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Tom Treanor, MBA, is the Founder and President of Right Mix Marketing Inc. and the author of the SEO Boot Camp. He is a Blogging, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing Coach and Consultant based in Burlingame, California. He has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and has deep experience coaching and consulting small business owners, corporate executives and startup teams. To learn more, visit

5 Blogging Mistakes most Small Businesses make

When working with small businesses of all varieties, I see them making a lot of the same mistakes that cost them business and waste time. In fact, some of the biggest mistakes include coming up with reasons why not to blog! If you blog or are considering blogging for your small business, read on. At the end of the article, I’d love your feedback on the biggest blogging mistakes you’ve seen.

1) My website does the talking for me, I don’t need a Blog

Your website is about as exciting as the Sears Catalog - not a real page turner!Your website is about as exciting as the Sears Catalog – not a real page turner! Your blog is the place where you can provide articles, tips, pictures, interviews, video or other content that your potential customers will love. If you want to have a catalog as a sales tool, you’ll be left behind by your competitors who get it!

2) Blogging about your company and products

Don’t be dry. Don’t be boring. Don’t write about the same things you already talk about on your website!!  People probably don’t care that much about your products and company to spend their free time reading about it. Think of your blog as your company’s version of Vanity Faire, Men’s Health, People magazine or Inc. Magazine. Short, interesting, snappy and highly share-able content!

3) Thinking: My industry doesn’t Blog

If people are blogging in your industry that means that they’re learning, gaining ground in the search engines and getting leads from their blogs. You should be blogging in that case. Well, what if it seems like no one is blogging? In that case, you have an even bigger opportunity to get ahead of the game and to stand out! I guarantee you there is someone blogging for every (legal) industry in the world right now. By the way, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer companies both get leads and customers from blogs. Heck, a solder paste manufacturer (Indium Corporation is one of the top blogging companies out there…

4) Spending money on Google Adwords but not doing anything for your Blog

Shame on you! You’re willing to shell out your company’s hard earned $’s day-in and day-out to Google but are not willing to lift a finger for your blog? Well, your blog is the best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool you have to help you get found in the FREE Google search results. Really? Just Adwords for you?

5) Thinking: I’m not a good writer, so I can’t Blog

This is not War and Peace. If you can verbally tell potential customers helpful, useful or valuable information then you can blog. You just need some help translating your verbal explanation onto (digital) paper. Take a look at some blogs you like and see how they do it. Mimic their style and try writing a blog post for a topic you know about. How’d you do?

All small businesses should seriously consider blogging as a key part of their marketing mix. Blogs bring customers, link with Social Media tools very nicely and give your company a chance to put itself on the virtual map. Ready to try? What business blogging mistakes do you see out there?

Want to learn how to save time and get new customers using your business blog? If so, sign up here to attend this free Better Business Blogging Webinar

FREE webinar on business blogging

Want to learn how to save time and get new customers using your business blog? If so, sign up here to attend this free Better Business Blogging Webinar

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