what if it was something you enjoyed and were really proud of doing. Something people even thanked you for?

Or, what if you do nothing about this, and stay the way you are now? For most people that’s a couple clients at best, struggling and hoping things get better at some point.

If it’s time to become better at getting clients, and learning how the sales pillar of your business should be running then join us here for this 90 minute free webinar.

I will be showing exactly how to create your sales funnel, sharing how to connect with your target audience online and off, and we’ll go deep on the process to close them.

Rob Scott is a Master Business and Marketing Coach who helps business owners, coaches, and consultants create effective marketing and sales systems that dramatically increase profits, often in just a few weeks.

He’s built a sustainable six-figure coaching practice while typically coaching only 2 days per week. He is known especially for his signature sales techniques and has personally closed more than 6 figures of business from a single networking event without a working website.

5 Strategies to Prepare to Get Big-Time National Publicity

By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

You can get big-time national publicity by personally meeting top journalists and producers face-to-face at the National Publicity Summit held by Steve Harrison.

At the National Publicity Summit participants will discover how to get featured in America’s Biggest Magazines and interviewed on the top TV shows.

After a quick review of the summit states that it believes this event is a tool that can help people get more publicity and recognition. By being at the National Publicity Summit people will get to meet some of the most influential people at top media outlets. These relationships are what will give the participants the exposure they need and desire to get booked and appear on national TV and in major magazines, newspapers, radio.


5 tips to get national publicity

At the event people will get to meet over 100 producers and journalists from America’s top media outlets. Anyone looking to get exposure should not pass up this opportunity. Unfortunately, as most people who have tried to get publicity know it’s usually very difficult to get top journalists and producers to even take a phone call or open an email.

However, at Steve Harrison’s closed-door National Publicity Summit people will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of getting coverage as well as meeting with top editors and producers one-on-one.

Consider this your media speed dating. And prepare accordingly. You have two and a half minutes to “get a date.”


How to get on national TV

Steve Harrison has only made a limited number of spots available so that everyone gets enough one-on-one time with the media. Currently he is offering 100 spots, but they will be going fast.

Even though you will be one of 100 participants you still have to stand out and gain the media’s interest. Here are 5 ways that you can do that.

1. Prepare your pitch.
Keep it simple and be able to explain your business, book, product, service or cause in 20-30 seconds. Position yourself in the marketplace so the journalist or producer understands what sets you apart from your competition. Have statistics to prove your point. Facts speak loudly in a sea of hype.

2. Look the part.
Dress as you would if you were actually appearing on TV. This means not only being well-groomed with clothes that fit you like a fashion model, but be sure to choose an outfit that represents your brand. You want to give the look and feel of whatever you’re representing and promoting. So if your product is humorous you might have a piece of jewelry or clothing item that makes someone laugh.

3. Make it visual.
Cameras love costumes. Cameras also love tactile. The great thing about props is that they are a short cut to sound bites. Visuals can often explain a complicated concept or idea more quickly than words. So plan your shortcuts and bring eye-popping props that help tell your story. Stuff that the media need to interact with is a plus.

4. Create a beautiful, moving, stunning or shocking experience.
Experiences are what people remember. That’s why perfume ads show a glamorous man or woman lounging in a tropical island all smooth and beautiful and looking languorously happy. Perfume promises us a luxurious experience with the man or woman of our dreams. It’s not about smelling good to cover up the stink after you’ve been cooking onions, is it? No. You’re selling an experience. So create a scenario where you can take the journalist or producer through an experience where they get the FEEL of whatever you’re promoting.

5. Open the door.
Even if a journalist or producer isn’t interested in the idea you pitched, ask permission to connect with them again when you have another idea. Sometimes your pitch just needs a twist, a different angle, or a timely event to make it right. Getting explicit permission helps insure your follow up call or email will get considered. And to be memorable when you reconnect, mention your visual or the experience you created to jog the media’s memory.

Here are 10 more tips from a three-time attendee:

“The National Publicity Summit was easily one of the most worthwhile events I have attended – the speakers were inspiring, the topics were relevant, and Steve Harris runs a world class organization. Not only did they provide insider information and actual training, but we had meetings with the decision makers on the spot. I have had several interviews for Project Happiness as a result and many more in the pipeline. A rare and valuable opportunity for anyone interested in jumpstarting their PR campaign,” says Randy Taran, founder of

To get immediate access to a ticket for the National Publicity Summit and make your experience a profitable one follow these five strategies and make your mark with the media.