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Blogging Webinar Replay: Get more leads, sales, clients, customers and respect

Opportunities and gained recognition all over the world

Tom Treanor started out our webinar last week with this beautiful image and proverb.

He talked about how to attract leads and customers using a proven formula for Blogging, Social Media and SEO. In this webinar replay you can hear about how one blogging strategy alone brought in over $180,000 in opportunities and gained recognition all over the world. You can easily follow this one strategy and position yourself among the top leaders in your industry.

You can enjoy the entire webinar with lots of other great tips until July 8 here:

5 Blogging Mistakes most Small Businesses make

Tom TreanorAbout Tom Treanor

Tom Treanor, MBA, is the Founder and President of Right Mix Marketing Inc. and the author of the SEO Boot Camp. He is a Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Coach and Consultant based in Burlingame, California. He has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has deep experience coaching and consulting small business owners, corporate executives and startup teams. To learn more, visit

5 Blogging Mistakes most Small Businesses make

When working with small businesses of all varieties, I see them making a lot of the same mistakes that cost them business and waste time. In fact, some of the biggest mistakes include coming up with reasons why not to blog! If you blog or are considering blogging for your small business, read on. At the end of the article, I’d love your feedback on the biggest blogging mistakes you’ve seen.

1) My website does the talking for me, I don’t need a Blog

Your website is about as exciting as the Sears Catalog - not a real page turner!Your website is about as exciting as the Sears Catalog – not a real page turner! Your blog is the place where you can provide articles, tips, pictures, interviews, video or other content that your potential customers will love. If you want to have a catalog as a sales tool, you’ll be left behind by your competitors who get it!

2) Blogging about your company and products

Don’t be dry. Don’t be boring. Don’t write about the same things you already talk about on your website!!  People probably don’t care that much about your products and company to spend their free time reading about it. Think of your blog as your company’s version of Vanity Faire, Men’s Health, People magazine or Inc. Magazine. Short, interesting, snappy and highly share-able content!

3) Thinking: My industry doesn’t Blog

If people are blogging in your industry that means that they’re learning, gaining ground in the search engines and getting leads from their blogs. You should be blogging in that case. Well, what if it seems like no one is blogging? In that case, you have an even bigger opportunity to get ahead of the game and to stand out! I guarantee you there is someone blogging for every (legal) industry in the world right now. By the way, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies both get leads and customers from blogs. Heck, a solder paste manufacturer (Indium Corporation is one of the top blogging companies out there…

4) Spending money on Google Adwords but not doing anything for your Blog

Shame on you! You’re willing to shell out your company’s hard earned $’s day-in and day-out to Google but are not willing to lift a finger for your blog? Well, your blog is the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool you have to help you get found in the FREE Google search results. Really? Just Adwords for you?

5) Thinking: I’m not a good writer, so I can’t Blog

This is not War and Peace. If you can verbally tell potential customers helpful, useful or valuable information then you can blog. You just need some help translating your verbal explanation onto (digital) paper. Take a look at some blogs you like and see how they do it. Mimic their style and try writing a blog post for a topic you know about. How’d you do?

All small businesses should seriously consider blogging as a key part of their marketing mix. Blogs bring customers, link with Social Media tools very nicely and give your company a chance to put itself on the virtual map. Ready to try? What business blogging mistakes do you see out there?

Want to learn how to save time and get new customers using your business blog? If so, sign up here to attend this free Better Business Blogging Webinar

FREE webinar on business blogging

Want to learn how to save time and get new customers using your business blog? If so, sign up here to attend this free Better Business Blogging Webinar

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Scam, Seduction or Successful Marketing?

Scam, Seduction or Successful Marketing?You know what I can’t stand? Subject lines like these:

Can I promote you next week? 

Oh, sure, you can, if I buy your book (or whatever) and my name, bio, website, link to subscriber page etc.  will be in front of the BUYERS of the book/product/course/stuff – which is typically pretty small. It’s not exposure to tens of thousands of people, but to a few measly handful who get the thing.

I’ve actually fallen for this with people who have huge lists and have had not ONE person sign up for my ezine let alone buy something. The promoters made all the money and I didn’t see a penny or a person. Not everyone is guilty of course. People like Brendon Burchard deliver. But  from the majority, who don’t deliver, I feel a bit like one of those old ladies who gave her money to Bernie Madoff.

What do you think about this? Has it worked on you? Have you had good results from participating? Is the subject line: Can I promote you next week?  a scam, a seduction or a successful marketing gambit?



P.S. I’d love to see some subject lines/headlines that you think are great – and honest.

6 Reasons People DON’T Buy Your Stuff

We all want followers, fans, buyers, and to be beloved.

But what if it’s just not happening — or not happening fast enough? (Isn’t that all of us???)

Take a look at the new FREE training video from Brendon Burchard that decodes why people don’t buy

6 Reasons People DON'T Buy Your StuffHis seven web page idea is SUPER simple (and effective).

You’ll learn:

  1. How to monetize and market your knowledge (packaging it isn’t as hard as you think)
  2. SEVEN web pages you MUST have online NOW to sell your products and programs. (Fyi, these are the only seven pages Brendon apparently uses for EACH of his million-dollar brands).
  3. Six reasons people DON’T BUY from you (and what to do about it now).

Brendon usually teaches this stuff at his $5,000 seminars, so it’s worth
opting-in and taking notes.

His story is remarkable — yours can be too.

This series can really boost your sales, so watch right now.


Here’s what a respected global PR firm said about his first free training video:

This was a terrific training course – wow!  I’m inspired! Even though I am very familiar with the 12 techniques individually, his 9-step framework and his approach was brilliantly simple and straight-forward.  I took pages of notes for myself and my clients. I’m contemplating entering the contest for my own information course on how to start your own Amazon online business. I’ve only got until next Tuesday to do the video, so we’ll see, but this may be the nudge that really gets it off the ground.
~ Cynthia Stine

Love to know you think. Who saw the first video? Want to weigh in?

Million Dollar Expert Empire in Five Simple Steps: A Cuckoo Maverick’s Map to Success

Brendon Burchard, founder of Experts Academy, outlines five steps in his new book The Millionaire Messenger: Make a Difference and a Fortune Sharing Your Advice. It’s just one of the strategies he presents simply and clearly in his book which is based on being an exemplary person, doing good work, sharing your knowledge, skills, stories and advice, providing excellent products, service and care.

Now all that may sound easy, but few do it. And that’s why Burchard has become an icon in the expert industry in just a few short years. Plus the guy has cuckoo maverick ideas that work. And he’s a delightful cuckoo maverick himself.

Burchard also the energy of a person who guzzles Red Bull like water – but he doesn’t. It’s all natural adrenaline and a good big heart that has lead him to create a million dollars in EACH of his pillars of wealth before he went public with them, to prove that his ideas were worth listening to.

So I wanted to give you a quick taste of his new book The Millionaire Messenger.

One of his clients – Sally, said she wanted to make a million dollars in a year without a complicated infrastructure or tens of thousands of clients. So he set her up on a plan predicated on the foundation that she had solid knowledge, provided excellence, was a determined do-gooder (no saccharine stuff here), and had a market for her products and services. (Yes, all this stuff is essential in order for people to like, trust, respect and buy from you.) So here it is:

1. Create a lower-priced information product in the $20-$200 range.
Not so hard if you can just record what you know using a free conference calling service or an inexpensive microphone and your computer and convert the audio files to a hard copy CD product. Most of us know way more than we can fit into a quick multi-set CD product. You can create a number of these in your core areas. But Burchard just had Sally start with one to keep things sane.

The math: Sell one program a day at $197 for a year = $70,920 per year.

2. Create a low-priced subscription program.
Subscription or membership sites are all the rage. But the key is you must keep people engaged so you retain the subscribers while building your base. This could be as simple as a training video, group coaching or training call once a month and uploaded to a membership site such as a Wishlist blog. One of my clients who is a coach, has over 100 people in her $9.95 a month program where her subscribers get access to the recordings of her and the experts she invites to share their knowledge. This is her lowest level membership and she grows those people into her higher-priced membership programs over the years creating deep loyalty – and getting great success stories since she’s been with her students since the start.

Burchard recommended that Sally start at $97/month for her membership.

The math: Sell 100 memberships at $97/month = $116,400 per year.

3. Create a mid-tiered information product in the $200-$999 range.
With Sally’s vast knowledge she could create a home-study course complete with DVDs, workbook, transcripts and bonus audio products. People learn in different ways to presenting all of the different learning modalities helps people retain the information and grow their own mastery.

The math: Sell 60 products a month for $497 = $357,840 per year.

4. Create a high-tier multi-day seminar.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but dozens of trainers are now offering to teach you how to put on event yourself. Many started out with just 20 or so people and built their empires from there. That was before they had a big list, joint venture partners, sponsorships etc. They grew their business from word of mouth or click by click. When you sell in person and people resonate with you and your information it’s much easier to have them buy your programs on the spot and then continue to grow with you as both of you refine your offerings. Burchard started with just 28 people paying $2000 each. Today he makes millions from his events. Burchard recommends that Sally starts small allowing that anyone can sell 100 seats over the course of a year.

The math: Sell 100 seats to people paying $1000 over the course of 12 months = $100,000 per year.

5. Create a high-priced coaching program.
For people who are serious about continuing to further their knowledge and move toward mastery, coaching programs are ideal. The most successful coaches create group coaching sessions and then charge a premium for their individual consulting. One consultant, who I do joint ventures with. started this way now charges $25,000 per day for her exclusive attention. But the majority of her income comes from her events and group coaching programs that range from the short term ones for $997 to long term ones of $100,000 per year. Burchard starts Sally out modestly.

The math: 15 people in a $2000/month program = $360,000 per year.

The million dollar math total: Sally’s earnings for the year: $1,005,160!

If this sounds to you like a huge volume of sales and services to sell and you’re doubting that people will pay these prices remember that those who are serious about succeeding will pay a premium for knowledge. They value programs that shorten the learning cycle, save on mistakes, and give short cuts to overcoming obstacles. They understand that these resources command serious money. We can all start in Sally’s shoes and eventually move in to Burchard’s. By then, as you can well imagine, his shoes are going to be a much bigger size.

When you purchase the book, The Millionaire Messenger, you get three big bonuses to go along with it. Click here to order your copy today.

Share this with your friends who want to become experts in their industry – or anyone you think it would help. We all want to serve and get our gifts out into the world to help others and you’ll be doing your part.

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Three Steps To Building Community, and Your Business, With Surveys

By Guest and Teleseminar Expert Dr. Jeanne S. Hurlbert

Dr. Jeanne S. HurlbertWhen I show businesspeople what surveys can do, the result is always the same.

Suddenly, they see that this “scientific tool” they thought was about as cuddly as a stethoscope can connect them with their customers, building the bond and trust they so desperately seek.

Suddenly, they see that if they ask questions the RIGHT way, they can have a road map for creating products and services to order, products and services their customers BEG to buy.

Suddenly, they have irrefutable proof that their products work and their services change lives, proof that will skyrocket the conversion rates of their prospects and keep their customers buying, over and over—AND let them comply with the FTC ruling that everyone is talking about.