5 Ways To Gracefully Deal With Internet Trolls

5 Ways To Gracefully Deal With Internet Trolls A big fame fear I hear all the time from my women clients is how to deal with criticism and trolls online. I’ve done a quick summary of a great piece from the New York Times on how 5 Asian women entrepreneurs handle hate. [See my take…

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Media Appearances: Your Guide to PR Professional Dress

Guest Blog post As a PR professional, knowing how to dress for media appearances is of utmost importance. There are few departments who represent a company more directly then the PR team themselves. Though preparing yourself for an appearance with the media can be a bit stressful in the beginning, creating your wardrobe is essential.…

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Your 12-Month Publicity Plan: Right Resolutions for You

Resources I mentioned: Get Your 12-Month Publicity Plan + 40+ Magazine Editorial Calendars + The 100 Word Email that Can Get The Media to Call You. Get Your 12-Month Publicity Plan here (It’s free) https://prsecrets.com/editorial-calendars-2019.html# Click To Tweet Get 40+ Magazine Editorial Calendars (Free PDF download) https://prsecrets.com/editorial-calendars-2019.html# Click To Tweet The 100 Word Email that…

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