Book Publicity: How To Find Right-Fit Clients With A Book

By Henry J. DeVries Book Publicity: How To Find Right-Fit Clients With A Book Research has proven there is a better way. There is a proven process for marketing with integrity and getting up to 400 percent to 2,000 percent return on your marketing investment. I invented the Marketing With A Book Model, and many…

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Episode 41

How to Use Storytelling For Leadership and PR With Dave Ursillo

According to Dave Ursillo It’s not what you say that matters it’s what people hear. You’ll learn how to tell your story to bridge from what you’re saying to what your audience is hearing. We talked about ways to “follow your heart but bring your head with you.” Dave shares how to examine and excavate your past and pull those threads into the present — and the future you want to create for yourself.

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episode 37

Take The Perfect Picture For O Magazine With Lori A. Cheung

Photographer Lori A. Cheung reveals that the perfect picture can mean the difference between getting into O Magazine, or not. Oprah’s editors place a high value on beauty – and that goes for images as well as for inner transformations. Lori shares her secrets of how to take and Oprah-worthy photo — which she’s done. So you can have your picture splashed in the pages of O.

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Episode 30

Get 90% Enrollment in Your Licensed Programs with Tommi Wolfe

Business Coach Launcher Tommi Wolfe shows coaches + consultants how to get 90% enrollment in your licensed programs when you license your products, programs, courses or any intellectual property. She’ll show you how to turn people who steal your content into your biggest ambassadors. You’ll discover 4 key steps to get such high enrollment and why live events are one of the most effective ways to tend and befriend influencers that give you access to large groups of people keen to buy what you have.

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Episode 29

Leverage Your Glamability Before a TV Show Even Airs With Shannon Walbran

Shannon Walbran, known as South Africa’s top psychic, got booked on a reality TV show in a different language in the Ukraine, that she ended up not shooting – but still got publicity that skyrocketed her career. You’ll be privy to how she did it and why she refuses to let clients hire her for more than one session—and yet has a full practice and a spot on a weekly radio show. Plus hear her give me a reading…

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Episode 26

How to Promote Live Events Mindfully With Gorgeosity With Clare Barry

Clare Barry tells you why you shouldn’t be on every social media platform. Can you still live a full life of vitality and meaning doing what you love? Yes. Can you create a following of fans who will scoop up your programs the instant they are out and beg for more? Yes, says Clare Barry, who has created a gorgeous niche and devoted tribe doing it her way — and shows you how you can too. Claire has leveraged her uniqueness and outlines ways you can mindfully curate your content in a way that reaches the right people for your offers.

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