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Copy this: the “Home Page ATM”: Online Marketing Strategy

by Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Marketing Strategist 


Brendon Burchard, the Experts Academy

A lot of people are trying to earn more revenue online based on their expertise, but have you ever wondered simple questions like what to put on your homepage? I just had a conversation with a client about this this morning.

She didn’t have an obvious link for clients to book a consult with her.

One of the ways that you communicate that you’re an expert, create value for your visitors, and actually make money, is paying attention to using your home page to generate interest and income.

Brendon Burchard, the Experts Academy guy, has a simple and effective approach called “The Home Page ATM.”

Check it out:

This video, like all Brendon’s videos, is awesome. I can’t believe he’s sharing his best online marketing strategies so openly. This was something he reserved for his exclusive in-person events that people pay big money for.

I also like how Brendon explains his 1-Page Membership Site – it’s one of the easiest and straightforward strategies I’ve seen to monetize your content online.

These two approaches helped Brendon go from broke to over $4 million in sales in 24 months. Such a great story.

This all proves that sharing and monetizing your knowledge and advice online doesn’t have to be that complicated. It’s totally worth the optin. Enjoy – and take notes!