My Dr. Oz Experience With Laurie Forster

Episode 5

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My Dr. Oz Experience With Laurie Forster

Our topic today is How You Can Get on Dr. Oz Show - by learning from someone who did. I’m here today with Laurie Forster the wine coach who's a national speaker, a radio show host, author of The Sipping Point, I love the title by the way and great pun on words. She is at Right now, as per usual she is on a tour. She’s touring all over the country. If you want Laurie to speak to your group, in your city, just connect with her at Welcome Laurie, it's so great to have you here to talk about how to get on Dr. Oz. You are a former client of mine and you have made such amazing progress that I wanted to invite you on because you were able to get on Dr. Oz

That’s so big.

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

Thank you. The Sipping Point is my title I created after reading your How to Get Six Figure Book Advance book.

That whole section on how to create a title?


There are tips there how to come up with great titles. I am glad you liked it. It’s really clever and it is obviously something that people would remember especially with you and wine.

I am glad to be here to talk about my experience in how I was able to get on Dr. Oz.

You told me earlier that you did not send in a pitch to get on Dr. Oz. They contacted you which is really wonderful and remarkable. I think it is so important to have your materials prepped, your website, your information that you are out on the Internet. You need to be easy to be found because often times today what producers do when they are looking, is they go to Google and they go to the Lexus Nexus and Dow Jones databases to see who has written about it before that experts, and vet them. How did they find you?

That was my question not with the first interaction with my producer but certainly at some point I asked her how she found me. She said she Googled, “Wine expert New York City”. Which I think is in some of my keywords on my website. I travel all over the country doing what I do. I visit New York frequently. The cities that I work in a lot are in my search terms. After she did that, she found a segment that I have done here in the Arlington, Virginia area on WJLA to an ABC affiliate, how to drink like Olivia Pope in Scandal. I do not know if you are a fan of the show.

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

I saw that on your website. I thought it was a good tie to a celebrity.

I had done the segment because red wine was almost its own character in the plot of the show. Olivia Pope has big wine glasses and always drinks this amazing red wine. She is very fascinating when she talks about it. Her father is part of the whole wine drinking association. Anyway since they saw the segment on ABC, they loved it and said that we need to have her in the show. It was thrilling to have them find me in that way. In fact when I first saw the email the title was, “Upcoming Dr. Oz Segment” I almost deleted it because I thought it was probably one of those emails sent by someone not affiliated with that show and selling all kinds of supplements and weight loss drugs. I almost deleted it, thinking that it was spam.

I will recap quickly what you did that lead to get you on Dr. Oz. Number one search terms; even if you are not from a major city, Laurie put in New York City because she’s nearby and she visits there a lot. That’s really important to set up your search terms in that way. So it is great locally anywhere because sometimes people are looking for you at a TV show in a particular city and they don’t want to pay your travel. So they are looking for people in a particular city. Second thing that you did right was create a video in connection with something that is super popular today which is Olivia Pope Scandal show on TV and connect it to wine.

She did it well by the way. I watched that segment and remembered that you really had that huge wine glass there which was really funny. It was really smart. You did your research. You did not just do anything without knowing. You did your research and connected it to something that is super popular, amusing, and interesting. You had the segment up on your website. I think it is on your home page. So the Dr. Oz producers can see you right away and see that you are mediagenic and the want you to get on Dr. Oz. They already know because you handled yourself on that segment, they already know that they can count on you to be lively and entertaining for their show.

They said that to me while I was there on the day of the segment, "Just do exactly what you did on the video that’s what we want you to do. This is no different from any other segment you have done," which of course is not how it feels inside.

Now you know they called you and they want you to get on Dr. Oz, their show. What happened next in terms of your conversation with the producer? How did that play out in terms of plotting the show together?

They had a basic idea of what they wanted the segment to be. What wines to drink or avoid based on your house ailments. They asked me if I was willing to help them with the segment and to be on the segment, so of course I said I will. Right away, Thursday as I remember, she put together the notes and I worked on it that day, I happened to be in the office. We went through talking points of each of the ailments and allergies, weight loss and headache are the things that we focused on and coming up with why you want to drink these wines and why avoid these others. Putting all bullet points for that, and I had all of that for them by the next afternoon. I definitely went after it and we also scheduled the taping for that Monday.

They called you to get on Dr. Oz Show on Thursday and you were on the show on Monday?

Well they called me on a Thursday. I traveled to New York on a Monday and for taping Tuesday morning.

Got it. That’s a pretty quick turnaround to get on Dr. Oz. Did they have the idea for the segment? Like did they know that they wanted to focus on allergies, weight loss, and headaches?

There was a fourth which was heart health. But they have already done some coverage for that in the womens’ heart health month, so we cut that for timing because it had already been covered. They already had this idea that they wanted an expert who could speak to which wines should be best to drink and avoid. I went about getting all the information and the backup which types of wines, not brands, so between Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

You did all the leg-work to get on Dr. Oz for them. They wanted three topics and you researched the wines and created some talking points for them within a day. Good thing that you were there because it does not happen as fast. Did they tweak them with you? Did they have a conversation call with you and after that was everything done via email?

Yes. After that everything was done through email. They tweaked and added some general wine questions. If you go to the segment recording is there. You see Dr. Oz is asking questions about serving temperatures of wine and some other basic wine questions were also inserted. They created a script from the talking points. I never had the visibility to the script, but I know they created a script for Dr. Oz's talking points about it.

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

Did you set up the props too, was that something which you did for them? I think it something for others to consider if they want to get on Dr. Oz or a simillar show, is the props.

I brought three wines, the wines that you should drink rather than avoid, for each of the three ailments but they make it a practice not to share branding on the bottle. So what they did was, they called it greeking, I had not heard that term before but basically the bottles I brought they created artwork and labels for it that just said Sauvignon Blanc. So that none of the branding was visible on the bottle. I brought three bottles and they covered them up with special labels. They went and rented in the wine store some shelving and a bunch of wine bottles because we set it up like a wine store. If you watch the segment you will see exactly what I mean. There were three stations.

That’s great. There are other things that I want to say about that when you get on Dr. Oz. Sometimes it’s actually the opposite. In some shows there are what's called product placements. The product is being paid for to play sit. It sounds like Dr. Oz does not want any extra advertising or free advertising for the wines. It may be a matter of policy or issue.

Every show has their own policies whether they are doing product placements or not. Or if they are doing greeking which is not to show private labels when you are talking about particular products. So for you, knowing that you are going to get a lot of people going to go to your website and wanting you to hire you for speaking or listening to your show, how did you prepare to get on Dr. Oz show before you went to the show in order to maximize your publicity?

Certainly prepping for the segment itself I have a process because I do a lot of regional media already here in DC and Baltimore even on Chicago in WGN. I have a process of creating my talking points, running through all of those, and how I set up in my mind each image perfectly in those three stations. Even if I add one table I always have three spots and three talking points that I have to move to so it seems to work. Three is a magic number.

I did a lot of going through my segment in my mind and the sounds, lights, and little light sandwich which is a trademark technique of mine for people when trying the food and wine together and I really wanted to make that part of it. Since it is something that people always seemed to enjoy and remember when I am doing corporate events or fundraisers. In my mind I had the talking points. Here it would be great to talk about the wine and sandwich. Here it would be great to talk about red wine room temperature but it is really room temperature and medieval castle. That’s a funny thing that most of us don’t think about. Red wine needs to be chillier than we think.

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

In addition just because you are on TV, regional or national, I heard from many people that it does not mean that immediately the phone is ringing off the hook and your website is shut down then you break the internet. That’s what we hope for, but it is not always true.

But I knew this would be a huge credibility factor and a sales tool for me as a speaker and doing what I do. So we put out an email to our list alerting people that I was going to be on the show. Mind you, just need to give everybody some time reference, I got the call and email on February the 5th and then on Tuesday the 10th was the taping, but my episode did not air till April 21st.

Did they let you know that it was going to air later?

At first they said that it would probably be in the next few weeks and that they will reach out after a couple of weeks. They said well if that did not fit we will let you know. I just lightly kept in touch without being a pest to find the date. I did not want to announce. I did not really make a big deal about it with anybody until I got the date. Because I have heard from other people that there are cases wherein people taped segments that never actually ran.

I did not want to jinx myself or get ahead myself in announcing something without a firm airing date. I think the Friday before it aired we got the A-OK that it was confirmed and that’s when we put out an email to our list and network that it will be airing on Tuesday 21st and tune in. W also followed up a week or so afterwards with, "Hey it is just there if you did not see it live on TV.

So you are marketing to your own people for credibility, remind them who you are, look at Dr. Oz, and also the information inside the segment. It would be a booster for your own client list to have you in mind or competing with someone else who has a really big name, booking in the next speaking engagement or hiring you personally. This can be something that can be tipping point to having someone choose you instead of your competition. You have been as a guest on Dr. Oz and you did so well on it. They can see how poised you are and speak in their event or work with them. Do you work with people personally too to do some wine coaching with individuals?

Not necessarily. I do some private events that might be milestone birthdays or anniversaries but most of what I am doing now is appreciation for corporations like MetLife, Merrill Lynch, or fundraising where people are really trying to raise a great amount of money for a worthy cause and wine can be such a great tool. It is a great experience at the fundraiser and create an upscale theme around the event. That’s the lion share of what I am doing.

Client appreciation corporate events, fundraisers, and anywhere where wine would be a great tool and enhancement for their particular event.

You know a couple of years ago I did a little stand-up comedy training and improv. Humor is a big piece of what I incorporate along the way with the wine education. Just a quick and much more entertaining experience for people who do wine tasting. That’s my goal: to get people sipping great wine and laughing. I think I got that both.

You did. I definitely noticed that. I have forgotten about your stand-up comedy but TV producers want humor as well, especially the ones that want you to get on Dr. Oz. They want their audience engaged whether it’s humor or pathos, they want their audience to feel. You don’t want to be crying in there so this is a great opportunity for people to feel good about understanding some of these nuances or these health challenges in wine you did that beautifully. 

Social media is another big way that we promoted that the segment was coming up, that I was able to get on Dr. Oz, and after it aired just get that out to our followers. Even informed people who are not aware of what I do.

Did you give them your bio on how you wanted to be introduced as well? It is usually one line.

I did give them a bio. I am not sure if they used it. I was introduced as Laurie Forster, the wine coach. After I watched the segment back, and this is such a huge thing that happens to me all the time, is that I was introduced as Laurie Foster not Forster. Laurie Foster was on the screen and on the website.

One quick thing as something for everyone to learn, you need to work with the producer to proof your chyron because that chyron goes on the screen. You just want to ask the producer to run through with your introduction, my bio, and my chyron. That’s something you want to do with them before the show. They can change it really fast in the back.

That’s good to know. I wish I knew that. I did not even catch it because I am so used to it being done wrong. I just didn’t focus in on that when I watched the segment the first time on TV, and then I looked back at it because somebody took a still shot of me. And I thought, "Oh no, that’s not my name."

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

When you get on Dr. Oz or other TV spots, work with the producers to proof read your chyron for name typos especially.

I hope you contacted them afterwards though just so they can correct it. They can’t correct it on the show but they can correct it in the website. I would definitely reach out for that. Just for your information, maybe not Dr. Oz, but some shows do allow you to have an article on the website to continue the learning of the audience. Then they link that article to your website.

That’s another thing that you want to touch on ahead of time to see if they would like an extra article that would add some of the things that we can’t cover in six minutes. In that way they can drive people to their website and then from their website you can drive people to your website. Within that is the opportunity where you can offer something free, like 5 favorite wines that won’t give you a headache that they may - and you have to clear it with the producers, but if it is not on their website you may be able to encourage people to go to your website with a list.

People like to know the brands and the types of wines. That is maybe something that you could keep in mind for the future. To be able to do that here to give your favorite wines that might not give you a headache, make you lose weight, or good for your heart.

That’s a great point for the future.

Take us through the process with the producers. What it was like from start to finish. You have given us a sense of what happened with you beforehand and the back and forth process which is difficult on the TV. I just want to reiterate something that you have said, which is they may have an idea and segment in mind and ask you to flush it out. You are coming up with the question, Laurie, and you came up with three.

The other thing she mentioned, which was really brilliant is that she gave herself three physical things to do to help her take through the points. Dr. Oz has three different tables and three wines so there are all that goes with those three different things. That could be a great help for you if you are nervous to have that kind of physical grounding and also the props to help you move through with the three points that you have to cover quickly. That’s great that you already developed that for yourself and go through it in your mind.

I will also recommend to go through it out loud because Laurie is really experienced. She is up and talking all the time. You know what I mean. It backs up in your experience. If you don’t have this and you are not used in talking in front of crowds, and I mean, Laurie has got her own radio show. So she’s very fluid in that. She didn’t need to go over this exact point because she made them over and over again in different circumstances and she just packaged it a little differently for the show. Is that right?

Yes. One of the things that was different is that I am used to being behind the table in many other shows or a station where they have their culinary guest or segments. You are already in place with the host or hosts, sometimes there’s two, whereas in Dr. Oz you walk onto the set. It was funny. I watched it back I do not know if you could tell. It was a split second, we leaned in to shake hands. We had run through it in the rehearsal round. But for a second I thought that he was going to kiss me on the cheek. So leaned in a little bit further than I normally would, because I was trying to read the signals. It was more in my brain than it came across on the screen.

Got it. Sometimes you might run through it in rehearsal but happens a little bit differently when you are actually doing it. That’s just the way things work. What was it like in the green room? What happened in the green room? The green room is the waiting room where there is a TV screen so that you can see what was happening before you. What was happening back in the green room for you?

They did set up a hotel room for me because I came in the night before and a car service to pick me up which was wonderful. We were met at the front. We were brought into a dressing room. They have several dressing rooms for the guests. Other than the usual green room which I was used to, I had my own dressing room where the costume person comes in to see what you brought. They are very specific about wardrobe choices for Dr. Oz. So you’re given that in an email previous to showing up.

What did they want you to wear?

Light colors on top. Dark pants or dark denim on the bottom. If you want to bring a bicolored dress you can. They prefer flats, no heels. Although the two audience members with the ailments that came up to be on the segment with me, both had very high heels on. I looked like a dwarf. They were just very specific. So when I went shopping that weekend to figure out what I was going to wear it was a bit more challenging. No black and white on top, no graphics. There is a lot of things to think about.

You were pretty casual. Why did you not choose to wear a suit or something like that? You were pretty casual, top and pants.

I was disappointed because I wanted to wear a jacket, it was royal blue jacket, and they were very adamant against wearing the jacket.

You brought the jacket and they did not allow you?

They really prefer not to. I wished I had the jacket. We thought it was best just the top. It was interesting. What do you think I should have done?

I would have asked them why they did not want the jacket. Is it a matter of fit? Sometimes when you get on Dr. Oz or other TV shows they want the jacket super fitted because if it’s bulky it does not look good in TV. So if it was not a super fitting jacket they probably did not want it because it does not look good in TV. When I say tight I mean tight. Your clothing is typically tighter than you would wear. It is very form fitting unless it is not flattering but that’s what a jacket for. It is to give you a nice form fit. It beautifully hides all of our flaws, which we all have.

Also when we go on TV there are some things that help our form along, and if it is too tight people can’t breathe, but some sort of contouring and shaper is helpful on TV because everything shows up especially if you are sitting down. But if you are standing up too, you can see the bra lines and TV is unforgiving. I always recommend shapers, I forget what they are called, in order to smooth things out. It can also take off five pounds in places where you need it. It will smooth out a line that is not flattering on TV that we may not notice in person.

Getting back to your question on what to do you might have said, something like you will feel more comfortable and relaxed in the jacket. Therefore it becomes less about the look and more about how you are going to perform as a guest. Which they would be more sympathetic to. Like, "She’s going to be less comfortable so let her wear the jacket."

The other thing to do when you get on Dr. Oz and other TV shows sometimes is to bring several choices. If they don’t want the jacket you can say how does this one work? You can pop on another one. It is not a matter of wearing the jacket, it’s a matter of wearing which jacket.

I only brought one jacket but several tops and several pants. That tip you mentioned about bringing jacket options, would be useful in the event that they do not want you to wear your favorite jacket, but you have to be comfortable in your skin and have the outfit choice that is good for you.

That’s also one of the sticking points. You want to be represented as you want to be represented, not necessarily how they want. Yet on the other hand they know what colors and background play best on their set for the lighting, the makeup, and their own brand. So it is like a melding of that.

That’s where the questions come in first when you are in the phone with the producer. Running by questions and style to be able to see things like that. Would they prefer shorter form fitting jacket, if they say denim is fine, check about low rise? You do not want to get there in a low rise and they do not want it that low perhaps. You are always welcome to ask those kind of questions ahead of time. In the future that is definitely something. What else?

I had my own dressing room, the costume person comes takes the item that you’re going to wear and had them pressed and de-linted. I bought my own brush but they did that for me. We went down and had one run through with the producer, verbally, on the points that we were touching on. I was brought down on the proper time for a walk through. A rehearsal where we were just standing very businesslike no real major chitchat. Here’s where you come out. Here’s where you move to the stations 1, 2, 3.

Did they mic you up before you went to the run through or when you are about to go on?

We did in the run through. I did not wear a necklace because I was afraid that it will interfere with the mic. We did the run through, went back to the dressing room, and they ask for you to come camera ready hair and makeup. But they have people who add to what you have. They did more blush and fluff up the hair.

Did you do your own makeup to get on Dr. Oz?

Yes but the makeup artist added to what I had done. That is where I met the two audience members that were part of the segment as well. They were also in hair and makeup. From there, a little more waiting and then to the actual segment. Certainly I was coordinating props. Making sure that they had the right amount of glasses and pouring the right amount. So maybe I was more complicated than other guests because we were also trying to show portion control which is also a big problem in wine tasting. We think 3 ounces is a lot bigger than it really is. That was a funny part of the segment with the size of the glass and how much someone drinks.

That’s an interesting point to, FYI, because it's your segment is as much as theirs. You want it to run smoothly and the details that they might not know about. Let the producer and host know what you are planning to do so that they will not be surprised and they can play their part well. That is a part of the courtesy of being a great guest when you get on Dr. Oz. For the show itself what did you think went well? Anything else unexpected?

I think I appeared very relaxed in the segment. I was able to cover the all main points that were part of my talking points, as well as get in a few other trademarks like the wine sandwich and some other funny pieces about serving temperature and other information that other people might not know about wines. So I think I did that well, but Susan you have to tell me.

Yes. You were really relaxed and funny. I think you did a great job. You were very informative. I learned a lot too, so I thought you did that very well. If there was one thing that I might suggest for the next time, just make sure that you would incorporate a story of a corporate event or a fundraiser so people will know that they can hire you for that. Within talking about the wine sandwich you might have said something like, "In corporations when I speak to groups of client appreciation, one of the things that I tell them is that your wine goes with your food, in a sandwich." It is as simple as that. So it is not overly promotional, it is just letting them know that they can hire you for corporate events.

I also wish I had mentioned my book. I don’t think I did.

I think you can do that with your book for sure when you get on Dr. Oz. Ask the producer ahead of time if it is something that they can show because they might have been able to show your book. They can introduce you as Laurie Forster the wine coach, author of “The Sipping Point” and then they can flash that on the screen either with a b-roll or have it on the set itself.

These are the live and learn kind of things after you get on Dr. Oz and big shows. It's good to reflect what went well, what you love, compliment yourself about it, and give yourself a big pat on the back and then say what would I do differently next time if I get on Dr. Oz again, what can I learn from this, and what could I shift to make my next appearance better.

Is there anything you would want to do differently next time? You would mention the book. You want to send them an image. You also want to have that on a flash drive in case it is better for them on a flash drive. You might always want to have the flash drive with you with the cover of your book saved to it. Maybe some b-roll even though they might not have planned to use it.

If it is a really good b-roll they may even spend 10 seconds using your b-roll which would be great. From a corporate event, for example, to show you in some unusual situation with your wine. Something funny. Even a picture of you doing standup. I would definitely create a b-roll for next time you get on Dr. Oz and put it all in a flash drive with a cover of your book, and anything else that is trademark you. Anything else you would have done differently when you get on Dr. Oz if you had your way?

The main thing was incorporating that, casually, the corporate event or when I do a corporate event, mentioning my book, and coming prepared as you said with the graphic and asking if it could be on set. I think in a way I was thinking I don’t want to give them any reason not to have me back. Follow everything to the letter including the wardrobe that was my strategy.

Did you pitch them a segment while you were there to the producers so that they can ask you back the next time?

I did not. They sent me a nice email after saying how well they thought it went and I said I would love to come back. I did not pitch anything. Maybe I should have by now.

I think it is a bright idea. You want to do it while they are loving you. The sooner you do it and be fresh on their memory, the better, because they have so much on their minds so they move on.

Right. Good point. No time like the present.

No time like the present. Sometimes you want to do it right then after the show. You want to have your second pitch ready to have it booked. Right then and there. It’s like here are three other ideas or segments to use to get on Dr. Oz again. Then run it by the producer after the show at the appropriate moment. If you can get it in the book.

I just want circle back and say you are a really lovely guest. You were so relaxed. That’s probably one of the hardest things when you get on Dr. Oz and big national TV shows, to be relaxed and casual because an uptight wine coach is not. You don’t need that wine to make you more uptight. Your personality came out and your knowledge came out. The most important things came out. These are tweaks that we are talking about the next time you get on Dr. Oz. Each time you are just going to get better and better but you were a lovely guest and I can see how they would want you back. When anybody else sees that segment you were able to get on Dr. Oz, I think it is a great example of your personality and your work.

BAMD0005 | Get on Dr. Oz

Let your own personality shine when you get on Dr. Oz.

Can I ask a question? There are a couple of other shows that I have been developing relationships with the producers and certainly interested on being on. How do you best think this can used for everybody else on the line if you have a segment like this that you feel is a great representation? How do you use that to connect with producers on other shows?

The first thing to do is when you are pitching them, just put a link in your pitch to the video on your website. I know you have it on your YouTube channel, I would have it in your website. It could be embedded in your website and you might have it in a blog post about some of the experiences that you had or some information surrounding that on your website that you do corporate events, that you are available for fund raisers, have that all sort of surrounded around that video.

I would have it in your press page with your bio and your picture. You can direct the press that you want, to that page with that video on first and foremost because that’s really prestigious. They can preview you quickly. The one where you did the Olivia Pope, I would have that one out on the same page. I do not remember what your media page or press kit looked like but that is the order that I would put that in. Dr. Oz then Olivia Pope segment so that they can preview you.

I would pitch them and just say that you were on Dr. Oz. Pitch a different idea or spin on that idea. Do you have any stats of the popularity of that? Was it a particularly resonant show that resonated with the audience? You can say that for the pitch for the other people that you want on the show. It could be a particular thing like the allergies were harder than weight loss or the headache was harder than health.

You could pitch it like in one segment with those topics and go into more details. If there are any stats that you have in terms of what resonated most with the audience and the audience wanted to know, you can actually say that in your next pitch. Get stats on it. You can get it from the Dr. Oz segment. You can also get it from the Internet. Most people Google allergies more then weight loss or weight loss and wine. Whatever that is or if they are equal. I would get stats to back it up to create that.

You could also use the Olivia Pope segment once in a while if there is anything timely. Does Downton Abbey have a lot of wine in there? I mean I might create a segment around Downton Abbey, elegant wines that we still have, what’s not available, the closest thing to Downton Abbey wines, or how to drink wines like Downton Abbey. Any kinds of those things that are hot in the culture today. 50 shades of one type of wine for seduction. You can go on and on with the cultural kind of stuff and have a lot of fun with it. Did I answer your question?

Yes. Thank you so much.

Were there results in your appearance after you were able to get on Dr. Oz? You said in the beginning which is true, sometimes there is an immediate rush, sometimes there’s not, sometimes something happens later when someone hiring you says that I saw you in this segment and that’s the reason why I hired you over the other people I was considering. It happens in all different kinds of ways. What has been advantageous for you after the appearance that you were able to get on Dr. Oz?

We definitely got traffic leads on the website from it. So I know people were reaching out, maybe even people that were already aware of me but it was some sort of tipping point. To bring that back to the conversation, they were already aware of what I do but then after the Dr. Oz segment it was another reason to reach out to me for an event. Certainly communicating to our list before and after the segment has also generated a lot of people, either past costumers or people that we chatted to before but have not closed deals with. That’s certainly has been great.

Did you actually close any deals or is it more that you are having those conversations with people again?

We are closing deals every day, but I do not know how many I close that I could 100% attribute to the fact that I was able to get on Dr. Oz Show, but certainly I know that we have gotten leads. I have a person who does my bookings. If she was on the line she could tell us more, she knows better than I which ones actually came after seeing the segment and that should be something that I should probably find out.

I think that that is a great thing to track and the other thing in terms of results. Did you have an optimum lead magnet in your homepage for people who might not be ready to buy or hire right now, to connect with them later? I know you have "Book now" up there but did you have a particular lead magnet up there specifically for Dr. Oz?

We did not but maybe I can put that one in my next time what to do better category when I get on Dr. Oz or other big shows.

You can have something like lead pages to pop down or pop up that says viewers of Dr. Oz can get special excerpts from your book, get my favorite wine, or the ones I could not talk about on the Dr. Oz. You want to give a teaser here. My favorite wines that do not give allergies or headaches that I could not talk about in Dr. Oz. You might want to give those kind of teasers because you have a very specific niche which is wine lovers.

Right. That is something.

Not everybody is ready to buy or hire you right now. But you want to sell that wine. You want might want to reconnect with them when you pitch your next show since you sound like you have some shows in mind. Which is great thing to do by the way. Once you have been able to get on Dr. Oz or any other of those big shows, immediately pitch to other high profile shows. That’s the time to do it. Right away for other shows. Get some ideas together and pitch while it is hot. That’s a great thing to do. Just keep your good PR rolling. Do you have any other plans to leverage your appearance? Because you said that you are going to pitch to other shows.

Absolutely. Certainly we have added it to my press page as you might have mentioned earlier so that is the front-center video on my homepage as is now. We have three boxes to show people the main things that I do. Speaking. Media. Wine expert. The media personality box has a picture of me on different TV shows. Right now my web person will be replacing that with the Dr. Oz picture so that will be front and center. When you click on that it goes to the page with the clip of Dr. Oz. those tweaks are being made this week. I have changed my bio of course when I am being introduced to include that.

Have you included the logo of Dr. Oz in your media cloud?

Yes, I will.

Because that is an immediate kind of thing. You can put the logo on there. That’s a good thing to do too. You might want to think about putting your signature line in every email. Have you seen me on Dr. Oz? And put a link to it. There are people that might not have seen the segment that you were able to get on Dr. Oz in your list and since it is still fresh I would absolutely put that in your signature line at the end of every email as well as your book.

I get a little sheepish like people might get sick of me talking about that segment. I am not trying to overdo it. But I am sure as a PR person you are going to tell me that there is no such thing.

I can see you rotating it, that you were able to get on Dr. Oz. When you got a new one in there you will switch it out. But right now it’s still pretty fresh that you were able to get on Dr. Oz. I think maybe a year from now I would switch it out. But right now I think that that’s really terrific. Is there anything that you want to add that I have not covered?

The biggest thing was just a year before, I was getting frustrated, especially with wines, there are very few outlets on morning TV where you can feature wine and alcohol. So I just made a deal with myself that I was going to do as much local/regional TV as I could and still be able to maintain the rest of my business. We all know that doing these TV segments are an unpaid part of the business. But I wanted to do as many as I could and do it as well as I could. Then hopefully someone would take notice. I guess it worked, so don't discount your local market. Do what' you can in your local market and then adding that to YouTube is how I eventually connected with the producer.

That’s a really terrific idea because a lot of people want to go straight to the top because they know they want to get on Dr. Oz or a similar show. It’s natural like, "Let’s go to the top, let's get on Dr. Oz." Laurie you have actually quite a lot of experience since you ventured earlier in terms of talking in front of an audience, having your own radio shows, so you are used to speaking right now. That is really a skill developed over time that is not developed in one week.

The other thing is you have done a lot of local TV, before they wanted you to get on Dr. Oz, so you are used to the pacing of it and used to what is involved in it; everything from getting the right outfit and the right colors, how to manage your time, your movement on screen, as well as integrating that to your props and your information and also the sound bites that are going to drive the kind of business that you want.

So local TV is a really fantastic way to practice that before you get on Dr. Oz and big shows, and also like Laurie said it is a way for producers from bigger shows to find you. Because they would want to know if you are mediagenic and that you can handle yourself in a very short amount of time which are local segments are therefore you have 6 minutes as well. So before you get on Dr. Oz, they can get a sense of you on how you manage your time as an experienced guest. That’s what they want to see. You can be fascinating, funny, and entertaining if that’s your thing then fine, but you could be one who’s knowledgeable and one who can command attention to your topic.

Doing some of those segments and finding a media clips service where you can buy the video and have it in your YouTube channel because you don’t know if it will exist out there forever.

That’s a great point. I recommend that you embed it in your website and may need permission for that. I know we did for CNBC. But now it exists on in my website so they can’t take it away. You don’t want it to exist only on their website, you want it on your website. Because if they let go of it you will not have any access to it unless you buy it. How much was it?

The clip service that I use is $95.

You had a clipping service so you did not have to buy it directly. Just an FYI to people out there, you can buy it through a service or sometimes I believe that some shows would sell it to you directly. Is that right? I don’t actually know quite frankly. Sometimes they will give it to you and sometimes they won’t give it to you. Just the permission to have it on your site or have the option to buy it if they won’t allow you to do that if then part of their product plan. Thank you for that. That’s really important because you don’t want to have a fantastic clip and have it go away and not have control over it.

Thank you. This has been incredibly informative and helpful to everyone listening on how to get on Dr. Oz and what that experience was like. We are talking to Laurie Forster the wine coach, who is a national speaker, radio show host, author of The Sipping Point, and You can see where she is appearing and if you want her to see if she is in your city you, could actually book her for an event in your city, for your group, your fundraiser, your corporation or your private group. Do you have size or limit? Do you have a minimum for a private group?

I don’t. If we have an event that would include me preparing the event, hosting, and speaking at your event. I do some speaking at women’s conferences. I have talked about how to create a recipe for your delicious life and I will come for any number of people, it depends if you want to budget and have me there. I love group of sizes from 25-300.

Excellent. At the you could see where Laurie is appearing in your city or nearby, and even if she’s not, if you want her in your city she can be your fabulous guest. Who does not love wine with food, right? Thank you very much it has been great to talk with you again about how to get on Dr. Oz.

Thanks Susan.

About Laurie Forster

Laurie Forster is one of America’s leading wine experts and author of the award-winning book The Sipping Point: A Crash Course in Wine. Laurie is a Certified Sommelier, National Speaker and TV personality who is not afraid to tell you her first wine came from a box. Her edgy approach to demystifying wine caught the eye of major networks and led her to guest appearances on Dr Oz, FOX Morning News, Martha Stewart Living Today and ABC News at Noon.


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