5 Ways To Gracefully Deal With Internet Trolls

5 Ways To Gracefully Deal With Internet Trolls A big fame fear I hear all the time from my women clients is how to deal with criticism and trolls online. I’ve done a quick summary of a great piece from the New York Times on how 5 Asian women entrepreneurs handle hate. [See my take…

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Media Appearances: Your Guide to PR Professional Dress

Guest Blog post As a PR professional, knowing how to dress for media appearances is of utmost importance. There are few departments who represent a company more directly then the PR team themselves. Though preparing yourself for an appearance with the media can be a bit stressful in the beginning, creating your wardrobe is essential.…

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PR tactics of Donald Trump

8 Things Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Courting Publicity

Guest Post By Victoria Greene It’s fair to say that America is a fairly divided place right now, with wildly differing ideas about what’s right and wrong. Whatever your views, our blundering, boastful President does seem to have mastered one thing, and that’s showmanship. As he appoints more than a few questionable characters to office, many…

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