Episode 35

Make Your Sound Bites Steal-able With One-Liners

If you think sound bites are just for the salesy, sleazy or slick, think again. They are your core messages that convey the most important things you want your audience to know. I take you through some steal-able examples that you can model —and show you how to make your sound bites steal-worthy.

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Episode 33

How You Can Get a 6 Figure Book Advance

Sell your book idea BEFORE you write your book. By…. writing a book proposal. I share with you the key elements necessary to get the right literary agent for you. You’ll also discover what you must include (and what NOT to include) in your book proposal to get a book deal with a top New York publishing house. Even if you’re not ready yet you’ll find out what it takes to get that big book deal so you can start prepping now.

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Episode 30

Get 90% Enrollment in Your Licensed Programs with Tommi Wolfe

Business Coach Launcher Tommi Wolfe shows coaches + consultants how to get 90% enrollment in your licensed programs when you license your products, programs, courses or any intellectual property. She’ll show you how to turn people who steal your content into your biggest ambassadors. You’ll discover 4 key steps to get such high enrollment and why live events are one of the most effective ways to tend and befriend influencers that give you access to large groups of people keen to buy what you have.

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