15 Ways to Cut Through Inbox Noise (and Get Your Emails Opened)

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15 Ways to Cut Through Inbox Noise

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Top 10 Reasons to Podcast: Profit, Positioning and Promotion

Get Publicity with Podcasting
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By Guest Blogger Kris Gilbertson #1: Be Discovered!  The iTunes marketplace has over 500,000,000 active buyers.  All who are actively searching for experts that can help them solve their problems, entertain them, and educate them on areas to help them improve themselves + their lives. The average demographic, stated by Tom Webster VP of Marketing […]

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Create a Course in 5 Weeks

andrea Scher_painting_san_miguel_700

What if you could create your E-course in 5 weeks? Not all e-courses are alike. And some are so blatantly salesy that they can leave a bad taste in your mouth. But, what if you could take your seed of an idea and grow it into a beautiful course that reflects your authentic self? Andrea […]

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7 Ways Large Corporations and Non Profits Can Sponsor the Promotion of Your Book, Product, Speaking Tour or Dream On Their Dime Not Yours… And Why They’ll Do It

Get Corporate Sponsorship With Brendon Burchard
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  By Steve Harrison My author clients often come to me for advice on how to best stretch their dollars for the marketing and promotion of their books. Especially in these troubling economic times we are all seeking the most effective ways to get our message out there, and marketing and publicity (both essential to […]

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The Script for Getting Clients: Fill-in-The-Blank Template

Fill-In-the-Blank Script for Getting Clients
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The most common complaint from both new and experienced entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, authors, and healers that I hear during my webinars and from my personal clients is that they don’t have enough clients. Sometimes this may be a consistent problem that bogs you, as an independent business owner, down. Other times you get a big […]

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5 Quick Ways to Discover Your Niche: And Get Clients Who Are a Perfect Fit For You

Discover Your Niche
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By Sharla Jacobs When someone first told me I should choose a niche in order to attract more clients, I didn’t get it. I wanted to help everyone; and my training set me up so I could help anyone with anything. Choose a niche? I didn’t want to for a long time. I resisted the idea […]

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How to Position Yourself (If You Don’t Feel Successful Yet)…

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Get coaching clients

  By Sharla Jacobs and Jesse Koren About seven years ago, I (Jesse) was at a party and my former life coach approached me and said, “I’ve heard that you and Sharla have become quite successful.  Congratulations!” I was speechless.  Us?  Successful?  Really?  Is that what people think about us? Why was I so surprised […]

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Authors / Experts Turn Your Book or Content Into Products, Coaching & Speeches

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Are you under-selling yourself and your message? If you’re like most authors and experts I know, you’re shortchanging yourself and your audience. If you’re a non-fiction author and the only way you’ve made your information available is in a $20 book, you’re limiting not only your income but also how people can benefit from your message. You might […]

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10 Top Media Training Techniques: That Work Every Time


Tallulah Bankhead described working on television as “like being shot out of a cannon. They cram you all up with rehearsals, then someone lights a fuse and-BANG-there you are in someone’s living room.” To be ready for your time to shoot out of the cannon, take the time to thoroughly prepare your ideas and sound […]

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The Top 7 Tips to Getting on TV


By Guest Blogger Gina Rubinstein Every time you turn on the radio or TV, you see a so-called expert being interviewed. The Today Show, CNN, Talk Radio, local morning shows and all the rest rely on these experts to give background and insight on the hot topics of the day.  For these experts, the result […]

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Escape the Time for Money Trap by Launching Your First (or second) Product

coffee ipad orange blanket

By Guest Blogger Danny Iny Too many of us fall into the trap of trading time for money. You may have already launched a product—but had disappointing results. Or you may have created a product that got some traction, but didn’t get the kind of success you’d hoped. Or, you haven’t developed a product yet, […]

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The 10 Best Social Media Tips & Tools Posts From 2014

free image

This is a curated list of the very best posts from top social media peeps. It’s all of THEIR best posts. So you get a giant dose of great tips, tools, strategies, and ideas to start the New Year. Enjoy! It’s 2015 + your #socialmedia presence could be enhanced by these tools. Read for 10 […]

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8 Website Conversion Trends Could Transform Your Business in 2015


By Guest Blogger Marisa Murgatroyd Blink your eyes three times. That’s 1 second — the amount of time it takes for 10 new websites to hit the internet. (That’s 86,400 new sites each day!) Holy Christmas! How do you compete against that? It’s actually easy. 1. First, stop following the latest & greatest “web design” trend articles […]

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Feeling overwhelmed? How I deal with heavy, icky, can’t-move moments.


A little while back, I did a PR Secrets survey. I asked you to tell me what you’re struggling with, what you crave, and how I might be able to help. There was a theme that percolated through nearly every response. That theme… summed up in three words? “I am overwhelmed.” No surprise, there. Most […]

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A Backstage Tour Of My Business (How I Make Money, Who’s On My Team … And More.)

IMG_0839 copy

If you’ve been reading my emails, lately, you know that I’ve been holed up in my office… surrounded by snoozing kittens, steaming pots of green tea and squares of dark chocolate… putting the finishing touches on a totally new program. (If you missed that memo, have a peek at this. Particularly if you’re hoping to […]

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Wisdom From Hollywood’s Richest Actor

Jerry Seinfeld

by Sunil Bali Worth an estimated $820million, the critically acclaimed comedian Jerry Seinfeld was recently asked how he had become such a great comic writer. He replied, “You have to be able to write funny lines, and the best way to write funny lines is to write every day.” Seinfeld has a large calendar on his […]

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Earn 7 Figures in 2015: Ask yourself this one question


Words matter. In just a few words David Neagle, Million Dollar Income Acceleration Mentor, changed my mind. David was my guest on a complimentary teleseminar about how to make a quantum leap to earn 7 figures. In the teleseminar, he offered a free evaluation and consulting session so I thought I’d better go through it […]

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10-Line Tuesday #71


10 Line Tuesday poems every month with Maya Stein. I just love Maya’s poems. They say so much with so little words. A great lesson in communication in our overly wordy world. inside the world’s smallest museum By Maya Stein Before we entered, I thought of the possible artifacts inside – a trove of pirate loot, an ancient […]

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My 5 favorite E-zines That Thrill Me


These are my favorite ezines that have nothing to do with PR. And yet, of course, they have everything to do with PR or I wouldn’t know about them! Because if their work wasn’t out in the world, I wouldn’t have discovered them. If we look at PR as the simple act of connecting, first […]

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Don’t Fake it Until You Make It: 7 Zen Habits

Amy Cuddy TED

I abhor the phrase, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” The very fact that anyone would want to fake anything is intrinsically dishonest and feels bad. Why not re-imagine the way you want to be with real practices and mental focus with these 7 Habits to Create Real Change Using Aikido & Martial Arts Principles? […]

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