How to Be a Fabulous Public Speaker: 7 Inspiring Tips

SUMMARY: Becoming a standout public speaker involves more than just crafting speeches—it requires media exposure, enthusiastic delivery, and effective branding strategies. From captivating your audience to booking dream speaking engagements, these seven articles offer invaluable tips and insights for speakers at any level. By mastering communication skills, managing nerves, and honing storytelling abilities, you can…

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be a guest on national TV

Create a TV Pitch Letter and Get on National TV

Summary: Crafting a successful pitch for TV shows involves understanding the format and host’s style. By creating the entire segment, including theme, guests, questions, and props, you can increase your chances of being selected as a guest. Tips for a compelling pitch include starting with an emotional headline, stating the problem and highlighting credentials, explaining…

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Why I love Lady Gaga – and You – Unfiltered 

Summary: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s performance in “A Star is Born” impressed me due to their raw and unfiltered singing. However, I was saddened by the transformation of Ally, as fame seemed to overshadow her true talent. It’s important to prioritize making a positive impact on others’ lives and staying true to yourself. Remembering…

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winning radio pitch letter templates

3 Radio Pitch Letter Templates Guaranteed to Get a Producer’s Attention (And get you booked!)

The following are 3 radio pitch letter templates courtesy Steve Harrison and Alex Carroll. (Thank you guys!)

Steve shared these brilliant radio pitch letter email templates and Alex created the amazing examples. You can just copy these and fill-in-the blanks with your topic or subject matter.

Also, if it isn’t obvious, all of these fabulous formulas double as as story headlines for pitching TV, magazines, newspapers and online to feature you or whatever you’re promoting.

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